Why does my cat rub his head on me?

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    Hi! This is my first post but I’ve been looking around this site for a while. I have a 2 1/2 month old kitten and last night he started to lay on my chest and almost “Burrow” under my chin. He was kneading his paws on my chest and pushing forward to my face. Then he’d try and nibble at my nose. It went on for about an hour straight, purrs as loud as could be. I just wanted to know why he’d do that? I would figure it was a cuddling good thing but this is the first time it’s happened and just wanted to hear some feed back.



    He has scent glands in his cheeks. He’s marking his property, you, as “his”! Perhaps to tell other kittehs that you are taken! Welcome to TDK. The kneading indicates he’s comfortable, much as he would be pressed up to his mama’s side.



    Yeay! That definitely makes me happy. This is my first cat, I’ve always been a dog person 🙂 I got my kitten, which I named Rhyuss, In hopes he and my lab/rot mix (Rosco) would get along. ( I thought they would because I also have a rabbit and she runs all over my dog no problem, poor guy) Now Rhyus uses Rosco’s tail as his favorite toy, and they sleep together! 😀 Also had no idea that a cat would be so easy! I only have to remind my new baby that fingers are not toys every now and again.



    Welcome to TDK Ashnight, it’s so wonderful when your cat snuggles in and adopts you as their property.



    That is sweet. Maybe he was taken away from mama too soon too. Both of my cats rub their faces on my chin also, when they get all snuggly. Isn’t it wonderful?



    Just watch out for when you are in the bathroom doing your business and they either A – curl up in your underwear; or B – hop up in your lap and decide this is the PERFECT cuddle time because you’re not going anywhere anyway.




    Haha That made me laugh. He’s in my lap right now 😀 Thanks for the feedback 😀


    Ken kawasaki

    Hahaha my 3 months old kitten do the same for me… first he got toothache then after that he rubs his head on my face for hours every time he see me lying down or when i sit on my bed hahaha the odd thing is he only eats when i am the one serving it… but does not when my girl gives the food

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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