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    Terrified I am going to lose this kitten



    If he is lethargic, rub some honey, or syrup on his gums to perk his sugar level up, and then maybe he will eat something. Try to stay calm. Then call the vet, he may have worms which could be the cause of the blood.

    He surely isn’t dehydrated, but keep giving him fluids, even if it’s by dropper until you can get him to the vet to see what’s going on. Keep us posted!!!

    (Oh, and we won’t be offended by poop pics, just remember we aren’t vets and probably can’t diagnose it even if we see it.)



    Just got back from the vet! My Partner was incredibly understanding when he woke up this morning, and thankfully had flex-hours to be able to go to work late and stay later so kitty could go to the vet.
    Kitty’s temp was 101.4, and weighs just under a pound according to their scale! So, down to tacks:

    1: Kitty is a girl, not a boy! Thankfully, kitty hasn’t been named yet so it’s not a problem. 🙂

    2. Kitty has no parasites! INSANELY good luck for a feral!

    3. Kitty had some bacteria, not quite a full infection, which we now have a 2x daily antibiotic for, along with some extra soft food. The blood was due to the bacteria, and not trauma or parasitic interference.

    4. The decreased appetite might actually be that we were feeding her TOO OFTEN, somehow, and that she just hates the bottle. So we’ll be trying to free-feed her again, and hopefully this time she won’t just iGNORE THE FOOD IN FRONT OF HER FACE. -.-

    All in all, a productive trip, she’s totally stable, got a dewormer and was checked for leukemia and AIDS, which she’s negative for! 😀 We’ve got an appointment for the end of June to get her vaccines done, and she’ll need to be named by then~



    Thanks for the purry update! 🙂 You’ve got a month to come up with a grrrl kitty name! I’m sure that you’ll come up with just the purrfect one!



    😀 I wanted to name her Bellatrix, but my Love says no… so it’s off to BehindTheName for something absolutely fierce as she is! <3

    I’m so proud of my little tuxie girl… and beyond grateful to every god there is that she’s going to be ok. {So says the vet~}



    And she will be just fine, and grow up to be a fierce protective huntress of her domain!

    So glad you took her to the vet. My little Peso is on Clavamox (amoxicillin) 2 times a day for his sneezies. He is getting better, and he probably has feline herpes, but his immune system is not fully developed yet and hopefully the antibiotics help him get over his snorfles.

    Glad you found out the sex of your kitten…when they are tiny, it’s so hard to tell!



    Ninth Day: 26
    1:20a .2Tbs Goats’ Milk
    4:30a Wouldn’t eat at all beyond a few sucks of the bottle.
    5:35a .5Tbs KMR with pedialyte
    5:50a dabbed a tiny amount of honey on his gums to perk her up.
    6:45a .2Tb KMR with Pedialyte
    6:57 put {.25Tb milk and 2tps pate} in her nesting box. Kitten won’t touch it.
    7:24a .5Tb-.75Tb Baby Mix {1Tb KMR with pedialyte mixed with 2-3tps kitten pate.}
    8:00a VET VISIT: No parasites, no trauma. Just a bacterial issue in her butt, causing the bleeding. Received an antibiotic to be administered 2x daily every 12hrs.
    10:50a 1Tbs KMR with pedialyte
    1:30p .25Tbs KMR with pedialyte
    3:50p 1Tbs KMR with pedialyte
    6:00p .2 Baby Mix
    8:45a 1Tbs Baby Mix
    10:30p 1Tbs KMR with pedialyte

    Total: 6.1Tbs KMR with Pedialyte and Baby Mix
    Daily Weight: 14.29
    *Today’s Baby Mix: 1:1 warm water to Royal Canin Recovery pate.

    She’ll have her antibiotic for the second time at 11p, and hopefully another feeding; and we’ll do our best to gently push her up to 7Tbs of food altogether for the day so she can gain that bit of an ounce back to her weight. She SHOULD be hovering around 8Tbs, but I’ll be content with seven since she’s pretty well hydrated and her tummy is filling back out to it’s healthy milk-bulge state instead of that narrower, scary look last last night/early this morning.



    Great outcome from the vet visit. Well done Little Bean on passing those all important tests too.
    How exciting about getting a new name although I rather like Li’l Bean.



    Thanks, Moon! I’m rather fond of it, so it’ll probably stick around as a nickname.

    Well, my little kitty didn’t want to eat again before midnight, only licked at the nipple to get the taste out of her mouth poor lamb… But she DID inhale a breakfast of 1Tbs KMR {with Pedialyte, not water}!!!

    There’s still some blood in her poops, but that’ll go away as the medication does it’s work. We’ll be looking at names, and I have a “shortlist” of the ones I like best.

    Maybe a new thread for polling purposes…? Since you all helped SO MUCH in her all-important first week. 🙂



    The baby INHALED not one, but TWO tablespoons of the Royal Canin Recovery pate, mixed 1:1.5 with water.

    I have NEVER seen her eat so much! She’s gonna make it for SURE if this keeps up~



    Little Bean Pod is doing so well, I knew she would! You can back off her night time feeds if you feel secure enough to do so. I think she is well hydrated and now she is eating some wet food she likes. Of course, you need to feel comfortable about doing that, you know her best.

    I found these little one portion pkgs. of Sheba pate style wet foods…they are the perfect size! They are two together, and you pull them apart. Foil pull back and it has a little juice to go with it, but Peso loves it because it is so soft and edible. A few seconds in the microwave softens it up even more.



    Oooh, thanks Zee! I’ll be on the lookout for things like that in my local shops 😀 Sounds like a good thing to leave behind at night in case of nibbles… As soon as she has better teeth, we’ll be adding dry kibbles to her diet for the sake of easier feeding. {Not ENTIRELY scrapping wet food, just scaling it back a bit. 1:2 wet to dry probably.}

    Tenth Day:
    2:30a 1Tbs KMR with Pedialyte {BABY INHALED HER FOOD!!!}
    4:45a 1Tbs KMR with Pedialyte
    6:40a 2Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 1:1.5 INHALED her breakfast!!
    11:00a ANTIBIOTIC
    11:00a .75Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 1:1.5
    2:00p .75Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 1:1.5
    4:15p 2Tbs KMR with water
    6:45p 1.5Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 1:1.5
    8:00p 1.5Tbs Goats’ Milk with water.
    10:50p 1Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 2:3
    11:00p ANTIBIOTIC with a small amount of Royal Canin afterward to help the taste

    Total: 11.5Tbs
    Daily Weight: 14.81 {Made back the weight she lost and then some!}

    Baby consistently pooping and peeing by herself without help. Needs help to pee in the litterbox instead of on the floor. Kitten was socialized with another friend for a few hours. Good play, good behavior; a little quick to bite down, but play nipping and having lots of fun!



    Just realized I’d given no updates!

    Eleventh Day:
    3:45a 1.75-2Tbs Goats’ Milk with Water
    7:40a 2Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 2:3
    10:55a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk with Water
    11:02a ANTIBIOTIC with a tiny squeeze of milk to help the taste afterward
    3:00p 1.5tbs Goat’s Milk with water
    4:15p 1Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    7:00p 1Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 2:3
    7:05p .5Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    10:15p 1.5Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    10:58p ANTIBIOTIC
    Total: 10.5

    Twelfth Day:
    12:15a 1Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 2:3
    2:45a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    8:20a 2.5Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    10:35a 1.2Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    10:58a ANTIBIOTIC
    11:20a .5Tbs Goats’ Milk due to crying screaming kitty
    4:35p 1Tbs Goats’ Milk
    6:30p 1.5Tbs Goats’ Milk
    6:40p .5Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water 2:3
    9:03p 1.75-2Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    11:02p ANTIBIOTIC
    11:05p 1.5Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    Total: 12.5Tbs {HOLY CRAP!}
    Daily Weight: 16.42oz

    Thirteenth Day:
    3:00a .75Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    7:00a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    12:00p ANTIBIOTIC
    12:05p 1.5Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    2:30p 1.2Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    7:15p .5Tbs Royal Canin with water 2:3
    7:20p 1.2Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    9:20p 1.2Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    11:50p 1.3Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    12:00a ANTIBIOTIC
    Total: 8.65
    Daily Weight: 17.46oz
    Unfortunately I overslept my alarm due to exhaustion, and baby had to wait an extra hour for her meds. It doesn’t SEEM to have slowed her down much, if at all, and I’ll be keeping a tight eye on her going forward.

    Fourteenth Day:
    2:20a 1.75Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    7:00a .75Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    12:00p ANTIBIOTIC
    12:10p 2Tbs Royal Canin Recovery with water
    3:05p 2Tbs Goats’ Milk with water
    7-8:30p .3Tbs attempted feedings
    9:05p 1Tbs Goats’ Milk
    10:30p .75Tbs Goats’ Milk
    12:00a ANTIBIOTIC
    Total: 8.5
    Daily Weight: 17.57oz

    I’ve been a bit worried about Baby due to the drop off in her food, but just realized that she’s only supposed to be eating around 9Tb a day for her body weight. So long as she stays at 8+ there’s not much cause for concern I don’t think. She’s very well hydrated, playful, and beginning to cry when we don’t pay attention to her for longer periods of time. She’s had some fun adventures with some of our friends coming over to help socialize her too! She did VERY VERY well with another male friend of ours, even going so far as to set up shop at his side for around ten minutes of pure cuddling <3

    Today is day Fifteen with Baby Bean, and we’re looking forward to her vaccines later this month. My Love’s mother is coming down to visit in a few weeks, and we’re hoping to have a nice, strong baby girl to show her. As the only girl in a house of bachelors, she’s going to be VERY pampered! We’ve just ordered a canvas and mesh playpen for her; with roof!; so she can hang out in the living room out from underfoot while I get back on the sadly neglected house cleaning and laundry.

    My rambunctious Couch Kitty, taken a few days back.



    Wee Lil Bean is doing fab. The important thing about the meds. is she gets it 2 x day. If you miss the time by more then 4-5 hours then give her the normal dose and don’t double dose.

    She’s good at climbing Mt. Purr Papa. I wonder what color her eyez will be…



    Thanks, PG! 🙂

    That’s roughly what my Love told me, and we’re doing our best to make it as close to the 12hr mark as possible. At least the Midnight dose allows me a REASON for my night owlish tendences, lol~

    We’re thinking either green or *hazel, based on the progressions her sibs have made so far. {Pretty damn sure she’s the inbred result of White TomxMama Kitty -> Princess, who then re-mated x White Tom.} No idea why Princess abandoned the Bean, but allows Mama’s AND Tiffy’s kittens to play around her and nurse, but whatever it is, she’s ours now and the other kitties are still feral. :/
    {“hazel” green with a gold ring, or vice versa.} Princess has Heterochromia: One yellow-green eye and one blue-green. She’s been like that since birth, I just wish like HELL she’d let me capture her so I could socialize her and get her to the SPCA…. She’d find a home in NO TIME!



    Just a quite, happy update: Baby is doing fantastic, eating well, AND learned HOW TO EAT FROM A DISH~

    True, it’s a pasta jar lid that was vigorously scrubbed out until it smelled like nothing but metal and water, BUT it holds a full Tablespoon of her milk and/or meat mix and so it’s easy to see how much she’s eaten at a time. {Meat Mix: Royal Canin Recovery with water 2:1, or 2:2 if she’s not been drinking her milk enough to be properly hydrated.}

    She’s using the litterbox consistently, no accidents I’ve been able to see, AND we had to take the boxes down around her playground area, since she was getting big enough to climb!

    Today marks her 21st day with us, and baby bean was just yesterday a full five weeks old! She goes in for vaccinations later this month, {24th or 26th I forget…} and we’ll be discussing the possibility of vision issues and likely setting an appointment for her spay.

    She’s a gorgeous ball of energy, and she’s sat in my lap purring her adorable face off every night since we set up the cat room. Watching her fall asleep curled up tight against me is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever witnessed. We’re definitely blessed to have been able to rescue her!




    Just saw baby kitty use the literbox… and what should appear in her poos but at least two wiggling little worm segments!!! So either the vet lied about her not having parasites, OR she managed to get them in the almost two weeks she’s been with us post-vet. {12 days ago.}

    Thankfully for us, she’s got another visit on the 24th. So we’ll keep an eye on her food intake and be as careful of her as we can until we can get her in. HOPEFULLY they can give her dewormer and get rid of them. NOT looking forward to having to reclean all her bedding….



    Worms are a normal part of having a kitten, most times they are born with them having received them from their mama. Actually, a cat should be wormed every 3 months or so, unless they are outside and cat mice and birds, etc. in which case, they should be wormed more often. There is no need to wash bedding, they die once they leave the host.



    Yes, and to be fair I was kinda expecting this to happen…? But after the vet said she was clean other than the bacterial issue, I was hoping the dewormer given then would be enough. :/

    As soon as she’s old enough for a regular flea and tick repellent, we’ll find a reputable one for her. But with her so young, we just couldn’t risk it. And, being in an area with a rather large deer population, it was bound to happen.

    We’ve moved her vet visit up to this monday, and we’ll get her taken care of.

    Can cats get worms again after eating the dried and dead segments…?



    I don’t think so, once they are dried and dead. A tapeworm sheds segments and if they ingest a live segment, they might reinfect themselves or other pets, but I’m not sure.

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