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    May your Special Day be filled with joy!

    😉 😎



    Yay ~ yay – it’s Joan’s birthday!
    Hope you enjoy your special day (after work)…and have some me time to
    celebrate the rest of the week. Wishes for a great year ahead!
    birthday cat dog

    joan cake

    Jean & Kits xo
    Plus all of the café crew would like to thank you for being a purry part of TDK Land for all of these years as their special Auntie! >^.^<
    keep calm Joan bday



    It’s your day JJ-Enjoy!



    The happiest of purrdays, Joan!! Hope the gang and Mr. JJ spoil you rotten!!



    Happy Birthday JJ, may you have a wonderful snow-free day!! Don’t forget to eat CAKE!



    Happy Birthday JJ

    How about a high tea party outdoors in the sunshine.



    What a lovely tea party! It is sunny here, but still too cold to enjoy that outdoors. When the temperature goes above 10c here, there are always a few hardy soulS enjoying a coffee – or a BEER – outside. The very thought of a beer in the chill air makes me want to GO….

    I would enjoy that pretty glass of sparkling rosé, though – after the tea – but I’d want it with the little xsmoked-salmon sandwiches, not petits fours.

    What did you do for your special day, JJoan? Invited out? Special treats (and hugs) at home? Purrs from the furries?



    Thank you so much, everyone! I thought of you all, and how much I enjoy spending time with friends in TDK land. I appreciate every one of you, and am so happy to celebrate with you!

    Worked all day on Thursday, but hubby got takeout from Outback for dinner, which was awesome! We had cake and ice cream for dessert. (When you make your own birthday cake, you get to lick the beaters!) Last night hubby got more takeout from a little Italian place up here, so I got to have my spinach calzone.

    Tomorrow is my “other birthday.” I was born on Palm Sunday. 🙂



    That settles it – today I’ll make some spinach calzoni! They freeze well too. I’m taking care of the house of a friend who is spending a long visit in Cuba – nice to be retired, eh? Now that people are allowed to own real estate there, there are several modest flats rented out for a song by Canadian standards. I usually leave a treat for her in the freezer (or fridge if I’m there just before) as she arrives late at night.

    Since I live in our old Little Italy (though now Italians live just anywhere, not necessarily here) Palm Sunday features actual palms, and I guess second-best clothes, as Easter is the real fashion parade – men as much as women, and all generations.

    One of the nicest Italian Easter treats is the Pasqualina, or Easter pie, a more elaborate member of the quiche family that features seasonal greens, including spinach and several others, and whole eggs set in the greens mixture.

    Torta Pasqualina (Easter Pie from Liguria)

    If I make my own crust, I use an olive-oil pastry recipe from Deborah Madison (author of Vegetarian cooking for everyone). I can buy ewe’ milk ricotta here, made by Italians or Greeks. I actually prefer the more “pizza” type crust to puff pastry, which I find too rich with the rest of the ingredients.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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