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    Well, it looks like summer is over in the no hem, though it seems the memo didn’t get to AV’s neck of the woods. In about two weeks the trees will show off their vibrant colors before transitioning to their winter look here in Jersey.

    Of course, TDK land appeals to all, so a festive weekend-long celebration will accommodate any and every season you’re in the mood for. Young flowers point their heads to the spring sun; you can admire them and not worry about allergies! The patio offers lounge chairs and a view of the beach, and a family of tabby cats has already set up a picnic by the water! The hills on the fall side are dotted with bright red, orange and yellow leaves among the green backdrop of the forest. The meadow and mountains are getting a fresh blanket of gentle snow. Although the Snowshoe and Maine Coon kitties are having a blast building snow forts and skating on the frozen pond, purrhaps you would prefer to gaze at the winter beauty from a cozy spot by the fire in the huge stone fireplace. Panther kitties are poking at it, part playing and part keeping the fire going!

    The kitten room is getting active, as the babies wake up and are getting their baths from the mamas. (“Aw ma!”) Dads know better, they’ve made themselves scarce and are out helping with the grills and getting toys and games together for the day’s activities.

    Chef kitties are making a wide variety of seasonal goodies. I’ve just ordered some scrambled eggs with Taylor ham, with a glass of pineapple juice, yum! What are you having?




    Morning JJ! …. No, Florida didn’t get the ‘cool down’ memo 🙁

    Watching the premier of the new Hells’ Kitchen, one of my fav shows ….. the Cafe looks wonderful, and I just made myself a suvied omelette …. I think I’ll grab my book and sit on the patio and enjoy the purrfect temps that is always in TDK land ….. hope everyone is having a great day!



    Good morning all although there isn’t really anything good about our morning. It is raining yet again and we have a forecast of heavy rain and possible thunderstorms with strong winds. 🙁 🙁
    Enough rain ! ! quack !
    JJ, it’s never easy saying good bye to a pleasant season especially when you know that it’s all cold and wet weather ahead. I just wish our summer would hurry up and arrive, the temperature has dropped a few degrees and we will have a fire this evening no doubt.
    We have the cherry trees here in my area in beautiful bloom and cherry bloom festivals are happening and Japanese tourists are taking pictures to send home. Also the beautiful native yellow Kowhai trees are blooming and are full of native Tui birds hanging upside down to get the nectar and singing up a glorious song.
    As for the TDK Cafe, I will be on the patio for a while and then in a spot close to the fire in the huge stone fireplace once I have filled my plate at the kitchen. Thank you chef kitties for the wonderful spread.
    Waving to AV, you poor thing having to suffer in that heat. 😉
    Yay, Mr MS is home early, too wet to work outside. That fire may be closer than this evening now. 😀
    HRH has given up sitting outside watching raindrops fall and is inside bathing on a chair in preparation for an afternoon hibernating.



    JJ, the images that you paint with words is as always awesome!
    MS, the pics beautifully compliment the imagery!

    I think that I will try out efurry season, but ultimately will prob end up cozily knitting by the fire, with amenable kits close by!

    Supposed to get warmer again next wk – 25C – I’m glad that all my “looks’ are easily accessible! 😉

    Tomorrow after gym heading downtown to see Tenant’s Advocate peeps and discern where I stand re rental increase, even though bottom line I’ll agree as I do not plan to move, I do want to know where I stand prior to at least some attempt at negotiation.



    I agree with everything KJ says, about JJ’s imagery in the cafe and MS’ pics to go with AND I will take a seat by the fire also, and I have a chill and my nose is cold and I can’t get warm!! Now, I’m not complaining, because I love cooler weather but I need a fuzzy throw at the moment and there isn’t one close! 😉

    I have been AWOL today, but busy with older dau and granddaughters. Fun girl day. Well, Mr. KZ has returned from the fields so I will see you all tomorrow!



    KJ, refusing a rent increase is NOT breaking a lease, and I’m sure you are a good tenant, so they’ll want to keep you. At worst it could go to the Rental Board.

    I’d actually been shivering, doing the chores, as the weather went from extremely hot for the season to quite chilly in the early morning, because I’d been ill in bed with an infection and spent days without eating (no appetite, not no food). Alas I had to throw some food out as it is no time to take a chance on things that might be a bit off. Drinking lots of water. I’ve eaten a bit since then, but still very low appetite.

    Cuddling with Livia



    Beautiful Sunday here, just past morning I see….that must be why the cats are hovering….it’s time for their lunch, they think. You could probably do without clocks in the house if you have cats. They will tell you what time it is by their tummies! 😀

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day and hope it’s lazy!



    Beautiful day here in Jersey too. Leela is very good at telling time; if not for her no one would be fed, according to her, of course!

    Went to a wedding yesterday. I don’t remember the last one I attended. They had disposable cameras on the table, which are now considered retro. I was married before it was the new popular thing! The party favors were Hershey’s chocolate bars, yum! It was refreshing to see a wedding & reception at an American Legion hall. These days many people have theirs at fancy golf clubs or resorts. For a fraction of the price, a couple can have just as good of a party.



    Happy Sunday afternoon all! …. just got back from a nice walk to the neighborhood ‘strip’ (shops, pubs, restaurants etc) … it’s about 1/4 mile from where we live, so we stroll down there a lot on the weekends …. often they have a sidewalk art show (today), or a music fest, or a vendor stall/farmers’ market ….. it’s fun, and we get some exercise!

    MS, I’m going to become a soccer fan, let me know what team you root for and I’ll root with you …. American sports have become a nightmare, and I just can’t watch them anymore!

    So now that I’m feeding 4 mouths, I’ve switched to the large cans of wet food, and boy oh boy what a difference! …. I popped the first can of tuna, and phew!! ….. stinky tuna!!! …. for whatever reason, the small ff cans never smelled, but the brands that make the large cans have a VERY strong odor! …. funny thing is, the cats LOVE it!! …. especially Caddy and Venus – they are all about ‘stinky tuna’ or nothing! LOL …. Abby and Lu aren’t so picky on flavors, but they like it too …. so I guess it’s ‘stinky tuna’ from now on!



    JJ, did you catch the bouquet? Hehehe! Guess you were not in the group clamouring for the flowers, seeing as you’re already married. 😉 Do they still throw the bouquet? I didn’t.

    Summer not quite over in my n’hood as yet. 24C Tues/29C Wed (feels like factor). Back out comes Summer stuff and tights get ditched!

    So I got to the Tenant’s Advocacy person, only to find out that the one doc he needs I do not have! It’s the one with my landlord’s calculations justifying rent increase. Numbers are the only thing that actually matter. So I have to get it and go back next Sun.

    And as things go, this would be the day that my way old printer died or so it seems. Meaning no option but to finally get a new laptop and printer as nothing is compatible with my 11-yr old laptop. Got good advice from ‘puter support peeps and think I know what I’ll go for. And found compatible printer online at Walmart. Emailed landlord asking him to fax docs to business centre nearby and I can pick them up. In purrfect world he’ll see that I mean to contest raise and suggest lower amount. Well I can hope, right?

    So not a prob, but does not help my stress level at all. I just want all these things settled.



    Nope, no bouquet for me. If not for the rings on a certain finger, I could have passed for single as hubby was not there. They did all the traditional stuff, which was nice too see as many couples don’t anymore. Guess I’m kinda old fashioned!

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