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    Wow, all those comments and i get first pounce! YAY me! Cute little lady you have there, hope she brings you a long life full of joy

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    Pounce! Such a cute little face…prob hiding a sneaky streak tho. Sweet!

  • Jackie commented on the post, Morsel 1 year, 1 month ago

    Little Morsel here is much MUCH more than just a pretty grey kitty. Those dark yellow eyes and the face shape screams “I’m at least part Russian Blue!”
    They are very highly sought after and to get them without even a higher than normal rescue fee is very lucky for you and them! ENJOY!

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    Is there some way to contact the KM directly? I havent gotten any response yet and im a bit frustrated.

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    Thanks everyone! We love her even when she gets a bit on the naughty side. I have a strong preference for le chat noires. They are first to be abused and dumped and the last to be adopted. So I always look at them first before the other cats available. SnuggleChunk sends her love!

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    Extra super soft babypounce! We call that pose “jazzpaws” because Yuki like to play like that! Enjoy!

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    Thanks JJ

    Ive noticed that most people go by initials around here…so if anyone would rather shorten me up, i also go by JCT!

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    <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>
    Is the DK store still available? I dont shop online much but I do have a couple purchases to make soon. About 100$ worth. So, Im curious about the commission to TDK and about finding a prouduct not on the list and one that is there but the listing is a couple years old.

    Also, can anyone enlighten…[Read more]

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    I think thats the same Miiss Kitty who came thru our home as a foster waiting for placement several years ago. She was not fixed at the time due to illness but she WAS sent out as a barn cat! If it IS the same MK, she was a great girl, very loving and easygoing! Congrats on having her join your family!

  • So, just to leave an update, Yuki still comes to me sometimes purring like an antique telephone and dragging his binket and others just purring. He is firmly entrenched with this and we continue to treat it the same as affection from our other cat Duchess.

  • Yes, thats him. He was the Caturday Star Kit a couple weeks ago when we joined. As for the binket, its not likely to develop holes anytime soon. Its a good quality cotton tshirt of mine that i no longer wear. I do check it when i wash it tho…our family knows EXACTLY what happens when pets swallow fabric. In one end and out the other! Ive…[Read more]

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  • Thanks PG, i am ok with it pretty much unless he starts EATING the tshirt. Its really quite sweet because its the only time he purrs. So i know he wants his “binket” when he comes to me rumbling like an oncoming thunderstorm! His binket (the tshirt) is so named because i texted my husband about it once when we first got him and accidentally…[Read more]

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    Im new as well in the past week. Welcome!

  • Yeah, i know for certain he is only sucking because he usually does it while I hold him and the shirt is one i dont wear anymore- just plain thin cotton. I get the impression he was weaned too early, mainly because he was already eating kibble right when we found him but it was just over a month before he started showing any signs of sexual…[Read more]

  • Yuki has had a behavior i found out is called “wool sucking” from the first day we had him. He doesnt chew bits off, he doesnt seem to use it as anything more than snuggle time, and he is still eating, drinking, and using the litterbox appropriately. Beyond that, is there any reason i might be missing about letting him suck? He has a specific…[Read more]

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    Yes, thank you so much, we love him no end. I actually typically gravitate towards the black cats or kits so he is a bit “different” for us. He has his “furever” here now. We hope it is many many years into his furever!

  • Lol, ive found the way to the land of crazy cat people! Finally people who will likely see no reason i shouldnt be in my pjs at noon talking to one of the 2 cats and actually having a good conversation with her. O_o. We posted Yuki recently and i will try to get some snaps of Duchess as well. Shes weird about my new cellphone…no idea why tho.…[Read more]

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