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    Just had a moment of intense relief when reading another thread! Bean is about 12.5oz as I said above, and a kitten should be eating about 8cc per oz of bodyweight-

    8×12=96, which comes out to around 6.5Tbs. Bean’s RIGHT on target! I don’t that I’ve ever been this relieved about an animal before… I was SO concerned for this tiny life this morning when he was hardly eating and ignoring or attacking the bottle. Glad to know he’ll be ok if this keeps up, so long as he’s not traumatized or subjected to FKS.



    If Little Bean was hungry he would be suckling on you or whatever he could reach so he’s playing. Once he knows he’s safe his personality will come out. It’s amazing how much we love our rescues.



    Thanks so much, PG! That’s kinda what I figured, but the last kitten I rescued died after contracting a URI; it was just too much for his tiny body after ridding him of the parasites he’d had.

    Bean looks so much like him, I might be projecting that fear onto this new kitten a little bit… I’m already scared of losing him :/

    {See what I mean? I go and get attached! Name or no name….}



    I am feeling quite stupid after seeing Little Bean’s cute vid.
    Definitely needs a COA warning. That’s a Cuteness Overload Airbag warning.
    Instead of going ThuuuuuuuD we go Thuuuuuuuploof!
    A long standing TDK tradition. 🙂



    Sixth Day:
    1a: .5Tb BabyMix
    3:15a .75Tbs Goat’s Milk
    8:00a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk
    10:40a .5Tbs Goat’s Milk
    11:30 .5Tbs Goats’ Milk; ate a tiny amount of warm kitten food.
    3:15a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk; licked warm kitten food off my fingers and nibbled at the spoon.
    6:15p 1.5-2 Tbs Baby Mix
    8:30p .5Tbs Baby Mix
    11:45p .3Tbs Baby Mix

    Daily Weigh: 13.65oz

    Baby is still slapping at the bottle, and took a long while to burp but is very eager to cuddle and play with fingers. Baby refused to eat at 5-6a feeding, inhaled 1Tb at 8a, after coaxing to take the bottle. INHALED food at 6:15p feeding, very eager.
    Baby Mix: 2Tbs Goats’ Milk with Pedialyte to 2tps chicken kitten pate.

    His tummy is starting to bulge, but is still fairly squishy when he’s standing up. Peeing just fine, hasn’t pooped again just yet which concerns me…but other than his BIZARRE sudden changes to his schedule, seems to be fairly healthy…?

    Anyone have some insight here? He won’t eat the plain pate more than few licks, and keeps turning his nose up at the bottle- I just want Baby to stay alive!



    Have you tried him in a litter box yet? He should be getting out of his bed and going to the litter box on his own to pee and poop. It needs to be close to his bed so he can get out and use it at will. Now when he is running around the house, you need to make sure you put him in it every so often so he will pee in it instead of on the floor. My kitten Peso, is still a little challenged in that regard. 🙄

    He is also probably old enough to go all night without feeding. Feed him before you go to bed, then when you first get up. He should also be able to regulate his own body temperature without a heat source. And he is probably retracting his claws also.

    He has to eat, so if you have to manually put it in his mouth, then that’s what you do. They are fractious at this age, quite frustrating, but just keep putting food in his mouth, and formula too. I think it’s necessary at this stage to keep them well hydrated.



    Yes we’ve tried scrabbling his paws in the litter tray, but he’s not quite got the hang of it yet :/ I’m concerned about leaving the litter; nonclumbping clay though it is; in the box with him in case he eats it!

    Eventually though, there IS space to have it in his nest box and still have a nice amount of sleeping space.

    He’s been fairly warm when I go find him in the mornings, curled in a corner of the box, but I may keep the rice socks going for a bit, just to be sure…? He IS starting to retract his claws! 🙂

    This morning, he’s done pretty well food wise: 2:30a 1Tbs goats’ milk with pedialyte, a few sucks of Baby Mix, 5:45a 1Tbs Goat’s milk with pedialyte. 7:45a 1Tbs Goat’s Milk with Pedialyte, 12:10p .75Tbs Goats’ Milk with Pedialyte. {It’s 12:30p now}

    He still hasn’t pooped since Day Four, around 5pm. So I’ll be working with him again this afternoon to do my BEST to make sure that happens… He’s been peeing just fine, though I would have HOPED the wet food in his formula the past few days would have made him poop…



    Did you put a bit of Olive/Vegetable oil in his formula? You can do it more than once just don’t put to much at any one time.

    I agree with KZ. He’s old enough to go overnight without a feeding. He’ll be hungry for sure.



    Try peeing him over the litter, and when you get a poop, put it in the box. Then when he gets in the litter box he will smell his own pee and poop and go in it. You watch him when he is in it and if he hasn’t eaten any of it, he probably won’t. I am now sprinkling clumping litter in with the non clumping clay litter my kitten uses, getting him used to transitioning to the big litter box that he will eventually be using. I even put him in the big cats’ boxes and he doesn’t seem remotely interested in eating it. He loves sniffing around in there smelling all of the other cats smells and he digs like he’s going to China!

    At you little beans age, I think you would also be safe to give him the baby food/milk mix every time he eats. I know how much my kittens have eaten at each feeding, and they are ravenous. Now Peso is eating about a tablespoon of pate food about 3 or 4 times a day, and then drinking 30 ml. 3 or 4 times a day also. Last feeding is before I go to bed.



    PG I think that’s my next move, to be perfectly honest. I haven’t seen any sign of poops around his butt, so it’s probably the constipation again. :/ Poor lil tyke.

    Zee, that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing. But Bean’s pretty dang wobbly still, so we’ll keep going in that direction. I’m sure he’ll get it eventually! He just ate again, another Tablespoon straight Goats’ milk, with the pedialyte in it instead of water. {My can says to make about 3/4ths a Cup at once, so it’s lasted around 24hrs or slightly less each time.}

    His next feed I’m going to try the baby mix again; 2Tbs milk to 2tps pate this time. It’ll be a bit thicker, and hopefully more filling to his tummy so he can sleep all night without fussing too badly. This morning he just would NOT eat it, and thankfully inhaled his milk instead, after some general fussiness about the nipple.

    We’re already looking at vets for next week or slightly after, so we can get him looked at, properly sexed, dewormed, and hopefully start him on his vaccines!

    Last night we set up a “play pen” so he can scamper around while I’m making dinner and trying to get the house clean again. {I’m still scared to use chemicals, but a rub down with soap and hot water never hurt anything!}




    Awww, very nice little apartment that Bean has going on there! 😆

    I’m so glad he’s doing so well. Once he poops, you can relax and enjoy everything much better. It’s just that little doubt that keeps you worrying, I know. I’m thinking he will go on his own and soon.



    Thanks, again, Zee! 🙂 When he gets a little older we’ll probably cut a hole in the side of the nesting box and it can just be his area until he’s old enough to have the run of our house. {4 bedroom, two bath ranch-style. I’m sure he’ll be quite happy! We’re planning some wall-running wide shelves with carpeting for Bean if he stays with us, along with a rather ambitious cat-tree :D}

    Seventh Day: 24
    2:30a 1Tbs goats’ milk with pedialyte, a few sucks of Baby Mix
    5:45a 1Tbs Goat’s milk with pedialyte.
    7:45a 1Tbs Goat’s Milk with Pedialyte.
    12:10p .75Tbs Goats’ Milk with Pedialyte.
    4:10p 1Tbs Goat’s milk with Pedialyte.
    7:45p .3Tbs goat’s milk, .5Tbs Baby Mix 2 with a little added milk
    11:00p .5Tbs goat’s milk with pedialyte
    Daily Weigh: 13.93oz
    Total: 6.05Tbs + solid food {8cc/1oz body weight SHOULD be eating 7.57Tbs.}

    Weighed: 13.76oz before 7a feed. Baby FINALLY burped properly at 7:45a, tummy is still pretty bulgy. Right after 7p feed, Baby peed himself, soaked his back legs and abdomen. Took a warm bath with Dawn, was toweled off and blow dried on low. Baby strained but didn’t poop just yet… so there’s some hope!



    Back with a new video from earlier today…

    The little bean likes the playpen~ Even if he startles fairly easily around my Partner…

    Bean ALSO just barely squeaked in another feeding around midnight, so I’m counting that for “Day Seven.”
    12:11a 2Tbs Goat’s milk with pedialyte Bringing the daily total up to
    7.55Tbs + solid food, which is MUCH more in line with where he should be at his current weight. 🙂 YAY BABY!



    Baby’s had a rough morning… Fed at 3:15a and again at 7a, and averaged between .3Tbs and .5Tbs. But baby FINALLY POOPED!!! For the first time since Day 5 around 5:45p!

    I was starting to get really worried and wondered if we’d have to move the vet visit up to this weekend instead of next, but that’s one worry put off for another 24-36hrs.

    One hour after another, one day at a time… slowly and carefully feeling our way forward.



    Absolutely, and the more he eats the baby food mix, he will poop on his own, I really don’t think you need to worry. I put my kitten in the box when he has been out and about for a while, as I found that he had peed on my kitchen rug. Of course, he is too young to know where the litter boxes are in relation to the house, so it’s up to me to make sure he doesn’t have accidents. I found him yesterday in the big cats’ litter box, and he did pee!!



    That’s absolutely FANTASTIC to hear, Zee! Baby tried to eat it, so I’m not leaving it in the playpen if I’m not around to keep an eye on him, but we’re putting him in the tray when we help him pee, and his last little poo is in there now, which should hopefully give Baby some understanding and incentive to USE it!

    Thankfully, his nest box and play pen is on hardwood floors, so cleaning up the accidents was pretty painless. He’s still pretty slap-happy with the bottle, but I’m hoping waiting a bit longer between feedings will get him hungry enough to REALLY eat! So far this morning it’s been mostly just goats’ milk, but I’ll be making a fresh batch of the mix for his next feeding. {He ate about .5Tbs around 9a, so he’ll eat again between noon and 1p instead of 11a.}

    Thanks for all the help you’ve offered! Every time I look at his innocent little face I’m reminded of the last rescue I adopted with my ex. Poor little thing didn’t last long at all, due to fleas and worms when we found him, and then the URI he contracted not long after. His tiny little 3wk body just couldn’t cope with it all… Not even a rather expensive vet visit saved him. :/

    I’m aware I’m projecting all those fears and sorrows on this little baby in my care, but I’m just so desperate to actually SAVE one of the cats that’s been utilizing our backyard. I’ve been trying since last September to socialize them enough that they’d be welcomed in a shelter, but I can’t even get them into a live trap.



    Little Bean is a pistol, for sure! He has a wonderful loving purr papa.



    Mr. Bean seems to have energy in abundance!



    Bean is still doing well today! Got some socialization in with a dear friend and her toddler. Both treated Bean very nicely, and I was impressed by how gently the toddler “patted” the kitty.

    His appetite dropped kinda abruptly, and he’s only had about 3.5Tbs of food today? But he’s still gaining weight and happy and active, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. We’ll be keeping an eye on him, and if necessary we’ll do the vet visit tomorrow instead of next weekend. 🙂

    I think he’s about ready for a shallow bowl of the wet food, with warm damp towels on hand to clean his tiny paws after.



    baby bean just took a turn…

    Refusing to eat since around 11:30p last night, and hasn’t eaten much of anything since then. {.3Tbs tops}

    Baby pooped in his nest twice; once about how I’d expect; soft looking and a light browny yellow. But I just looked in on him again and he’d gone again, this time with blood in it.

    {I have a pic because of course I do, but I won’t post unless asked since it’s kinda gross….?}

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