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    8 week old kitten has been using box well for weeks but last few days has started peeing about 2 feet away from box behind a chair. This morning he walked in the box and back out then behind chair 🙁 He poops in the box consistently, its cleaned daily, he is the only cat (my first ever), so I am not sure the problem since its just pee. I have…[Read more]

  • So my P-nut is finally eating well and litter trained for the most part but he won’t drink water yet. He is eating a high quality wet kitten food and I put a little goats milk in it, so he has some fluid intake since he doesn’t drink water. Do I need to bottle feed him more milk? any tips on getting him to try water?

  • I am trying to change from KMR to goats milk but I have only found the powder goats milk, is this the same as the concentrate listed above???? I know it says 1:1 mix above but the container calls for 2:1 ratio so want to make sure I am using the right product and mixed the right way 🙂 as always thanks for all the help.

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    Thanks kittyzee….just to clarify its about 1-1.5 tbsp of formula with wet food mixed in about 1/2 teaspoon as you said in another post. Man this hand rearing is hard with so much info out there and trying to figure it all out. I will keep it thin and let him keep growing. Thanks again for all your advise.

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    My little guy is 3.5 weeks old and I started giving him gruel in a bottle, he has no interest in licking finger, spoon nothing. How do I know if he is getting enough food/nutrition, he obviously eats less of it than plain formula so not sure how to measure what he needs. I have been using about 2tbsp formula and enough wet that its thick but can…[Read more]

  • I have fostered a kitten since close to day one, he is 3 weeks old today!! He eats, sleeps, gaining weight etc but now he doesn’t seem content in the box and sleeps less. I cant tell if he is restless, feels bad for some reason or if its natural growth, so few questions?
    1, How much sleep will he need now?? I seems to want to explore but then…[Read more]

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