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    Let’s keep the party going, and as Buttons suggested, let’s add the celtic theme to the mix!
    Agency kits are thrilled to party all weekend, and have been starstruck by Mr. Olta Minnesota, the Grand Marshall. They have enjoyed hearing all about the history of his bowtie, and some of the older kitties nod in remembrance of Buttons The Cat.
    The parade was a smashing success, with kits dressed up in green, dancing and showing off. That’s what cats do best! Now they are settled in for a weekend of games, food, fun and good company.



    Well Mr ร“lta slept well last night. he was so tired from all the excitement he didn’t even chase Ms Moneypenny around the sitting room which has become part of their night time schedule ๐Ÿ˜† can’t wait to see everyone’s Celtic stories and I’m sure all the fur babies are keeping their Orish surnames for the weekend !



    ‘Abbygaelic’ and ‘Caddy O Shack’ are just waking from a nap in the corner of the Cafe, after yesterday’s shenanigans, they are worn slap out! They have wrapped themselves in our family’s tartan blankie, and are ready for some ‘green eggs and ham’ LOL …. Abby remembers Mr. Buttons well …. she knows he and Cuddles are keeping those kitties at the bridge laughing and entertained …… I always loved the picture of him in his bow tie …. and Cuddles dies her white furr green for the day ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Morning all, I’m headed out to meet my 11 year old niece and sis to see Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson …. can’t wait, the previews looked adorable! …. who knew Emma could sing??!!! ….. continue the festivities, I’ll leave the girls with ya’ll, as it seems they want to stay for the prolonged party weekend ….. L8R all!



    Hi all – my gang is worn out from the shenanigans too. Macky McMacMac (I forgot that’s what I call him sometimes!) is lazily watching the snow fall from the skybox. Leela is staring into the cozy fire and Comet is curled up on his rocking chair. Dewey can’t decide whether to be inside or run around outside. Huey McSteepy is chasing Berta McSteepy around in the snow, Mama Cat, mother to all, is helping herself to crunchies in the cubby and Star McSteepy has wandered off to parts unknown.
    Enjoy the movie, AV! I heard Emma Watson took singing lessons and they both took dancing lessons. It’s nice when actors really go that extra mile in the hopes of putting out a stellar performance.



    Hi everyone, would say good morning, but it’s way past that now. My cats did come home, although it was a little late. They were here in time for breakfast though, and for them, that’s what’s important!

    I need to run the sweeper as cat hair and litter seem to be everywhere today, even though I run my stick sweeper every morning. I haven’t been in much of a hurry to get anything done, been watching my Investigation ID shows!

    WOW, was GRIMM good last night or what!!??



    Hi KZ, Grimm was really good! Though it’s coming to an end, the buildup has not disappointed.
    Oh those cats, they track litter everywhere. Between that and the debris from the woodburner, it seems I’m constantly vacuuming and sweeping! It’s all worth it though.



    Well, the movie was fantastic! Who knew Emma Watson could sing so well, I think those singing lessons really paid off! ….. and Emma Thompson sings well too – she was Mrs. Potts! The costuming and make were unbelievable! I has to win some awards, they were outstanding …. as were the special effects …. very well done, and very entertaining …..

    Waiting for Mr. AV and ‘the boys’ to finished their work on the porch, they are installing the mototized hurricane shutters today, then we’ll go for a Seinfeld dinner (early) ….. Have a great rest of your day all!



    Moonshadow Bhanrigh has returned from her night of shenanigans and is worn out. She is sprawled out flat under the sun umbrella on the deck.
    I heard her muttering something like ‘those Irish cats know how to party’ just before her chin hit her paws and her eyes were already closed.

    It’s a beautiful hot sunny day with a light wind that will dry the washing.
    I am just having a lazy day doing nothing in particular. While I was hanging out the washing I checked the swan plants that were self sown for Monarch caterpillars and was delighted to find one almost full grown and a number of smaller caterpillars. It has been a terrible season for them and now that their main prey has changed their diet they can flourish.
    I still am worrying about HRH, her stomatitis seems to be worrying her when she eats, she jumps like she has been shocked when she tries to chew and swallow so I have been using canned pate style wet food and making it mushy with kitten milk. That seems to be helping quite a bit but I will call the vet on Monday to see if she may need an antibiotic he suggested when I had her in for her steroid shot. I ran out of Lysine to, typical.
    JJ, love your crews names and activities today.
    KZ, where does all that cat fur come from. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    AV, hope the ‘boys’ finish soon and that the new shutters don’t get tested in any hurry.
    Buttons, congratulations on your amazing Irish rugby team and their amazing win over England. They are giant slayers and the great levelers having stopped the All Blacks(worlds best rugby team) and England from claiming 19 straight test victories in a row. Awesome playing Ireland.
    Sad to see that Chuck Berry has passed away age 90.



    Evening all.

    Well with Sabbath starting later due to time change, logically it also ends later. Which gave me time to start my project yesterday late pm. I have a more than decent deadline, but I for sure don’t want to procrastinate. All-nighters are not for me.

    Now Dorry, decided to “impress” the par-tay kits by “kindly informing efurryone” that he is named after a character created by Irish writer Oscar Wilde. Umpteen times *sigh*. Of course no one IHHO (in his humble opinion) was suitably impressed. Oh well, I’m impressed and now he’s back with me chillin’.



    So glad you enjoyed the movie, AV. It’s a wonderful story, and it’s great to hear that another remake has been done well.
    HRH and Leela painted each other’s claws a nice shade of green and were in total agreement about those Irish kitties knowing how to party! She has slept in front of the fire most of the day. She and I hope she feels better with mushier food and whatever help the vet may lend.
    RIP Chuck Berry – he really defined music as we know it. Hoping Willie Nelson is okay, been hearing back and forth reports on his health.
    Hi KJ – nice to get a jump on a project. I’m a great procrastinator, but not a fan of all nighters either. You’ll be interested to know that Comet actually was impressed by Dorry’s name origin. He thinks it is much more interesting than being named after a TV show horse (Brisco County Jr.), or for that matter, a household cleanser (though Comet cleanser is inexpensive and is an effective cleaner!).
    It is quite a frosty night here in Jersey, after having snow showers most of the day. I bundled up and went for a walk this afternoon, and the snow felt good on my face. Nice to get back to my cozy woodburner though!



    In memory of Chuck Berry:



    Well JJ, you’ve brought Comet up he politely listened to Dorry’s endless prattling on about the origins of his “esteemed” name.

    Now if we all purr-vided the origins of our kit’s names – that would be some long Cafรฉ! Hmmm … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m getting up and ready to go to gym, sunny out and hard to believe the weather we went through just last week.



    Here is the origin of Comet’s name…



    Is Dorry named for Dorian Gray? My Renzo was also named for a literary character, Renzo (Tramaglino) one of the protagonists in Manzoni’s historical novel “I promessi sposi” (The Betrothed). And my Nadja for the subject of that Surrealist book by Andrรฉ Breton. Livia is named for a late friend, who had an adventurous life starting out from being in the Resistance in Venice under the fascists (and worse, under the German occupation after Mussolini fell). Livio took refuge in Switzerland when those nasty people were on his trail…

    I’ve never had a cat with a name like “Fluffy”…

    I’m a morning person – I’m working on a text for a colleague in London so I started very early this morning. But I will get out for a walk and errands this afternoon…



    Well JJ, I have never heard of that TV show – but I’m so glad to know how Comet came to be, well Comet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Indeed, Lagatta, Dorry’s full name is Dorian Gray, just like “The Picture of …” Interestingly, the boy keeps getting younger looking as he gets older, I should check out his photos, but I’m a bit afraid to! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Fun when his name gets called at vet checks and all the other hoomins with (quasi useless) Eng Lit degrees (like the one that I have) give me a look! The origins of your kit’s names are so interesting as well. My kit Nicky’s official name was Dominick, he was a tuxie and someone brought up the subject of “dominatrix” when I was in naming process, plus his black/white coat brought to mind a Dominican priest. No Fluffy’s for me either, naming is srs business. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s quite Spring-ish out. I might do some work even though I have ample time, I’ll see. I so much enjoy my freelance stuff, way more that when I was in corporate world and stressed/bored a good part of the time.



    Well, I have done enough work for today, considering that my plan was to work during standard working hrs, but when I get into things … and this project, while fun, is a bit complicated, the wording is quite idiomatic and I must glean thequivalent in English. Whatever, I’m used to this and think that I’m just a bit tired.

    Our spin instructor played 2 of Chuck Berry’s hits as a tribute – neat – and a packed class too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And today was the 194th yr of our St. Paddy’s Day purrade. I did not attend and thus missed an opp to see our dear PM Justin and his dau (oops, don’t want to get political.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Interestingly the Purrade Queen is the dau of one of the members of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal gp that I belong to (for this yr as lectures were not all that interesting.)

    And a goggie also participated!



    Well, as you can see, mine are more from Italian literature and history, though Nadja is from French literature with a strong influence from Nadia Comeneci as well, since Nadja was three-quarters Siamese and constantly doing high and complex leaps to unreachable places (like the tops of doors!).

    I presume that you’ve finally seen the last episode of X company…

    I did absolutely nothing for St Pat’s this year. I’m immersed in work right now, but it is interesting work. I’m also taking care of THREE cats, each of them at least twice as large as Livia, at a neighbour’s place. Neighbour is spending ten days in Paris, and someone else is paying for it…



    I did catch the last “X Company” episode – gave my review on one of the other days. But here it is again:

    “Just watched โ€œX Companyโ€ finale and read review on โ€œTV, eh?โ€ Things wrapped up more or less neatly. Although Iโ€™m still a bit adrift re Faber, who was so into protecting Sabine and unless his death becomes a mystery, with him I assume being blown to bits, she might suffer consequences. He remains a bit of an enigma for me. Would have like to see Schmidt get his, from a documentary that I once saw, when higher-ups were taken to England as prisoners they were extremely well-treated, lived in manor houses and such, and spied upon, but nothing even remotely resembling the way the Nazis treated prisoners. I will miss the series.”

    I have never attended the purrade, not my thing, too many crowds and not my holiday – I do have holidays aplenty throughout the year! But I like looking at the pics.

    Very nice of you to look after no less than 3 extra kits – hope that n’bour at the very least brings you a nice souvenir from the City of Lights!



    Good morning all, I didn’t make it in to the Cafe last evening as HRH and I fell asleep early.
    Dorry, NO ! Really? You’re named after a character created by Oscar Wilde? We would never have guessed ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜†
    You are still fine by us though, we all need something to brag about.
    JJ, the mush went down well last night and during the night and this morning she gobbled down some raw meat while I was making more mush which she ignored. I tempted her later with more raw and most of that disappeared quickly too, I suspect all the shenanigans made her hungry. Hoping the steroid shot is now helping with her stomatitis. Will get more Lysine today if I can escape all the office work connected to our new business. Phew! Oh Shadz had so much fun painting claws with Leela, she enjoys Leela’s reserved manner but also her readiness to defend herself should the boys step out of line.
    A wander in the snow sounds great JJ. We loved The adventures of Brisco County Jr, it was the mix of modern and wild west and tongue in cheek that kept us laughing. I just IMDB’d the main characters and was sad to see ‘Lord Bowler’ died quite young.
    HRH is still sleeping under the bed at night but I have a plan, I have a cat cave and made sure the cushion from it was covered in my scent and will put the cave under the bed for her to snuggle in. Tried to last night but she beat me up to the room.
    Wow Lagatta, that is quite an impressive history of your kits names.
    The only history to Shadz name is that we asked our girls(late teens at the time) to name her and Moonshadow is was. It is a name that suits her totally as she totally disappears in shadows, especially shadows at night or moon shadows, and her dapples help with that even more.
    Lunch time and the lawn man has arrived.



    Cool, another Brisco County Jr. fan! “Thanks for the donut, Duncan.”

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