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    Hi yes, I did that today. I pureed the wet food in the blender a bit before mixing it in the formula and they are back to scarfing everything down. Now if they would only stop sleeping in the litter box! They used it a few days ago but now they are pooping on the blanket and seem to think the litter box is for playing and sleeping sheesh!

  • Well I was doing every 4-5 hours and they were drinking about 20 ml each feeding (so 5 times a day). What I tried the first 2 days was 50/50 formula and baby cat twice daily and KMR only at the other 3 feedings. This went well until yesterday about 4 PM when they didn’t want eat much and has continued the past 24 hours. Today I got nervoud and…[Read more]

  • Hi, so I have been bottle feeding 2 abandoned kittens from day 2 of life until now, they are just about 4 weeks old. I started to try weaning a few days ago, they just made a huge mess with milk in a saucer or with RC baby cat/KMR gruel. I got them to greedily eat the gruel through a bottle with the end cut off the nipple, and was alternating that…[Read more]

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