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  • Hi. First of all, thanks for being here. It’s wonderful to have a place to talk about and share about the thing I love most in the world, kittens.

    I’ll post an introduction in the intro forum. I’m afraid I’ve already posted much of my story in an inappropriate location, a reply to the kit of the day post. I’ll re-post it ever it should…[Read more]

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    How tiny and sweet she is. You are an angel to adopt such a young baby, lots of around-the -clock “mothering” involved. You can carry her around in your shirt pocket where she can be warm and hear your heartbeat.

  • Oh, I’m so sorry, I have definitely put this in the wrong place. This should be about Luke. He’s so sweet looking in the face and a beautiful shade of gray /fawn. He looks very intelligent and loving as well.

    I’ve never seen a kitten that I didn’t want!

  • I’m new here but will soon post photos and my story of Lynne, the rescue kitty Abyssinian / Aby mix. She’s the very best, most loving smartest and generally just *good* kitten I’ve ever had. And that covers at least 25 cats, 3 of whom were loved beyond what i thought possible. And yet, Lynne is at my age of 60 in April, going to be…[Read more]

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