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    Hey all. I have a 4 month old kit that we rescued from a storm drain at 8 weeks. She has feline herpes and is taking l lysine and drinking some goats milk as a treat with her big sisters.
    The lysine that we have is the powder form that the vet said to mix in with her wet food. Well she’s now starting to not eat the wet food and just eating dry. I…[Read more]

  • I feed my cats blue buffalo. The kittens have both started on the wet food as their main as well until they loose interest in it and then when I ended up wasting more wet food than they eat I don’t give it as much just as a treat. With a good quality food I feel it’s fine for them to choose. They drink a lot of water so I don’t worry about them…[Read more]

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    I actually went ahead and clipped her nails yesterday not too short and I’ll ask the vet Wednesday to show me the quick so I don’t clip them too short. This time I just clipped the hooks off the nails. She’s actually not scratching as bad now when she runs over us on the bed. Now she only scratches when grabbing to get traction when running or…[Read more]

  • Our kitten stormy is about 12 weeks old and her nails are out of hand. The are curving under and if it was my older cat I wouldn’t hesitate to clip them at this point. When she runs over my legs it is breaking my skin and my fiancĂ© is covered in scratches all over. I just need advice.
    Oh and we’re hoping next week to start socializing her with…[Read more]

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    Our vet gave us powdered l lysine but I’ve seen it on amazon as well. Out kitten stormy is 10 weeks now and has feline herpes and we mix a half a scoop in her wet food twice daily and it works wonders. For our older cats I give them goats milk as a precaution to boost their immune systems more natural. Both forms work for our cats. Hopefully…[Read more]

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    Thanks everyone. She is a ball of energy and we love her already

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    New kitten Stormy has fallen into our lap this week. New adventures for our family

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  • Melissa changed their profile picture 1 year, 11 months ago

  • So some neighborhood kids found a kitten in the storm drain on Tuesday evening her eye was matted closed and the other one crusted we took her in and I got some goats milk and called the emergency vet to see what I could do for the eyes overnight. She told me to clean with saline and a cotton ball. We were able to get her into the vet yesterday…[Read more]

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    I have 2 cats. Kitty is 13ish (she’s a rescue my fiancĂ© got her 12-13 years ago) our second cat is Alice and she’s a year and a half. We just had her 6 month check and she weighs 15.3 lbs!! The dr says she needs to loose weight but I need help coming up with additional ideas.
    This is what we already do and have always done.
    I measure out the…[Read more]

  • Glad everything is working out. As far as I know yes she probably has worms. The vet will give her a dewormer which I believe my kitten got 3 times just to ensure there were no worms. I found that the vets office is really expensive but when I checked Petsmart’s vet Banfield they have an awesome kitten program that covers 2 full exams free…[Read more]

  • So I never thought that this would be a problem but my cats hate fish oil on their food. I had tried a few months back because I have a senior cat that was hobbling around. The refuse to eat their dry food that they love if the oil is on it. And at that time they refused to eat the wet food with it as well so I gave up and found some treats that…[Read more]

  • i second the tape idea…both my kitten and senior cat were both tearing up one couch and as soon as we put the tape up they stapped right away.

  • So back at Easter we found a kitten that had been abandoned by his mother and took him in and loved him for a month until he went to the meadow. about a week before we lost sunshine my BF was in the backyard doing lawn work and he came and got me, he had found more kittens but this time they were with their mother. They looked to be 6-8 weeks…[Read more]

  • adorable!

  • I introduced my senior cat Kitty to baby Alice pretty easily. I Got alice at 7 weeks old and Kitty is 12 so i was worried that she wouldn’t like having this baby around bc she’s always been an “only child” so when i brought alice home i let kitty smell the carrier that alice was in and then i let alice out, Kitty growled a little and then walked…[Read more]

  • My baby alice is almost 6 months old. She has not been fixed yet (going to vet tomorrow to get final shots and set appointment) She is an indoor baby along with her 12 yr old sister. We have a number of feral cats outside that are about the same age as my baby alice. during the last 2 months the feral cats are getting braver and braver and…[Read more]

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    i’ve only rescued 1 abandoned kitten and he made it a month before he just couldn’t go on. He was my baby and even though it was back in may when he passed i still think about him often. We got another kitten after sunshine passed named Alice, she was 7 weeks old at the time and now she is almost 6 months old. Having Alice helped me to move on…[Read more]

  • Back in April we found an abandoned kitten that became my baby and I started researching various cat foods based on nutrients and reviews. It’s been a while so I don’t remember where I got all my info but based on my research I realized that the meow mix we were feeding our senior cat was corn based. So we slowly switched her to one of the blue…[Read more]

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