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    Hi! My kitten Mowgli doesn’t seem all that responsive to the kitten treats i’ve been giving him. What are the kitten treats that you feed your little kitten? (Mind you, I live in USA, but depending on the price would be willing to buy online)



    Missy, every cat has different tastes and some cats are just plain fussy. I have found that Greenies treats go down very well and also one called Temptations(in NZ) but also available in the US but I’m not sure what they are called there.

    Some cats are fish fiends when it comes to treats and others turn their noses up at fish so it will be a matter of trial to see what your cat likes the most.



    still temptations Ms! i feed mine the friskies crunchy mixes, the purina crunchy and soft moist, greenies and pounce ones my babies love variety



    We use Temptations because they are available at every store and a good price. The ingredients include things I would not feed them in their main meal (corn, wheat etc…) but we use them sparingly so I’m ok with that. Mine all love them. (They did not respond at all to Pounce treats though.)



    ….. my girls’ favorite treats are the Whiskas Soft Moist treats……. poultry flavor is their choice!



    This is a question I have been wondering about myself because I have an older kitty who loovesss temptations and friskies crunchy treats, but I also just recently got a kitten who I would like to give treats to as well. Unfortunately, all treat pouches I have looked at so far say “for adult cats one and up.” Does anyone know of any treats for kittens?



    I’ve always had good luck with pounce treats. All three of my cats love them. They’re semisoft so they’re easy to chew. Ulcihka I’ve given my kitten pounce and she seems none the worse for the wear. Nothing in any of the treats should hurt a kitten and they’re treats so they’re meant to be given spairingly anyway. I don’t worry as much about that on treats as I do on food personally, though others may feel differently.



    Greenies & now a new vitamin supplement?forgot name as soft chewy 1 treat per day!



    our kittens really prefer the raw meat treats. you can really tell they’re carnivores!



    Kitten treats? Well lets see. Fingers, Toes, Human hair…………Oh and lets not forget the ear lobes and eyebrowns!…………..what? not what you were looking for? LOL, just a joke! hehehehehehe

    Kitten treats………thats funny!


    When we were babies, we liked a teeny piece of cheese, until we found out about mice..lol



    3 out of 4 of my cats love The Goodlife Recipe, Catnip Delights.

    (That sounded like a commercial for Trident gum, didn’t it?)


    2 Popoki

    My kitties get Wild Cravings by Evo.



    Thanks everyone! Love ur inputs!!!



    My cats are weird and don’t actually like any kind of cat treats. They like tuna, though!


    KYKAT 12 23

    When mine were little, I would give them a little bit of Kitten Milk replacer (KMR) in a saucer as their treat and they loved it! Later would give them Catsip. Now a days the love Temptations, feline greenies and the water from tuna fish. Somehow Thierry can read my mind and know when I have pulled a can of tuna out of the cupboard. He knows before I open the can that tuna juice is coming his way.



    How can my 6 month kitten has tartar buildup?I has one adult cat that has tartar and gingivitis.So give them bottle tropiclean water additive in their water fountain.I has about half bottle of tropiclean not used.I also feed my kitten 3 greenies treat .I not feed treat to my kitten everyday .I think i had done big mistake.




    Tartar and gingivitis aren’t necessarily related to diet. Which makes it possible for any cat at any age to get tartar and gingivitis. Sometimes, the food can help but it won’t remove the buildup. The build up can only be removed by a veterinarian. If it gets any worse, your kits will get further infections and may lose their teeth.

    I’m not sure what to make of your not feeding them regularly but really they need food daily.


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