• Hi, my kitten Luna, 11 weeks old, has been sleeping a lot lately for hours at a time, like right now, she has been asleep 3 hours straight, not waking up once, even when i pet her, is this normal? I know cats “catnap” but she really doesn’t do that, catnap to me means like a 30 minute nap but her naps are almost always 45 minutes to multiple hours…[Read more]

  • Also! She doesn’t really meow a lot when she’s around other people, my parents + sisters, I keep her in my room to keep her safe and everyone comes to visit occasionally but when she gets close to me she starts meowing more? I don’t know if it’s because i’m the one who feeds her and she gets hungry or something when she smells me or if she doesn’t…[Read more]

  • I’ll definitely look into the goats milk! We got some PetAg ‘milk replacer plus’ for kittens, will this work? It’s the powdered version. I think we might let her finish the liquid milk so it doesn’t waste and she seems to like it and I wouldn’t want to upset her tummy anymore than has happened in the past 24 hours. She hasn’t pooped since around 4…[Read more]

  • KittyZee- Thank you! I was wondering if the liquid Hartz kitten milk replacement is good enough for her? I read quite a few reviews saying that you shouldn’t use it but they were all from like 2012 so I don’t know if that still stands, I don’t want to upset her stomach anymore, she has peed about 4 times today but no poop since around 4am…[Read more]

  • Hi guys! Update: She’s doing super great compared to yesterday! We decided to take her off moist food and just stick to bottle feeding her KMR for a while to give her stomach a rest in case the moist food was too much for her little tummy, we think that she had never even eaten much cat food and had just been ripped away from mommas milk and it…[Read more]

  • Hello! Update: i took her to the vet where they weighed her (0.75lbs) and they guessed she was 4-5 weeks old.. so the guy I got her from definitely lied about her age and about how she was eating hard cat food. She tested negative for the feline leukaemia which is good, but im still extremely worried about her, i fed her about 4mL of kitten milk…[Read more]

  • Hi my 6 week old kitten puked for the first time today and I am extremely nervous and worried, she’s been eating 4-5 times a day spaced out about 2-5 hours at a time and she only ate 3 times today and wouldn’t drink her KMR, her vomit was like unchewed pieces of her moist kitten food that she eats with like a clear looking liquid in it, she was…[Read more]

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    Hi! Should I be feeding my 6 week old kitten water if she’s eating moist food about three to four times a day and KMR once a day? or will the liquids in her food alone be enough? i haven’t been giving her water for about 4 days because she doesn’t like drinking from a bowl but if she should be drinking water I will start doing that immediately

  • hi i got a cat 3 days ago now and she hasn’t pooped yet and i’m starting to get worrried, she’s been eating good since yesterday, the first day she didn’t really take to her hard food which the guy i got her from said she was already weaned but i’m not too sure that’s actually true i think he just wanted her out of his hands, anyway i bought her…[Read more]

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