• I started to wean my three month old kitten as of last week and she is devouring the food, but so far I haven’t introduced her into water. I am unsure how at this point and get her to actually drink it. (She took this long to wean because she refused anything but the bottle for weeks and then suddenly turned into a gremlin.)

    As for the sleep…[Read more]

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    This question might have been asked, but I have two kittens, I’ve been hand rearing them since they where 3-4 days old and they are 5 weeks going on 6. They are very stubburn. I have a ginger that will eat a voraciously a few scoops off my finger and then no interest [goopy kitten tuna] and the grey one shows zero interest no matter how much…[Read more]

  • Oh, thank you! I’ve definitely got climbers. Going to wait a bit for the smallest to get a bit better before trying this. Thank you for the information :]

  • Hello! Back at it again with the questions. This is the first time I’ve raised kittens [ever] and they where estimated about 3 days old. [6 of them] Now they are just hitting the 3rd week and getting much more active.

    Should I still be keeping them mostly in their box/nest?

    I got a folding box from the humane center, I was going to take them…[Read more]

  • Thank you for the information 😀 very helpful!

  • My mom found 7 kittens outside of her work on monday. [Mother was killed] and as I live in Fl we just had the hurricane blow through and the humane society wasn’t open. [Spent about 2 hours finding a store with replacer milk].

    I’ve been feeding them since monday, but my smallest kitten has just opened her left eye about 1/4th of the way. There’s…[Read more]

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