Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

  • Please join me to meet and greet our newest Star Kit, Keller. She is a 16 week old Blue Mitted Ragdoll from Waterdown, Ontario.

    Keller is the new love of my life. His name means “little companion”. I j […]

  • Please join me to meet and greet our latest Star Kit, Cottontail. She is 5 years old from England.

    Cottontail likes to get dressed up. She went in the drawers searching for clothes then put some stuff on!!!

  • Please give a huge TDK welcome to our newest Star Kit, Daisy. She is a 3 year old Ragdoll from Burlington, Wyoming.

    We adopted her when she was about 15 weeks old.

  • Allow me to introduce you to our newest Star Kit, Truffle. She is approximately 9-10 years old from Ohio.

    My grandmother discovered Truffle in the parking lot of a restaurant, fed her for several weeks, […]

    • Truffle is beautiful!

    • Truffle is beautiful!

    • Truffle is beautiful and from what I can tell she’s a Tabby.

    • Thank you so much for saving an older cat! Dear lady.

    • She’s a beauty! i’m so glad that she is safe and loved.

    • I have one that was found in a restaurant parking lot. She’s about 3 years old but will only come out when I am home alone. However, she really trusts me since I can pat her any place on her body and she loves it. Strays are the best kind. I have 3.

    • Pounce!

      I’m so glad that Miss Truffle was saved and now lives in a safety and surrounded by love! Silver tabbies rule! 😉

    • Oh HI Truffle! You are a beauty in your silver and gray…and you look a lot like my Pudge Ellen who has crossed over to the bridge now. She was all round with soft edges like you. So glad you have finally found your forever home!

    • Truffle, you are a beautiful mature lady. I’m so glad that you found a human who appreciates you and will keep you in the manner to which you hope to become accustomed. And yes, rescue cats do understand that they have been rescued, and are grateful.

    • Your grandmother is a star for putting in so much effort and love, so that she could bring Truffle into her home to be safe and loved.

  • Please give a huge welcome to our Caturday Star Kit, Barbarossa. He is a 4 month old Orange Tabby from Iowa.

    I recently adopted Barbarossa (Bo) and he is extremely shy. I have him in my bedroom with food, […]

    • I have a cat named Blu—rescued from a parking lot who still refuses to come out when anyone is in the house with me. However she is fine with me–lets me comb her and pat her all over her body. Have had her 3 years now. Good luck!

    • Pounce! What a pretty baby! I have a cat named Misty too! Little Bo will slowly learn that you are to be trusted. I hope you have many happy years with both Misty and Bo!

    • Mr. Bo is handsome Orangie. I love Orangies! My gang do the same thing-someone comes in the house and boom! no cats to be found. After 4 years, the Matriarch still doesn’t like her younger siblings. I would like for her to get along-maybe she will, maybe she won’t

    • What a sweet face.

    • Awww, I have an orange tabby named Ollie that although is shy is also a giant love sponge in the right atmosphere. Adorable kit, hope you have much cuddles and purrs soon

    • Sweet little Barbarossa – take your time, watch and listen carefully and you will find that your purrson has created a safe place for you.

    • Handsome Barbarossa – purrhaps named after Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa? Meaning “red beard”.

  • Please give a warm and furry welcome to today’s Star Kit, Whiskers! He is a 1 and a half year old Long Haired Tabby from Saskatchewan.

    Whiskers was a birthday present to me from my brother. I instantly […]

  • Please allow me to introduce you all to our latest Star Kit, Tinto. He is 9 weeks old from Ratho, Scotland.

    Tinto came to live with us on the 10th January after his first few weeks with his 3 brothers and […]

  • Please give a huge TDK welcome to our latest Star Kit, Simba. He is a 1 year old Tuxedo from Istanbul, Turkey.

    He is the bringer of cuteness into our home, which is why he is the future King.

  • Please join me in greeting our Caturday Star Kit, Capone. He is 9 weeks old from Eagle River, Wisconsin.

    We adopted this little guy after having to put down our previous cat after a long battle with […]

    • Pounce!

    • First pounce in a long time. Capone looks much to sweet to ever get into any trouble 🙂
      Thanks for adopting him and hope you have a long happy time together.

    • What a sweet little orangey! He looks like my Maxwell, a very muted color of orange with a sweet disposition to match. So sorry for you losing your cat to cancer. Here’s to hoping Capone can help your aching heart and create memories of his own!

    • Wee Capone is a cutie and has quite the gangster look in the first picture! He’s a floffy guy who found his furever home.

      I’m sorry about your older cat but I bet he sent you to Capone.

    • He is just beautiful and look at that little fat tummy he is so sweet love him lots

    • Hope that handsome orangie Mr. Capone lets you use the remote from time to time! Does he wear silk undershorts as allegedly the hoomin Al Capone did? 😉

    • Capone, you are simply beautiful! And I bet you are a champion standover cat already.

    • Capone looks like an adorable little dilute red munchkin. What a sweetie! Please enjoy each other for a long time.

    • Capone is a handsome little mancat!

    • Woo Hoo…Purrfect ~ direct from Up North Weesconsin!
      COA Orangie as Capone from Eagle River WI!

  • Please give a huge welcome to our newest Star Kit, Willow Stu. She is 4 months old from Muskegon, MI.

    We adopted her from a shelter. The whole family fell in love with her instantly.

    • Pounce! Oh my! What a pretty girl she is, lovely tiger stripes!

    • Willow Stu, you are beautiful! And being a kit, I’m sure you know it. I can see why your family fell in love with you.

    • You have cutest face Miss Willow Stu. It’s no wonder your family has fallen love with you.

    • I have a big chubby boy cat named Willow Moon…he’s a tuxie. Your girl is a beauty! I hope she brings as much happiness and as many cuddles to you as my Willow has brought to me! Happy life!

    • Miss Willow Moon is a beautiful elegant silvery tabby. My silver tabby Dorian Gray esq, concurs that tabbies rock!

    • Awww… She is simply adorable!! I love the way she’s looking at the camera with her head a bit sideways!

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  • Please join me to greet our newest Star Kit, Casper. He is a 4 month old Bengal from Bend, Oregon.

    Our first attempt to grow our own catnip, apparently someone likes it a little too much.

    • Pounce! Casper has great markings! He sure does like his catnip!

    • Mr. Casper has purrfect tabby markings! Now why can’t I find a plant with a kitty growing in it? 😉

    • Awww! He looks adorable snoozing in that catnip plant!
      Also, maybe I should grow catnip…

    • Casper, you are a cutie! Catnip – catnap – whatever!

    • Casper has amazing head marking in the first pic. looks like a snake. If you want to grow catnip in a pot place a wire hanging plant cage upside down over top. Any leaves that poke out are fair game and the cat can’t over indulge or lie on it.

    • Wee Casper is too cute in his stash. Thanks for rescuing him.

    • Darling photo of Casper. And this is exactly why I don’t grow catnip indoors. My furballs have to wait for spring each year. I pick the wild catnip and dry it for them to have later although they do get fresh when it’s harvested.

  • Please give a warm welcome to our latest Star Kit, Timid. He is 9 weeks old from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    I’m not really sure if my kitten really has a story yet. He’s only 9 weeks old. We (my boyfriend and […]

    • Pounce!!!

    • Spook is darling & I’m sure you’ll get good advice here.

    • Come into the cafe’ and there are plenty of us who can help address your issues. Your little Timid is adorable and bless you for adopting!

    • I am not an expert on cats, but I have a thought that I’d toss out here, maybe others can agree or disagree: If I were in that situation I’d give each cat his/her own room, preferably with a door shared between them. I’d get a toy, and let Timid play with it for a bit, then let Spook play with it for a bit… maybe alternate who plays with it.

      My thought on both these ideas are to get Spook used to Timid’s scent. Maybe get Timid to lie down at the base of that common door and bring Spook to smell that. If he can get used to that scent being around, he’s more likely to accept Timid. Of course, Timid should also get used to Spook’s scent too, but that’s not quite as important because he’s not aggressive toward Spook.

      Best of luck!

    • Timid has an adorable wee face and such a pensive look.

    • Timid is one suave looking kit! Big blue eyes and big ears to grow into! Hope that he and Spook become friends soon.

    • Timid is a little darling – I can see why you fell for those baby blue eyes. Spook is still a baby too, and will be very confused by this new addition to your family. Give him heaps of loving and attention – don’t shout at him when he’s a jerk, just move him away and tell him you love him. Make sure the two of them can sniff noses etc. when you are there to supervise so they can get used to each other. If Timid really is timid he may have had a hard start to life, so you’ll need to make sure he has a safe retreat avoid loud noises. You don’t say anything about Spook’s background – if he had a hard start too he’ll be needing extra care and encouragement.

    • Little Timid is adorable. First off, as a cat person my whole life, cats are territorial when they are raised by themselves and introducing new family members takes a little time and patience. They are not as bad as dogs when it comes to a pecking order but they do show dominance. Give them play time with each other every day. Make sure that it is supervised. Even if Spook seems to be a bit rough with Timid at first, it is that dominance thing showing up. Make sure that Timid is not being hurt but you will have to allow them to sort it all out. Eventually it will be fine and they will be best of buddies. With 2 males, it is a bit harder than with 2 females or one of each. They are at a good age to begin solicalization so just be patient. Reassure Timid that you are there to protect him if he needs you. You may even see that they will both bid for time with you once they get accustom to each other. Good luck and 2 cats are always better then one.

    • Such a sweet face, he will just need time and patience.

    • Timid is adorable! I agree, scent-swapping is a way for them to get to know each other.
      Good luck!

  • Please give a huge TDK paws up to our Star Kit for today, TC. He is 5 months old from NYC.

    Just before midnight on Thanksgiving night I was crossing a 6 lane parkway and I noticed something moving to my […]

    • Pounce! I’m so glad that you found little TC. He’s just adorable and it’s not uncommon for a little kitten to turn anyone into a cat lover.

    • We are put in particular places for a reason. TC must have been waiting there just for you. Enjoy … cats are wonderful. Many, many happy years for you.

    • I’m so glad you and TC found each other! He needed a human, and you obviously needed a cat. I wish you many happy years together. I once had a stripy TC in my life – he’d had a human named T who didn’t really care for him so we took him in and were rewarded with 18 years of devoted love.

    • I’m so glad that you were there just when wee TC needed you most – you are a lifesaver! Didn’t take long for such a cutie to win you over! Welcome to the wonderful world of cat lovers! 😉

    • The powers that be, know better than us what we need. I’m glad you and TC are together and thanks for rescuing him.

    • Fate had somewhere for you to be that night and the rest is history. Thank you for rescuing TC.
      TC is such a sweet wee kit and I bet he is a snuggler. He has you wrapped around his little claw and that is a lovely place to be.

    • TC is adorable. Enjoy your fur baby and I hope you two have many years of happiness together.

    • TC is such a precious baby! I’m glad you were there to save him. He will thank you forever!

    • Thank you So MUCH for taking TC into your life. Ya he’s a handful right now but I promise you that he will bring you years of enjoyment. He is the cutest little boy. There is a kitten that is a stray where I live. I named him precious.. I don’t have a licesence for an emotional support animal but we let him in for a couple of hours every night. We get TONS of snuggles.

  • It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to our Star Kit, Simon. He is an 8 week old Ragdoll form Brooklyn, Ohio.

    My kitten Simon is a very happy little guy he was bought in the Pound and we got […]

  • Please join to meet and greet our latest Star Kit, Tribble. She is A 5 year old DSH from Stillwater, OK.

    If you ever wanted the purrfect cat, imagining all the features that would make a cat purrfect, […]

    • Pounce!

    • What a wonderful story of Miss Tribble’s rescue! And how auspcious as today is “Extraterrestrial Abductiond Day” cf “Star Trek” reference.

      She is indeed a gorgeous noir kitty! 🙂

    • Typo – Abductions.

    • Love the story and she is such a beautiful black cat! Sleek and silky and so lucky to have found the perfect home–thank you for saving her life!

    • Miss Tribble not only has a wonderful story, she has the best meowmy to tell it. She is a gorgeous Noir girl.

      Thank you for rescuing her and her other sibs.

    • Tribble, you are the most beautiful, beautiful lady! So glad you found the right purrson to take you home.

    • She’s a beautiful ladycat! I’m so glad that you were patient in earning her trust.

    • Oh the troubles with Tribbles!!! Nice story and great save. My husband rescued a pure black cat in a parking lot too. She was abused by people going in and out of the store (kicking at her). She, too, was a gentle soul (RIP).

    • Tribble is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing her story.

  • Please join me to say hello to our newest Star Kit, Vincent. He is 12 weeks old form England

    I lost my Son 11 years ago and have been locked up with a frozen heart not wanting to get close to anyone for […]

    • Pounce!

    • So very sorry for your loss.

      Mr. Vince is a very handsome tabby guy with the sweetest expurression!

    • Welcome Vincent. You are so cute. Smart I’m sure to. Hope to see more of you. Wishing you the best.

    • I’m sorry your son is gone. Wee Vincent knew you needed a loving, purry friend to open your heart.

    • How wonderful to find love again!

    • Wee Vincent has a face that would melt any heart. I’m so glad he found his way into yours.

    • I’m very sorry about your son, not only for the sadness but because it feels so wrong.

      But cats are wonderful healers. I really don’t know I’d get along without my wee loving Livia – a young adult, but very small. Vincent has a lovely, wise expression. Tell each other your stories.

    • Vincent is a handsome boy. Cats are wonderful healers. Bless you.

  • Please give a huge Caturday welcome to our newest Star Kit, Furz. She is a 2 and a half year old DSH from Fort Worth, Texas.

    We had just lost our tuxedo cat, Fuzz when I found Furz on our city’s website. […]

    • Pounce! Furz is a delight – so glad she has a good home with trees to climb and people to snuggle.

    • Your boy Fuzz knew you needed a kit around so he sent you Miss Furz. I’m so glad you took a chance on her and now have a happy loving home.

    • Proves that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”! 😉 Miss Furz is a beautifully “well dressed” tuxie grrrl!

    • Ms Furz is a beauty. That first picture of her should be on a calendar!

    • Pretty Tuxie ladycat!

  • Please join me to give a big TDK welcome to today’s Star Kit, Simco. He is a 2 month old Felix from Saskatchewan, Canada.

    The mom cat just had one kitten, which is really surprising. So one night we heard […]

  • Please put your paws in the air and wave hello to our Star Kit pair, Alley Cat and Flea. They are 7 years old from Billings, Montana.

    Alley Cat (Russian Blue) was our first pet. Flea (Orange Tabby) our […]

    • Pounce!

    • Alley and Flea look so loving together! So glad that with Alley by her side Flea made it. Of course also due to your care! Sounds like you have an awesome crew! Rescuers like you are awesome! 🙂

    • This is a heart wrenching story, but so true with rescues. Thank goodness you were there to give them homes and Alley to nurse them back to health! Rescuers ROCK!

    • Alley is such devoted friend to those around her. So glad she could be there for Flea to help you save him. Many happy years with all your fur kids:)

    • Alley is a precious, precious cat indeed, and a true friend to Flea and the rest of her family.

    • Such a heart warming story. Give Alley a big warm hug from me. She is a special kitty.

    • Miss Alley is, indeed, a loving, caring kit. I’m glad she kept vigil by Flea and her other fellow rescues. Thanks for rescuing – you’re the best.

    • What a loving pair of kitties, I’m glad they have each other.

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