• I know the economy still sucks for most of us here & kitty adoptions are way out of the picture but it’s looking like I have to find new homes for my furkids. I refuse to turn them over to animal control. And they’re way to healthy for considering ‘over the bridge’. I couldn’t live w/myself anyways if I could do the latter. If they were to be…[Read more]

  • Hi Family! I really really was trying to keep positive for the new year. Your unconditional support really has helped. But I don’t think Luck is in the cards for me. I did get my kitchen switches changed & not sure why I let it scare me so. They were quite easy to change. But in the last several weeks I’ve had to deal with mickey-mousing a quick…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic A Saddened Heart…. in the forum Purrs 3 years, 3 months ago

    Thanks Cheri…& all of you for your emotional support. And yes Cheri. It was a complete shock to me that I’m still coping with. Ms.Hissy came home injured or sick but I couldn’t tell how bcuz she was always an elusive cat. She took off the next day & my gut told me she wasn’t returning. It took me 5 days of searching to find her. She looked as…[Read more]

  • Hi my TDK Family! At the moment I don’t have an updated TDK list & some of you newer members are not on my last list. Soooooo…I wanted to personally Thank our very own ‘KJ’ for her sweet card she sent me. It’s always a joy to get cards from my second family. They always put a smile on my face. I regret that I can’t afford to send out cards this…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic Surgery in the forum Purrs 3 years, 4 months ago

    Leeny…Thank You for the link. And I’m so sorry that I’m just now catching your post. I know we don’t chat as often as we used to. Sometimes life just gets in the way of things. I want you to know that my heart is full of hope for you to get thru this & you have a fast recovery. I’m adding Prayers for Strength & Positivity & will be thinking of…[Read more]

  • Buttons…I wasn’t aware you had a Ms.Moneypenny. I’m sorry she is going thru this. You can feel so helpless sometimes. My Naughtyboy went thru a similar thing. Wasn’t good at protecting himself so was getting hurt a lot. The last injury he got gave him an abcess the size of my fist under his chin. The infection was out of control & he was sewn up…[Read more]

  • Just wanted to jump on here quick to wish you all a Happy & safe Holiday. I want you all to know I’m Grateful For the friends I’ve made here & you’re the most beautiful people I’ve ever known. With that said…let the stuffing begin!

  • feral replied to the topic A Saddened Heart…. in the forum Purrs 3 years, 4 months ago

    Hugs!! Thank You so much for the sweet thoughts you guys. Even tho I haven’t met some of you it doesn’t stop you from wishing the best for him. I appreciate that so much. It was also nice to see some of the old-timers responding (I don’t mean that by age,btw). I’m going to wait till after the holiday to explain why the decision was made. I’m…[Read more]

  • feral started the topic A Saddened Heart…. in the forum Purrs 3 years, 4 months ago

    I had to help my Naughtyboy over the bridge to the Meadow where he is now with his Mama Hissy. I’ll explain another time. I miss you guys.

  • feral replied to the topic Surgery in the forum Purrs 3 years, 5 months ago

    I’ve been awol for some time Leeny & don’t know what your surgery is all about. I’ll try to
    return to get some update. Sorry you’re having to endure this. Sending lots of Prayers that
    has/will be good for you. Hugs!

  • I’m so very sorry Buttons. Thankful also that Bobby Boy went peaceful. Haven’t been around
    for awhile & to see this news was heartbreaking. Tried not to cry but had to. Sending
    you Prayers for Peace & Hugs to help you carry on.
    Rest In Peace Bobby Boy

  • Adrienne…I’m so very sorry for your loss of little man Chu. Since joining TDK(from the beginning)…I’ve lost 12 very precious furkids. One of them being almost 23 yrs.old. I’m still grieving over the loss of my MS.Hissy & Lacy. I have Lacy’s sister Hannah which makes it more painful not understanding why Lacy had to leave before her sister.…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic prayers for Magoo in the forum Cats & Kittens 3 years, 8 months ago

    Pucca…I don’t think we know each other(altho I’ve been w/TDK since it started). I want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss of Magoo. It sounds like you really loved him dearly. I think you made the right decision due to his heart issues. I also know the extreme pain your going thru. I lost 2 of my own furbabies not long ago & within a…[Read more]

  • feral replied to the topic TDK ART GALLERY in the forum General Chat 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hahaha….I must have cat butts on the brain. I laughed my own off at the kitty singing at the piano,his version of butt in the face & the painted kitty butt. I think Chaplin would be proud of that rear. The ‘Tuxie hiding in the grass’ is so cute. It would be pretty simple to make something like that. And I just love the blue/green colors in the…[Read more]

  • Also late on the B-day wishes Azdeb. I hope your ‘Special Day’ was pleasant & Purrfect.

  • feral replied to the topic TDK ART GALLERY in the forum General Chat 3 years, 10 months ago

    Oooohhhhhh…I Love the Love Cat! And….adore the Cheshire Cat, The colors in both bring out the ‘hippie’ in me. And Joan…that’s a beautiful pic of kitty in the ‘blue hour’ as JK put it.

  • Hey Nirmal. I just discovered that Peter is broke too. haha. I’m really grateful that mom taught me to be frugal. It’s amazing what a person w/an imagination can do w/nothing.
    Jeankit……I’m still laughing at the “Butt in your Face” joke. It fits my Spunky like a hammer on the head of a nail. He sticks that one-eyer in my face as often as he can…[Read more]

  • Reading this has brought me to tears. Buttons….it’s okay to be breaking out in emotions. I’m still falling apart & crying when I come near the spots that my Ms.Hissy & Lacy J passed away. I haven’t even cleaned out Lacy’s litterbox. I can’t compose myself enuf yet to do it. May You find Peace in your Heart.
    Rest In Peace Buttons

  • Rest In Peace Sweet Kes…You were loved by many & will be sorely missed. If you would…could you please say hello to my Ms.Hissy & Lacy J. I know you’ll make great friends at the Meadow.
    Joan please tell your brother how sorry I am for the loss of Kes.

  • OMG Buttons. I’m just trying to catch up on things I’ve missed & read for the first time that you lost your baby Buttons. I’m so sorry. I’m sending you a big Hug. I hope you can feel it. I know what you’re going thru having lost 2 of my own in a month’s time. The support I got from my TDK Family was such a tremendous help to me. Buttons will be…[Read more]

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