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    Hello! This post is gonna be a little long cause I’ll be adding some background. 🙂 Since the 29th of July I’ve had this kitten. I have feral cats around where I live and I’m guessing mom left him behind. When I found him he had one eye partially open and was crying, dirty and very hungry. I’m 16 so I wasn’t sure if I’d actually be able to care for him, but when I picked him up he stopped crying and purred softly. So I was pretty much in love at that point. XD Now he’s my problem (well one) I think he’s about 2 or 3 weeks and he has a suckling problem. If he isn’t sucking on some part of my hand he will cry and cry until I give in. I tried taking the nipple from his bottle and letting him suck that (I seal it so he isn’t drinking air) but he doesn’t take to it. I’m not sure what to do, any suggestions would be great. Thanks for reading!



    Lots of times you can put a stuffed animal in their nest and they will suck on that. Fleece is another thing that kittens love to knead and suck on, you just have to make sure that anything you place in their nest doesn’t end up in their tummy. The stuffy fur and the fleece are usually ok, just make sure that it’s firmly attached and doesn’t come off when you pull on it.

    I will post a couple of links that might come in handy for you in raising you kit. Good luck and keep us posted!

    Bottle Babies



    This happened a bit with my Calliope. I got a pack of mini fleece blankets for her to snuggle with and burrow in.

    Walmart sometimes carries large cheap fleece blankets too.


    Karla O”Hara

    I rescued a kotten at 2 months old. She’s now 5 months pld and she still has a suckling problem too. It usually emans that they’ve been seperated form their mom too early. I have 2 other rescued cats and she has started to suck on their nipples (and they let her too haha!) I’ve read that it will eventually go away, but sometimes even fill grown cats still have the habit. It really depends on your kitten I guess. But for now, you can give her a stuffed animal (stuffing a ticking clock in it helps too, it mimics their moms heartbeat, making then calmer).

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