• Hey everyone~ Good to see most people doing pretty decently 🙂

    LG it sounds like a lovely day! Those recipes certainly sound tempting to me… I’m terribly sorry about the feral kitties. Around this area, they mostly do just fine since the South doesn’t get much snow. We had a few inches several weeks back, but it was gone before morning…[Read more]

  • Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, and a very happy Hannukah to any who celebrate!

    After presents both kitties came over to investigate, and Mephistopheles is apparently QUITE fond of wrapping paper~ I’ll be putting the ham in the oven in a few moments, and from the smell in the kitchen the Christmas Punch is just about ready. We celebrated…[Read more]

  • Kincaid replied to the topic Mephistopheles! in the forum General Chat 4 months ago

    KJ we picked him up just before feeding time, so he’s a hungry boy!!

    KZ Kitty feets are the best feets! Aww… yes, our local strays use our back yard to congregate as well- Hopefully Mephis won’t be TOO put off by them.

    PM He’s lovely! And Lilith is being quite accommodating, all things considered. There’s been a few little spats, over window…[Read more]

  • Lagatta; sorry idk your abbreviation; that’s actually REALLY interesting to know! Thanks for the extra information!

    I like the slightly-savory maple flavored treats we can sometimes find in the South; typically anything with a little sea salt or protein-based. Anything without it is cavity-inducing when it doesn’t produce an instant headache. :/…[Read more]

  • Kincaid replied to the topic Mephistopheles! in the forum General Chat 4 months ago

    KZ He’s definitely still skittish every time he looks upwards, but he’s doing SO much better!

    PG Yeah, good point. Plus, he was a stray kitty for awhile, which probably means giant moving thing = bird of prey. Particularly in my neck of the woods. :/

    In better news, he’s actually able to play in the living room now!

  • Kincaid replied to the topic Mephistopheles! in the forum General Chat 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hiya friends!

    PG yeah, we had that thought lol. Sir even commented about it at one point, how they were just open-paw slapping at each other. They still are, now that the back room has been opened.

    MS we love our little guy <3

    KJ So far so good! Going to have to take him to OUR vet, since the VCA gave him a “topical dewormer” which… hasn’t…[Read more]

  • Sorry to bring back the last thread, but I just wanted to thank you all! Introductions between the kitties went swimmingly, and they seem to be pretty friendly so far! Will post updates as I can 🙂

  • I tend to do quite a lot of baking and cooking, being the domestic half of this partnership~

    one thing I’ve found goes over INCREDIBLY well with new couples and aunties is a cookbook or recipe box made for their tastes. Finding nice card stock and hand-writing or printing 20-30 cards in a decorative box is a wonderful thing to find under the…[Read more]

  • Oh the poor kitties!

    I wish I’d have known this sooner, I’ve got a lovely recipe I haven’t even tried yet… Darn~ Oh well! Glad to see some activity here! It’s been a very long time for me, I know. Sorry for the long disappearance, but things in this House have been hectic!

    As I mentioned in my thread about my new additional kitty, I’ve been…[Read more]

  • Kincaid started the topic Mephistopheles! in the forum General Chat 4 months, 1 week ago

    Warning: this is long af, so if you wanna see the kitty, skip to the bottom!

    So while my long-distance second partner was here over the Holiday; myself, bestie, and bf decided to hit the Humane Society to take a look at the puppies. {No one was going to go home with a dog, after all!}

    Well, when we arrive, what do we see after checking out the…[Read more]

  • Sometimes, unfortunately, the little lives we are entrusted with do not survive.

    We do what we can, we offer every love and comfort, and in the end… it makes no change to their fate. Take comfort in knowing that, while he was in your care, he was safe and happy to be with you.

  • Good to see you, Zee! 🙂

    We’re all over the place with my Love’s new job and juggling various other commitments, but I’ll try to be in a little more often lol.

  • So, it’s been a few months since I posted any updates on Lilith; my little demon spawn!

    She was NOT AMUSED by the Cone of Shame after her spay appointment, and she made her displeasure very well known, unfortunately for my hands.

    Still, the moment the cone came off, she was very sweet and cuddly again.

    She made it through with…[Read more]

  • Many places have laws or regs limiting the number, as said above… However you should also keep in mind that you need one litter box per cat, plus one. Some cats get territorial of their bathroom spaces, and if they don’t have their own many kitties are prone to “accidents” as a way to lodge their complaints.

    It’s also important to know that…[Read more]

  • Kincaid posted a new activity comment 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    Huh, what?

  • @PG, Our vet was very leery of spaying Lilith before she’d gotten all of her shots and vaccs, and wanted her ideally to be at or above 5lbs. I’m aware of the AMVA proponents for pediatric spay… but I also trust my vet. Given how undersized Lilith was for her age, and some of his concerns re: feral kitties and undiagnosed genetic concerns showing…[Read more]

  • We had always planned on getting her spayed! But she’s only about 4 months old and four pounds, so we were expecting to have at LEAST another three or four weeks before she’d be at the 5lb mark {when our vet is more comfortable with their chances, going under general anesthesia.) And since we don’t own a male cat, we also weren’t expecting her to…[Read more]

  • So the toms in the backyard have brought Lilith into heat :/

    She has a spay appointment for 9/22, which isn’t until the end of next month! We weren’t expecting her to go into heat just yet, and thought we had at least a few more weeks…

    Does anyone know of something to help keep her calm and avoid over-stressing her during this difficult…[Read more]

  • PG they might not be more difficult, and it CAN be helpful…. but not all of us can afford the vet care and food for extra kitty friends.

  • Here’s a photo of the tiny girl, I thought I’d uploaded one! You can also kinda see her ghost-stripes in this pic… so damn cute, I hope they stick around!

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