• She does that with our mouths! She sees me talking then tries to eat my face.

  • We’ve been working on getting her playing with our hands under blanket to protect our hands, it seems to help. But for some reason when she takes one look at our faces, she’s biting us up and downs… She’s going to be a naughty one for sure.

  • Hey all, Sable is going on 6 weeks old and she is learning all about biting with her needle like kitten teeth. This is the first bottle baby I’ve had that hasn’t had another cat near her same age. The youngest is 3 years old and he plays very rough so he can’t teach her much until she’s older.

    Recently, she has taken to biting my face. If I’m…[Read more]

  • She went today and has a clean bill of health so far. We’re waiting on getting a sample of her stool then he is going to test it for parasites and the antigens. He said with her activity level and weight gain she’s not in trouble. He checked her eyes and said they look like they’re getting there and there’s no puss or discharge. He said that while…[Read more]

  • We have an appointment for tomorrow, I’ve tried researching this and I never find any info about what can be causing this. Does anyone know?

  • Hi all. Sable is growing so fast but it’s been nothing but a headache as far as her tiny kitty belly go. She’s been on goats milk and poops roughly every other day. Usually in the morning. I noticed her last stool was odd, a very firm nugget followed by a somewhat loose brown orange stool and a little bit of mucus. Sometimes the very last bit is a…[Read more]

  • Chaos replied to the topic clipping nails in the forum Cats & Kittens 2 years ago

    I’d like to mention, it’s best to turn the nail file sideways, so it is clipping the nail up and down and not flat like our own nails. If you’re not careful it’s easy to crush kitty nails.

  • Chaos replied to the topic Cracks in cats fur? in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    If I understand your question, what you’re referring to is natural, much like a part in your hair. The fur parts itself naturally to follow the curves of the animals body. You can brush her to see that they will go away.

  • Chaos replied to the topic I need help! in the forum Introductions 2 years ago

    Binks may be crying out of lonliness. Kittens thrive on love and attention. I almost always put a cuddly stuffed animal and an analog clock in with my kits. The ticking clock helps soothe them. He may also be crying due to discomfort from being bloated. He should most definitely see a vet to help assess his digestive issues. We here at tdk always…[Read more]

  • Chaos replied to the topic 4 week old kitten questions in the forum Cats & Kittens 2 years ago

    When I had the same issues with kittens nursing each other, I divided their kennel and lined the bottom so they could still hear each other but couldn’t make contact, then I put the heating pad in the middle so they’d cuddle up near there. If that’s an option for you, you may want to see if it helps him. If the clock works fine then it’s safer to…[Read more]

  • The triangle method can be a little rough. You basically put your thumb and middle finger on either side of their abdomen, and your index finger on their belly. Then you massage her lower half while working down towards her anus. If you hold your hand up without anything In it and move it like how a squid swims, that’s the motion you’re making on…[Read more]

  • Chaos replied to the topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEENY!!! in the forum General Chat 2 years ago

    Happy birthday Leeny!

  • Make sure to dry her off and have a heating pad if you do get her wet. It doesn’t need to be a lot of water at all. Goats milk is found in supermarkets, try health food stores too. This won’t solve the problem right away but will help regulate her. If you’re comfortable, you can get a soft tipped thermometer and stimulate the anus by inserting and…[Read more]

  • Kmr is going to constipate her. Goats milk is recommended to help reduce this as well as adding extra water to her bottle. Try using a dish towel run under warm water to stimulate her anus. Sometimes they need a rougher surface to mimick moms tongue. Monitor feedings only allowing for the slightly under the proper amount, call the vet and get her…[Read more]

  • Chaos replied to the topic Rough housing in the forum Cats & Kittens 2 years ago

    Yeah they do. Basically when you have a lone kitten, you become its litter mate. Turns out kittens are much better at being beat up by other kittens than we are. You can use kitten appropriate toys to redirect those chomps and rabbit kicks to the toys instead. One of the reasons shelters and rescues are now trying to adopt out two kittens to homes…[Read more]

  • Chaos replied to the topic Mabel (RIP) and Sable in the forum Cats & Kittens 2 years ago

    Thanks for all the warm fuzzies (: Sable was given a clean bill of health. The vet was very impressed with her fiery cattitude and her climbing skills. Says she looks like one of the ones who will make it. We certainly hope so, every day that passes is a weight off our shoulders.

  • Jean, I know Mr. Crockey is sprawling in that meadow and greeting all of our lost fur babies. Luna is there with him. My condolences. He is a gorgeous, handsome man.

  • Chaos replied to the topic Mabel (RIP) and Sable in the forum Cats & Kittens 2 years ago

    And a rare picture of all of my fur babies together. Cloud, the big gray one, loves little Sable. He’s the baby in my avatar. Harry, the black one, wants to play with her. The rest don’t even want to be in the same room!

  • Chaos started the topic Mabel (RIP) and Sable in the forum Cats & Kittens 2 years ago

    Sable is such a grumpy baby. She hisses at me and won’t sit still unless she’s in a milk coma. She just learned the bottle and now she eats like a piggy.

    Mabel was just a little lover. Absolutely the sweetest thing. She was a fighter, her body just wasn’t strong enough. She loved cuddling with her Panther stuffed animal.

    There were 4…[Read more]

  • Sounds like you have the right idea. You can also give him a saucer of his milk so he can learn to lap it up. You’ll slowly replace it with regular water.

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