• I got a special kitten wet food today and the two reluctant ones ate it up! They still turned their noses up at mom’s food but they ate this one. So glad. There was also no toddler food on the floor. Partly I cleaned up everything my daughter dropped immediately (well, one kitten grabbed a piece of cereal before I could stop her) and also we were…[Read more]

  • Yes b she’ll be spayed.
    It’s difficult to keep food completely off the floor with a messy toddler but I’ll do my best to be extra vigilant.
    I also tried putting their paws into the wet food to get them to lick it off. I think one might be getting interested a little but the other is still being stubborn.

  • I have three 7 week old kittens. They’re still weaning from their mother. One of them is transitioning to cat foods just fine, dry, wet, whatever.
    The other two won’t touch the cat food. They’re eating anything my toddler drops on the floor (and the other kids, I have five.) Cereal, Cheetos, pizza, you name it. But put them next to the cat…[Read more]

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