• So I moved to out of home a few months ago and left my cat at my parents’ house. He’s an outdoors cat, but he’s vaccinated and neutered. He’s 4 years old. I’m planning on taking him in, so we will have him tested for fiv and leukemia, but I read that once a cat is exposed, it takes up to three months for the virus to show up. And I’m worried that…[Read more]

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    Hi! Thanks for saving those babies!

    I haven’t ever had a similar experience, so I can’t really help you, but I would highly suggest calling a vet and explaining to them exactly what happened, they will certainly be able to tell you exactly what might have happened and what you should do.

    How old are they? Are you tube feeding them? If he sneezed…[Read more]

  • Do NOT add oil to the kitten’s milk!!! If he vomits and aspirates, it could get into his lungs, which is very dangerous! This is not very common, but better be safe than sorry 😉 Plus, if you give him too much oil, it could turn into diarrhea and cause dehydration, which can be fatal especially at that age.

    If the kitten has been constipated for…[Read more]

  • It’s okay for kittens to want to sleep a lot. At that age all they really do is sleep, eat and pee& poop. Sleeping doesn’t mean she’s lethargic! If she walks around, mews and stuff while she’s awake, then I’d say there’s nothing to worry about! Keep in mind that just because it seems like she wants to sleep doesn’t mean you should skip feedings!!…[Read more]

  • She pooped a while ago!! The lactulose syrup I’ve been giving her obviously did its job! I guess I wasn’t patient enough and was worrying too much.. So glad she’s okay 😀

  • I know, that’s exactly what I’m doing! I rub her butt (not just her tummy) before and after every feeding, sometimes even inbetween feedings. I just gave her the deworming paste. I think she could have an intestinal parasite and that’s why she seems to be hungry all the time! I’ll take her to the vet again tomorrow to see what else we can do.…[Read more]

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    I adopted two kittens about a week ago, one of them didn’t make it. His sister is now 4 weeks old and has been struggling with constipation for a few days. I have literally done everything. I stimulate her everytime she eats for two minutes or more by rubbing her belly and genitals with a soft cottonball & some warm…[Read more]

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