Karen walker

  • Hi. Thanks for the feed back. She does poop in the boxes. So I don’t think it’s texture. And she doesn’t seem to have a hard time peeing or any uti symptoms. But I have a vet appt for her soon so I’ll make sure they check.

    She was doing so great. I just hope I didn’t do anything to give her a bad habit.

  • Hi,
    My kitten is 8 weeks old. Two days ago she peed in a cardboard box that had packing papers in it. I thought, ok, no big deal. It kinda feels like a litter box. Now yesterday I Leave for 15 mins and she pees on the couch while wrapped in her blanket. Maybe it’s because I moved the litter box. Redecorating. As a little girly she used to s…[Read more]

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