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    As a resident of New Jersey, I present you the Jersey shore. No, it’s nothing like that TV show. It is a gem of the eastern seaboard. Agency kitties are gearing up for a weekend of sun and sand and fun. First off, the lingo is paramount. It’s “down the shore”, not “to the beach” or “to the coast”.
    The cool sand warms as the sun rises over the Atlantic. Stars slowly vanish as the dark sky gives way to ever lightening blues and greens as daylight takes over with the sun rising from the horizon in vibrant red, orange and yellow shades. A thin veil of clouds sends all the colors in every direction. The ocean glistens like diamonds with the light of the new day. Mother Nature sure likes to dazzle! Waves lap at the shoreline as the sand pipers chase after morsels of food in the wet sand while sand crabs dig into the sand to keep wet…and out of sight from seagulls. If you look just past the breakers, you might be lucky enough to spot a pod of dolphins. The salty ocean air heightens your sense of smell, and will cure just about anything that ails you. If you close your eyes and listen to the waves and the birds, I guarantee you a satisfying nap within minutes! The ocean pretty much stimulates all the senses. There is nothing quite like walking along the shoreline while the still-warm water ebbs and flows at your feet.
    If you get hungry or want something different, walk past the dunes to the boardwalk. New Jersey boardwalks are known for their salt water taffy and fudge, yum! You can also get pizza, any kind of deli sandwich, and of course, ice cream. Work it off by playing a round of mini golf on a pirate-themed course. You can rent a bicycle and ride the boardwalk, check out a thrill ride, or play a game and win a prize. You can go for a long walk along “the boards”, just remember to “watch the tram-car please!” (It’s a Jersey thing.)


    sunrise kitty

    beach bum kitty

    shoreline kitty

    beach chair kitty



    Crossover pic –

    sun rising down the shore.

    I hope all the pics are Jersey shore pics, as far as I can tell they should be.
    I had to chuckle JJ, the Jersey shore boardwalk has ‘watch the tram car’ and London Underground has ‘Mind the gap’.



    That looks so much nicer than the horribly vulgar people in that TV program I had the misfortune of watching once – I forget in what public place. I’m sure you have nice vegetable farms as well nearby.

    Livia and I want some fresh fish!



    OK! Well, I’m ready to put my feet in the warm sand and let the water lap at my ankles!! That should be on a travel brochure, cause I’m ready to hop in the car and GET THERE! ๐Ÿ˜†

    I’ve got to get moving–I’ve been so lazy already and at least get the cat boxes cleaned. I got dressed (sweats and long sleeved t-shirt, hair in a pony tail) and that’s the extent of beautification for the day! Have a wonderful Caturday all!



    I’m in “cleaning clothing” too (got up at 5 a.m.) but have to put on some “going out clothing” including my pretty red bรฉret (see Mad Hatter thread). A friend just returned from almost a month in Cuba (yes, she’s retired) and called me at about 11 a.m., left a very sleepy and hoarse message. All is well – I shut the back doors to the terrasse which had been open at an angle above, so that she wouldn’t be cold upon returning: I’d left her a bottle of wine and some nice snacks (stuffed vine leaves, hummus etc).

    Oh good, one of my red and black long-sleeved t-shirts is clean and dry. There is a slight drizzle, but I don’t think I need a raincoat. Livia needs cat food, either today or tomorrow…



    Great pics, MS, you even found the pirate mini-golf!
    I’ve always been more about the beach than the boardwalk, but hubby and I enjoy a good game of mini-golf and some boardwalk food.

    Though it’s the most densely populated state in the union, Jersey still has lots of farmland. We are spoiled by some of the fresh stuff we can get here. In fact I’ve got some ripe tomatoes that I must pick today!
    Fishing down the shore is awesome, there’s fresh fish galore for you and Livia, Lagatta! There are piers, but the surf-fishing folks just cast their lines from a good spot on the beach. The bay is not too far away – that’s where we used to go crabbing. Good times.



    Ok, not this Jersey

    We had an 80f/26c today but were a 35f/1.6c on Tuesday.



    Evening all!

    So many days to catch up on – Awesome JJ!

    So this holiday over and last of the High Holidays as next Thurs/Fri. I’m (more than usually) confused as to what day it is!

    PG, I so know how hard it is to be patient. I recall my physio scolding me when he caught me overdoing it on indoor bike. He maintained I was only purrmited to work out for 30 min. i maintained that I could not see the clock! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But seems that we’re in the minority as physio told me that most peeps don’t do any of the suggested between-session exercises – and they do not gain full recovery.

    It’s warm here – and not – and rainy – and not.

    I did learn that my guts cannot tolerate a tomato flavoured couscous mix – why did I try it a 2nd time when the 1st time was a disaster! never again as well, very not good.

    Anyway, once again Dorry the flycatcher proved his worth. And nearly knocked a gorgeous lamp down in the process! :oops I ultimately had to kill the fly, Dorry is too tender-hearted – right!

    It’s (sorta) fun to be in buying all new ‘puter stuff. Printer is here and just ordered me a mini-mouse, allegedly designed for little hands. And right after hols are over plan to visit store to pick-up new state-of-the-art laptop and see if my external hard-drive still works or get a new one. My tech guy’s website says he does service calls, at ne extra travel cost as he’s in my n’hood, so ideally he can come over and connect efurrything. Store could prob migrate my stuff from old to new laptop for a fee, but I need someone who can ans all my questions and connect ISP. Peeps surprised that ‘puter/printer lasted some 11 yrs! But browser is frustrating, I have to quit too many times and of course it cannot be upgraded. And with no printer at present my workaround is taking pics of anything with my cell.

    Anyway, at least I got the rent thing settled so that’s one stress done with.



    Some of those pre-packaged couscous mixes are way overspiced. I like spices more than KJ does, but had the same reaction. Right now I have a hard time tolerating cooked tomatoes, though I grew up on them of course.



    I’m very much thinking that the spicy couscous might have been the culprit, Lagatta. I might give plain couscous another try. I tried quinoa/kale “meat” balls with it, but they seemed pretty tame. Right now I’m a bit leary of anything “unknown.”

    Strange weather here. I got caught in rainstorm, even huge umbrella did not keep my fabric shoes dry. Fortunately stuffing them with paper towels and using hot blow dryer did the trick. Then sun came out. Plus quite warm and very humid to where I put A/C back on just to dry my place out a bit.

    I’m ready for Fall weather. Especially ’cause there’s a pair of black suede high block heels on hold for me at shoe place, in mall just near where I’ll happen to be on Tues. Couldn’t place order online and way low price. Very nice salespurrson agreed to hold them for way more than the usual 48 hrs when I told her that it’s my hol and I can’t get to store ’til then. If they’re comfy, they’re mine! If not, well it’s not like I’m lacking for shoes! ๐Ÿ˜

    Now I’m trying to figure out complicated direction that will eventually come up in knitting pattern for dress and not getting it. I can ask but I like to figure things out for myself. Think that I’ll leave it for a bit, sometimes clarity comes later.



    I don’t even know what high block heels are, but do know I couldn’t possibly wear them and have no interest in doing so. I did see a suprisingly cute velvet skirt at (cheapo) Joe Fresh.

    I’m still in love with my lovely pepper-red bรฉret.



    Good afternoon all, typical Spring weather here. Rain, sun,rain,clouds more rain and poss thunder this afternoon. HRH has given up being outside and come in to curl up and sleep the afternoon away.
    Good to see you back KJ. How exciting updating your techy bits. You won’t know yourself soon. Sorry about the cous cous upsetting your tummy again but at least you have proven beyond doubt that it is not for you and it could very well have been the spices.
    I am waiting for daughter Meegz to return home. She and her hubby have been in Australia for several weeks exploring the outback and they spent the weekend watching a motor race that the girls used to watch on TV with me. I was able to see them on the tv here as I had details of where they were. Exciting. They can’t wait to get home to their furkits who have been in the cattery.



    MS, I used to think that OZ was a short hop and a skip away from NZ. Now I know better! Techy bits – I like that term!

    Lagatta, Joe Fresh has some neat stuff, purrsonally I find it somewhat fascinating that one can shop for groceries and clothes at the same time/same cash!

    Anyway, this is the shoe. I would not venture to wear spike heels, but these might work. Certain high-heel styles are comfy, it depends on how entire shoe is constructed.



    KJ, apparently lots of people believe there is a bridge you can drive over between Australia and New Zealand. That would be quite a feat of engineering. The shortest distance between our two countries is around 1700km or 1060m. We’re never too old to learn and I have learned so much about geography from TDKers and where they live.
    Yay the sun has deigned to show it’s face – again. I wonder how long this visit will be for. HRH Shadz is still curled up asleep inside.



    Hey all, thanks for going down the shore with me!
    Yay for Dorry the flycatcher! I have a pair of shoes sorta like those, but they’re more of a bootie. I like chunky heels, it’s fun to feel tall sometimes!
    I’m so happy for you with your red beret, Lagatta! It’s so nice when something makes you feel happy.
    MS, I’ve learned a lot about geography from TDK too.
    Oh KJ, best of luck with the new tekkie bits! I’m jazzed about typing this on a big monitor at an organized desk setup. I even hooked up speakers today so I can stream music. The wireless keyboard and mouse get stowed away on the roll out shelf under the desk, keeping curious kitties from walking all over the keyboard!



    MS, I’m probably one of those peeps who assumed that there was a bridge. ๐Ÿ˜ณ In my own defense, there are peeps who believe that I can visit Toronto in the province just next of mine for an afternoon, when it would probably be a shorter trip to visit our JJ in NJ (aside from having to cross the border!)

    JJ, “chunky heels” that’s the fashion term that escaped me – tks! It’s always fun to feel taller! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just hope the shoes are comfy, if not they’re for sure not coming home with me.

    I srsly considered getting a desktop ‘puter, as my laptop is indoors only. No plans to sit in coffee shoppe and work on my novel hehehe. Found it hard to believe that a desktop model is like $600 more expensive!!! So a lightweight laptop it will be.

    Having tried to figure out this way complicated knitting pattern for several hours, I gave up and wrote the designer, I’m just not “getting” it and the frustration is getting to me. I can ask at Knitting Circle, but I won’t be there until next Fri. Or purrhaps I’ll bring the thing into my local yarn store where the owner will help me out. In the meantime I guess that I’ll just set it aside and start the front which will take me at least 2 wks to get to where pattern weirds out on me. Oh, for this to be my biggest prob!

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