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    On Poultry Day the kits are clamouring for chicken, be it canned nomz or the real deal!

    Most famous Chicken: Looney Tune’s Foghorn Leghorn
    Chicken Philosophy: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?



    I do like the force field.

    Chickens, eh? I used to like chicken until I saw how the commercial farms raised them (you can look it up yourself). Now, I have to know where/how they were raised before I even eat eggs.

    The rain/snow is suppose to be around through tomorrow AM. Now, I’m going to finish my movie. Oh no, the love of his life just died from consumption.

    Have a happy~

    Dormiu bé els meus amics (Catalan)
    sleep tight my friends



    I found out my humidifier has a crack in it…after it leaked out on the carpet. 🙁



    Oh no PG ! Not consumption. Was there delicate coughing into a white lace hanky and then the tell tale red stain quickly hidden?
    This week I am sporting purple physio tape all as a result of my slipping over on a slippery footpath. Sigh, possibly broke a wee bone in my foot. That will be why it’s taking so long to heal. 🙄 😕



    Paw up waves ~ Last Monday in Winter: Yay, Spring Starts Tuesday – Northern Hemisphere!

    No Chicken’s around here either!
    Lunchtime soon…
    Chickens playing chicken
    Li’l lunchtime card game goin’ on:
    chicken playing cards

    Ok, time for li’l lunchtime walk…back later/hope…
    Pretty day – nice/fresh walk as +40 and sunshine!
    Here’s a timely share with Rooster/Chicken story:
    rooster meets school bus daily
    Chicken/Rooster FYI: A rooster, also known as a cockerel or cock, is a male gallinaceous bird, usually a male chicken. Mature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. The term “rooster” originates in the United States, and the term is widely used throughout North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand…
    Sigh…time to get back to desk…

    Gaah: FYI #RatMeat as #ChickenWings

    Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S.

    Reminder: Check your Labels Closely 👿 😡



    Sorry, Can’t Believe Everything posted on the ‘net! Hmm…someone just posted on FB said #ChickenWing – #Ratwing Article was fake news…Hmmm…I would still check label as #Organic #NonGMO seal of approval!



    Good afternoon all! I had my annual doc checkup (everything’s ok) and then went to the grocery to get lots of fruits and veggies–Avery will be here tomorrow and she loves cutting up things and eating them. It’s great because I don’t really have to ‘fix’ anything–we eat grapes and apples and bananas, and cauliflower, tomatoes and cucumbers too!

    I love that my oldest dau has chickens–free eggs! The best eggs ever too and they are producing about 15 a day!

    Her cats and chickens hang out with each other too, along with a couple of rabbits that run in and out of the chicken house whenever they want.



    No lace hankies, MS, because they were to poor. Naturally, she was a wisp of girl, so delicate ????. My nephew wears that physio-tape all the time. His knees are shot but I’m not sure if it’s him or the doctors who want to wait for surgery. For some reason, the medical field thinks you can’t get replacement surgery until you’re ancient ????. That’s great Avery like fruits and veggies. I grew up in a steak and potato family. We rarely had veggies and certainly not fresh-those were too expensive. In Denver, we can have 2 chickens in a backyard pen. Interesting fact about male chickens, JK. Chickens don’t have “nuggets” so what are they made of… I have a link to They do investigations are spurious (cool new word!) claims.



    Great pics! Love the roosting ginger.

    Re joint replacements: they are definitely something to postpone for as long as possible. Yes, they can relieve the pain of seriously damaged joints and restore mobility, which is a definite health plus, but there are several reasons not to rush in to it. 1. It’s major surgery, with all the risks that entails. 2. It’s a foreign body that can act as a focus for infection – if you get an infection anywhere else in the body, the nasties can lodge in the implant; only remedy is to remove it, scrub out the joint, and put in a new one – with plenty of antibiotics on the side. Even routine dental work carries a risk once you have a joint replacement. 3. The reason you need to wait until you are old is not that the replacement joint wears out (titanium, stainless steel etc. are pretty durable) but that your surrounding bone and tissues can wear out. The joint design is pretty good, but metal doesn’t behave in exactly the same way as bone and so there are extra stresses on the bone the implant attaches to. This can mean further pain and more involved surgery down the track.



    I’m just saying this because I know about joint replacements–a hip to be precise that I had last year–that when you get to the point where your bone is rubbing on bone and it’s so painful you can do nothing you used to do; and you can’t even sleep or rest because of the pain and inflammation, then a joint replacement is the answer. The hard part of living in pain is over and you have your life back once again…and no, I don’t think I’m old but in some people’s eyes I probably am. Living with pain for too long makes you old. Absence of pain is good.



    Happy Tuesday all, it’s hot and sunny and the washing is drying on the line. HRH Shadz is eating well now we have cooler nights and I am happy about that.
    We used to have chickens when we were farming, there was Freda,Gertrude and Hannah and a few others who for some reason didn’t have names and there was a stunning rooster who had an amazing black shiny tail that glinted blues and greens in the sun. They were a friendly bunch and loved to sit on my arms much to the delight of our toddler Meegz at the time.
    JK, I just proved your post by using the term rooster. 🙂
    Love the story about Frog the rooster.
    Wow KZ, that is a good amount of eggs peer day. Plenty to share around. When we first went farming Mr MS bought a dog from a chicken farmer and she had the shiniest coat you could imagine from eating the ‘jellybelly’ eggs that hadn’t formed a shell but were just membrane covered. No chance for eggs on a sheep farm though.
    PG, the medical powers that be don’t like spending $$$$ and if you can still move then you don’t need surgery they seem to think. They put an age limit on the surgery so they hope you will be too old or worse for the next replacement surgery when the first one wears out. I’ve reached that magic age when they will consider me for a new knee/s but I would turn it down now. They gym has had such a positive result on my knees. The tape is great, really easing the injury to my foot even during a workout.
    We can have chickens in our backyards here, not sure what the limit is but definitely NO roosters. One neighbour on a large piece of land has chickens,geese and ducks. I love listening to the ducks as they waddle out of the creek all chatting away and telling jokes. Their quacking sounds like laughter. The geese are fascinating and I love hearing a hen announce that she has laid an egg.
    Yes, Snopes said that story was fake.
    PM, thanks for that bit about joint replacements and what can happen. Makes more sense than the story I was told.
    I see there has been some terrible bush fires in Aus and still are. Over 70 houses lost in one small town, that is horrendous. Thankfully no human lives lost but sadly some pets died when people were not able to get to their properties to rescue them. 😥 I hope they can get all the fires under control and extinguished soon and that there is no more lightning to start new fires.
    KZ, living with pain is a pain and the relief must be wonderful and being able to do ordinary everyday things again without having to think will it hurt me or not.



    Evening all,

    I don’t eat meat or chicken, but the thing about rats did not help me! 😮 Then again kosher products are beyond thoroughly supurrvised.

    MS, PG, I’ve never heard of purple physio tape. Interesting.I do keep instant shake and use ice packs and an ace bandage in my gym locker (and of course at home.)

    MS, I hope that your “wee” break heals well and speedily.

    PG, your humidifier causing a sorta flood is a real pain in the a**. Having to bail out one’s own place!

    Re hip/knee replacements. Knowing something about them, I think one’s orthopedic surgeon is best purrson to determine when one needs the surgery. No surgery is pleasant, anyway. And peeps who’ve had replacements are instructed to take antibiotics before dental work or procedures associated with risk of infection. I’m not an MD, but replacements can give a purrson back an amazing quality of life.

    Since we seem to be on health topics, well my guts have been off whack for a time and cramps/runs are uncomfortable to say the least. Have consulted and been prescribed something for this to take as needed and hope that it will help. Plan might also be to cut dosage of another med as I might be way too thin for the dosage that was already cut back, and this could be playing a role in gut issues.

    Anyway while I have bought most of my staples for Passover I want to pick up some dairy/frozen stuff tomorrow. I’ve allocated space for the stuff as I gave fridge a srs cleaning even though it’s clean. Whatever could be taken apart was removed, including the huge glass shelf! Still a week and more to go.

    Waiting for call back from MD and stuff has stressed me out so I’m going to get ready for what I hope is sound sleep.



    I understand the point of waiting on replacement surgery. My point is if you’re in extreme pain and have limited mobility, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re 45 or 65. Yet, so many medical plans require age as a factor. My knee replacement was last fall and I understood and still understand the long-term effects of post surgery. I’m good with it.

    KJ-what are we going to do with you, honey? This has been going on for quite some time and I’m wondering if its not more serious. Of course, we all know that stress doesn’t help but I haven’t figured out a way to fix it.

    Here’s info on the tape:

    I hope they can contain the fires, PM. We’re planning for a long fire season due to lack of moisture.



    PG, I think I got lost in my own post! Wasn’t waiting for MD to get back to me, she did so today. And based on efurrything (don’t want to go down the TMI path) plan is that tomorrow I’ll pick up some med to deal with my spending too much time in throne room. Really hope it does the trick, ’cause this has done a number on me.

    That tape is awesome. Looks a bit like packing or duct tape, but with a purpose.



    Yes, that was upsetting me too (as were all the fires down under). Not TMI, but I had an UTI last autumn and had never felt sicker. I’m sure that if I’d been in a benighted place with no medication and para-medication (probiotics were very important for me, as was homemade chicken soup) I could have died. Thinking about people in Haiti after the earthquake, or war refugees. I couldn’t eat solid food for a month; mostly drank water. I really hope you are better soon.

    It is beautiful looking at the light that lingers, even at half past seven. Gives me more energy. Livia is all revved up!

    The rat meat story seems like fake news. Rats were often eaten in wartime, sieges and other horrible times. Alas, cats were sometimes too, but that meant a proliferation of …rats, carrying disease and pestilence in the wake of war or natural disaster.

    We historians are a jolly sort, eh?

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