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    On this “Special Day” one is supposed to look around for someone in a grouchy mood. Then do them a favour to cheer them up. We can start with “Grumpy Cat” whom we all know isn’t really grumpy at all, but still …



    Paw up waves g’morn to anyone around or lurking!
    TGI Friday’s Eve Day!
    friday's eve day
    Almost Friiday…one more day kits!
    Not grouchy here…have coffee = smile on face, thanks Tux!
    coffee zip
    ahh…hits the spot~
    Wishing all a good day!
    Sending hang in there hugs to MS with purry thoughts too!



    Good morning – no need to be a grouch. As my Uncle Jack says, every day that you wake up and don’t see your obit in the paper is a good day!
    It’s super windy and cold here in Jersey today, with a fresh blanket of light snow overnight. Hope the power stays on! Purrhaps I’ll start a brew in the slow cooker just in case. I can pull the inner part out and set it on the wood burner if need be.



    How to ruin a grumpy cat? COA*COA

    Grouch Day – Who knew? It is the day before Friday so it’s a bit difficult to be grumpy. Notice I didn’t say impossible… 😈

    I get the coffee-Yum!

    Miss Gaea has a soft tissue strain in her left upper shoulder and there’s not much we can do but I have some pain meds. x2 daily for her. Her blood and stool results are OK but he suspects she has a generalized bacterial infection. Now she gets metronidazole 1x 5 days…in pill form…yea…NOT.

    The weather is fab. and I’m grouchy because I don’t want 73f/22c in February. If it’s this warm now, I’m dreading the summer. Talk about first world problems, geez.

    Have a happy~



    I love the minions of darkness and Grumpy Cat with Boy George. You were out at 11 p.m. on a snowy, freezing night to get a charger out of your truck JJ? Nowadays, I’d do it too 😮



    You betcha, PG. With battery power at 7% and falling fast, I had to try everything.
    Bought the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition today. There are three covers to choose from. Showed hubby the choices and got the one he picked. He’s not all gaga about it, but I like to buy it, been doing it for years and have saved them all. Christy Brinkley either has powers or has made a deal with the devil, she looks great.
    Happy to be home and indoors. Wind, turtleneck tops and longish hair made me nuts today! My neck is a bit arthritic to begin with, and if wind hits it, I’ll wind up with a nice stiff neck, yuck! Despite the pot of water on the wood burner, I still manage to shock the cats when I touch them, and in return get that hurt look, “why did you do that to me?”
    No brew in the slow cooker, but I did take some soup out of the freezer. Hubby brought home bagels so I may make pizza bagels as well.



    Evening all!

    Grouchy or realistic … you decide LOL!
    “Chill Pill” kit works for me!

    So just got here as I’ve basically been working since arriving home. A good day to be in as one driver actually tacitly threatened to “run me down.” There is snow piled on curb and exactly how am I to make it over the hill? Jerk.

    So love being way busy and making $$, but also just a bit worn out as not quite used to it. Wish it could last though, whatever.

    Interestingly tech support peeps put me in touch with guy in my n’hood who is an accredited tech-expert/reseller. More interestingly he was my “go-to” guy when I needed memory added to ‘puter and I was pleased with his professionalism. So had good chat with his colleague and as temp work-around they will order me a new charger/adapter. Ideally will be in next wk. Plan is still for me to upgrade but I need the mental space to deal with this and as mentioned cannot be in a work mode. For now current adapter is somehow holding together with electric tape – I must just make sure not to move ‘puter around.

    Poor Miss Gaea! Thanks for updating us PG. How does a kit get a shoulder strain? Aren’t they super flexible and all that? What do I know. Please give her a snuggle from me.



    kj, probably just as well that you haven’t had time to watch X-Company. They are in Poland with all that entails, and it is VERY upsetting, though the show doesn’t overplay direct violence. It is well worth watching, but in small doses.

    I’ve been working a lot too, but getting paid can take quite a while. I see no alternative to working; I can’t live (or more important buy cat food) on air.



    Actually I have kept up to date with X Company. It is quite harrowing, but one of the best series that I have ever watched. Wondering how the various plot lines will be resolved.



    I pick up the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for my nephew.

    I’m glad you got your bracelet back. That can be a lead-in to Friday’s theme as an act of kindness. Miss Gaea is annoyed because I keep giving her nasty stuff. As far as her shoulder, we decided it wasn’t a fall rather when she and LilBit were wrestling she strained it. They get into it and sometimes get mean. I am really having to keep an eye on them.



    I woke up early; the snow removal crew still hasn’t done the final stage on my side of the street. There was a very heavy snowfall a few days ago – not a blizzard, as no heavy winds – and a lighter one afterwards. So the snow crews are late, and it isn’t really their fault. But I hope it gets done soon, as the weather is very mild and it can turn into slush soon – or worse, turn into slush or water and then refreeze at night.

    Livia enjoys watching the huge trucks lumber by, from the safety of my home office.

    KJ, I’m only behind one episode of X-Company, but it gave me nightmares last night. Which shows that is is effective and well-researched. I don’t know what other countries it is available in yet. Brazil, for one, but it isn’t airing in the UK or US for example yet. The French version has started (I assume that Évelyne Brochu dubs herself?) but it is pay-per-view, which is disappointing.

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