• hey, we have a growing population of outside cats that we are trying to get under control. i haven’t been able to get them all to the vet yet and another one had kittens. I have taken in a lot of kittens from this colony and tried to hand rear a few from days 2 or 3 of their lives (unfortunately they weren’t strong enough to make it but they…[Read more]

  • Melissa replied to the topic sleep in kittens eye in the forum Cats & Kittens 8 months ago

    it sounds like the feline herpes like my cats have. they may need eye drops but they really need l-lysine. this comes as a powder that you add to a little bit of wet food. We bought the lysine at the vet last year for almost $50. when i needed more this year for our 4 rescued kittens i bought it on amazon for $23. it is the same brand and…[Read more]

  • is mamma eating? i’ve always heard to feed nursing mom’s kitten food so that she has enough energy to feed the kits maybe that will help mom. also get some goats milk for the kits as you start weaning them to mix with the wet food and it’s something mom will like. it has natural lysine which if it is an upper respitory infection will help treat…[Read more]

  • Melissa replied to the topic newborn kitten eyes in the forum Cats & Kittens 8 months ago

    update, dora is doing fantastic. her eyes were a little red and i happened to be taking my 1yr old cat to the vet for a check up and i took the baby with me and the vet had’t heard of a kit opening eyes so early but agreed with me that since she still has an umbilical cord i’m most likely correct on the age (5 days today) for her red eyes the vet…[Read more]

  • thank, this isn’t my first time hand rearing so we do use the goats milk (even for the ferals outside). this colony is known to have feline herpes so all the outside cats are treated with powdered lysine and goats milk which i know has the natural lysine. she actually pooped a couple hours ago it was the orangey yellow poop that i know they have…[Read more]

  • hey all. we found 2 abandoned newborn kittens tuesday and after almost 12 hours of waiting for mom to come back i finally stepped in and brought them inside. they both still have umbillical cords attached their cries hadn’t been answered and they were getting extremely weak. both had flies on them and i couldn’t leave them to die all alone. I…[Read more]

  • Hey. My youngest cat Stormy is a year old and has the URI feline herpes. And the kittens we are fostering from the same outside colony have it as well. I’ve found that l-lysine works awesome. You can get it at the vet but I found the exact same brand and dosage on amazon. Once we got stormy cleared up past year she hasn’t had a flare up since. We…[Read more]

  • Hey. I know that it’s hard to loose the babies they grow so close to our hearts so quickly. When I lost my first rescue 3 years ago someone on here told me something that really helped. I don’t remember who said it but they told me that even though the kitten didn’t make it I made their life better for the short time they were here with us. That…[Read more]

  • I got to pet one of the kittens! i also had eyes on all 6 kittens! i normally only see 4 of the kittens regularly, well at least i think it’s the same 4 usually. i usually only see 2 calico’s and 2 black and fluffy kittens. 3 are the fluffy black and 1 of the calico’s is the runt and reminds me of gus gus from cinderella except calico not gray.…[Read more]

  • thanks guys
    i have sent an email to the local humane society and am waiting on a response. i will look into alley cats today. i keep ya’ll updated

  • I need some advice/help on a situation. I’m hoping that if you can’t help you can point me in the right direction.
    We have 5 adult cats and 6 kittens living in our backyard. We adopted one of the kittens from this family of cats last year after the neighbors rescued her from the storm drain. When we rescued our cat she was diagnosed with fel…[Read more]

  • We adopted our kitten after she fell in the storm drain last year. her parents are the feral cats in the backyard. there are 5 or 6 feral cats out there that spend their life in our neighborhood. there are 3 cats that look identical to our kitten and one of them especially likes to come to our back glass door and sit there and try to get in to…[Read more]

  • I had a newborn kitten a couple years ago that I did have to bathe a couple times. I found kitten shampoo at the pet store.
    As for where to keep them. I kept my newborn in a plastic shoe box at first then in a large cardboard box lined with towels. I washed them frequently in hot water with fragrance free detergent. I kept everything in my…[Read more]

  • Hey. I’m wondering what kind of treats can I give my senior cats that was just diagnosed with early kidney disease? I bought all kinds of treats for my cats for Christmas before she was diagnosed and I feel bad giving them treats when I can’t give kitty any. Ideas would be great

  • Hey. Our 14yo cat Kitty was diagnosed with kidney disease today. The dr says we caught it really early. They do blood work twice a year and then again before her dental cleaning (it’s a package deal that I pay a little each month for her wellness program). We took her in for her dental cleaning today and they found the kidney disease. No…[Read more]

  • So this morning we noticed that one of the 3 cats had the runs. Well 2 cats had vet appts so right Now there is only 1 cat in the house. She eats blue buffalo and overnight she ate nothing bc the other 2 couldn’t eats bc of Anastasia this morning. Is there anything natural that I can give her to settle her stomach ?

  • My baby is stormy she was found mid August in a storm drain with goopy eyes and underweight. With some lysine, antibiotic eye drops and a good grain free diet she is a very healthy active kitten. The vet wants to wait until the beginning of December to spay her she will be 5 months for sure by then.
    Well here’s the first question…she’s been…[Read more]

  • Hey I also rescued a newborn kitten a couple years ago and the experts on this site are really helpful. Some things I learned is that the goats milk is the best for them especially if they have tummy trouble. It also has natural lysine which can help with upper respiratory infections.
    My kit only pooped every 1-3 days at that age. I know that you…[Read more]

  • Melissa replied to the topic Kitten won't poop! in the forum General Chat 1 year, 7 months ago

    The goats milk is awesome. It helps and was the first thing I turned to when we rescued our baby in August

  • Melissa replied to the topic L lysine in the forum Cats & Kittens 1 year, 7 months ago

    First thank you both and her name is stormy. She was rescued from a storm drain in August.
    I tried mixing it with the goats milk as well as the fish oil. She doesn’t like the fish oil and she has to be in the mood for the goats milk. But I bought some other brands of grain free wet foods and she’s finally eating it without took muck coaxing. I…[Read more]

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