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    TDK land is all decked out for the weekend! It is approximately mid summer and mid winter, a good time for a big party. The cool and warm ends of the cafรฉ seem to blend together in one comfortable temperature for all.
    Along with colorful party streamers and balloons, brightly colored linens adorn tables that show off sparkly silverware and glasses. Only the most skilled kitties can handle them without breaking anything!
    Aromas of all things yummy are wafting from the kitchen. There are cinnamon rolls, pancakes, pies, cakes, casseroles and soups. A buffet table is set with fresh fruits and veggies and hot & cold bevvies.
    The cats are setting up games and activities for the weekend. Between the snow and the water, there will be something for everyone. Welcome!



    Cafรฉ looks great, Joan! …. I’ll take some fresh fruit and hashbrown casserole ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I saw the Secret Life of Pets yesterday, it was very cute …. except for the 30+ summer camp kids that came in at the last minute and were loud and disruptive the entire movie :/
    It poured hard rain yesterday, and looks like it will do so again this afternoon …. that means for me, I need to get my store/errands done early, before the storms hit! ….
    Have a great Caturday everyone! …. will check in L8R



    Good morning! Thanks for opening the cafe, Joan. Sorry about the disruptive kids, AV, but glad the movie was good. The previews I’ve seen look cute.

    Man, as much as I enjoy the occasional breakfast out as a treat, I have to say my homemade brekkie this morning was tastier than anything you could get in the fanciest breakfast restaurant. I made homemade waffles (I use a great recipe…they turn out so light and crispy), served with real butter and maple syrup and a homemade blueberry sauce. Add a strong cup of coffee and a couple of turkey sausage links and I was in heaven. I do love breakfast food. It was cute how enthusiastic the boys were too since it had been some time since I’d made homemade waffles. ***setting up waffle bar in the corner of the cafe to share**** Thought of KJ during brekkie too…my Costco maple syrup said “product of Canada” on the back.



    Half Summer half Winter.

    Cafe looks superb JJ.
    Just had a super breakfast so I’m not hungry at the moment. Nasty weather hit overnight with high winds but not as bad as forecast. Today is sunny with strong winds gusting to whoa that was very strong type winds.
    HRH has decided to find a sheltered sunny spot somewhere on the property.
    Ugh AV, disruptive kids at the movies ! ! I hate that and people who use their cell phones the entire movie. I have let several phone users know that their actions are very disruptive to those sitting behind them, suddenly a bright light invades the darkness.
    ECB, great sounding breakfast. You may find the wormhole opening up at your place next weekend.
    Off to help Mr MS insulate the garage door, it gives off heaps of chill in Winter.



    Bummer on the kid interruption at the movies, AV. Yep, that’s what summer camps do when it rains – go to the movies…or bowling. Seems the problem is that the kids who are paid to watch the kids don’t know proper manners.
    I like my homemade breakfasts too, ECB. Your waffles sound amazing! Nice shout out to KJ on the maple syrup!
    Cool pics, MS – you’ve captured my vision of the cafe! Yikes on the weather. Wind is downright scary.
    Looks like neighbor’s house has been sold. Daughter texted me so with her consent I went over and got some stuff that was outside. Hubby helped me bring a shelter over for the cats. Got pretty darn sweaty, but there’s a nice breeze now.
    No bear sightings yet, though they are awake. I hope they stay well into the woods. Recently hubby saw that a cub was hit by a car. A cop was there with a rubber bullet gun, eyes wide, on the lookout for mama bear. Best for her to get relocated than wandering around by the road.



    *Waves to AV and PG*
    PG, hope that your apurrance means that you’re feeling somewhat better.
    I like waffles, just the frozen kind here, but of course I use Canadian-made maple syrup. And put the whole deal into micro so that syrup heats up.
    Slept all day as per and plan to head to bed soon so as not to attempt playing catch up the rest of the week. I have a mystery to finish and purrhaps tonite will be the night.
    MS, neat go-with theme pics. I love nice and elegant table settings, having to make the food that goes on them, well no.
    AV, I hate it when kids get disruptive. At gym, kids swim time or day camp usually results in a bunch of screaming kids with no regard for anyone, leaving their sopping wet towels and puddles of water everywhere, truly a slipping hazard. Of course KJ reads their counsellors/parents the riot act, not always appreciated, but they very much get the point. And for the most part after one of my first rants the kits stay in a locker row where no adults are.



    Hi KJ – I can picture you setting the purrfect table! With the skills some TDKr’s have, our combined lot could host quite a shindig!
    Stopped at the liquor store this afternoon while running errands. Ended up taking part in an impromptu wine tasting. I’m not a wine connoisseur, so I understood next to nothing of what the nice lady talked about, but I enjoyed sampling wines. She forgot to bring cheese, however, and in my case it probably would have been good to have, seeing as I left the house without eating first! No biggie, as wine tasting is apparently just that, just a wee taste. With today’s heat, that was a good thing!



    hey Efurryone,

    Well, I’m not projecting for 12 hours but my stomach is so unsettled I can’t eat anything with flavor. I had 4 protein drinks yesterday and the same today. Still having trouble catching my breath. I have to lay on the floor, stretch out and breath. I’m going to try a sprite. I usually have Ginger Ale to calm my digestive system. Thanks for opening the weekend cafe Joan. As yummy as the b-fast looks and smell, I’m not up to it.

    Today is also Gorgeous Grandma day so I have a couple things towards that. And remember we have Avery’s nana.

    I’m going to watch TV and rest some more. Thanks for your warm, fuzzy thoughts.

    Night and have a happy~



    PG, have you tried sipping ice cold water. It prevents the stomach from rebelling and evicting what you have just put into it. I learned this little trick many decades ago.
    LOL, the Grandma pic is how Shadz still lives but she does get FancyFeast and other meat too and she refuses to acknowledge the laser pointer. Er, the kitty appears to be mislabeled.
    JJ, what a terrible day you had, impromptu wine tasting. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    We still have high winds and a tarpaulin on a partially built house behind us is no longer tied tight over the frame. I heard a thump out in the dark a while ago so possibly the tarp has flicked off and away.
    HRH shot outside briefly this evening and then back in for dinner and up to bed again.



    Morning all! LOL @ Shadz, I guess Abby is one too, seeing they are the same age …. it took a while, but Abby likes Fancy Feast now and is resigned to no more crunchies ( she is a reformed kibble addict )
    Stay safe with the high winds, MS, our weather is hot hot and then stormy in the afternoons ….. typical Florida in the summer time
    PG, I hope the stomach is better …… sipping cool water is good, and one thing I found is to slowly suck on a Brach’s peppermint candy …. I don’t know the science, but apparently peppermint calms the urge to yak …… it was the only thing that worked for me with my second pregnancy, when I couldn’t keep anything down for the first two months ….. plus it gives you nice breath! LOL
    Having the family over this afternoon for game night and to celebrate my baby Sis turning 50 (yikes! what does that make me?!!) …. I miss Bro and SIL’s Sabbath celebrations, but continue them with Mr. AV and myself …. have a great day all!



    I love family celebrations…I usually host them so last night was a real treat as we went to one that I didn’t have to do anything but arrive!! Sweet corn roasted on the grill with that smokey, toasted flavor was my favorite!! Nothing like that first sweet corn grown in the Midwest with young kernels that just pop in your mouth, ymmmmmm!!
    PG, very glad that you are feeling somewhat better. After the yakking, then the “should I eat this, or just drink something” mode that makes you wonder if you will ever eat solid food again feeling is just not fun. I guess Avery got sick in the night last night too, probably too much heat (it’s incredibly hot and swampy here) and not enough good liquids for her made her yak in the night. First time for her, and she likened it too Nana’s cats is how Dau described it. She makes a clicking sound with her tongue, and then goes “GAAAA” and says “pook”. Poor baby, but she feels fine today which reminds me once again how scary this heat can be for the very young and old. I don’t know where I qualify in there, so I’m just gonna let it lay there… ๐Ÿ˜† Oh, and thanks for the nice compliment (I’ll take it as such) about the Gorgeous Gramma day….I can certainly make myself think I can rock that today on my trip to the grocery later.
    Ewww MS, high winds, yuk. Hate ’em. I worry about everything blowing away, and breaking branches, and damage to the roof. Luckily Shadz didn’t blow away!
    JJ, that impromptu wine tasting sounds like my kind of schtick…’reminding myself–only a sip, only a sip’! It doesn’t take much to make me giddy and silly and in this heat with no food well… ๐Ÿ˜›



    *whew*!!! busy morning …. got ‘the motivation’ bug, and did a whirlwind litter box cleaning/sanitizing Abby’s ‘bathroom’ closet …. then a good vacuuming and dusting of the house, since I’m having family dinner tonight ….. making oven BBQ chicken, fresh white corn (KZ we think alike), potato salad, fresh green beans ….. homemade dark chocolate brownies for dessert (Sis’s choice, it’s her bday) ….. oh, and yesterday I made deviled eggs too! ….. off to prep ….. L8R all!



    I never thought to drink cold water, I’ll give it a try. Still iffy and now whinny.

    It’s broiling and/muggy on our side and crazy high winds and cold on the side. I’m sure we can all complain about the weather but HRH has it right.
    I’m sorry that Avery is having a tough time. I can only imagine “hicka” Gaaa, Pooky! I am laughing so hard.

    I want to do something and there’s always (more f*&$%ng) weeds. Happy Day to all Parents:


    Talk to your kits before they learn it on the street:

    Love to all parents, furry and hoomin, today! Have a happy~

    I’m fading away….



    Hi everyone – glad you are among the living, PG. My go-to has always been sipping ginger ale and sucking on a candy cane. Actually, you live in a state where a certain herb available legally; it is said to help calm the tummy too. I can’t confirm; for all I know it doesn’t stop the yakking but does stop you from caring about it!
    Oh, baby sis is 50! I’m the baby in my family, but I passed that milestone. Seems not that long ago my sister said, “can you believe dad is going to be 70?” The years keep rolling on.
    It’s crazy hot and swampy here too, with some rain possible later and into tomorrow. We’ll see if it cools down or just adds to the humidity.
    Went back to the liquor store today and bought a bottle of wine that I sampled yesterday. Got all the way home yesterday and realized I needed a gift for some wine-loving peeps. The woman told me yesterday it goes for $200 but they were selling it for $80 and I got it for $50 today. Top shelf wine, and the prices they come with, are not my speed, but in this case it was the purrfect gift at half of what I was set to spend.
    KZ, I’m anxious to try some corn. Had some a few weeks ago, and while the texture was good and the kernels popped deliciously, it wasn’t quite that sweet Jersey corn I love so much yet. It should be peaking about now.



    Certain herb JJ? Now just what could this be? Actually it is used to combat srs nausea. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PG, pleeeze don’t fade away, we NEED you! Love the pics esp Daddy and wee baby kitteh. And I’ll have to have “that” talk with Dorry, I guess.
    More advice on tummy probs that I pay no heed to: BRAT plan (bananas, rice, applesauce, tea.) Also I have a tea that consists of peppermint, ginger, fennel, quite nice. The ginger in ginger ale as JJ mentioned might help too. But been there, done that, still doing it at times – when you don’t want anything, you don’t want anything.
    JJ, terrif score on wine!
    Well at gym got it confirmed that the mgr-type who dissed me and did not seem to take my complaints srsly will be “leaving the bldg.” His choice? Who knows. Does seem rather sudden though. Ideally they’ll get someone more personable to fill the post, as I am for sure not the only purrson who’s had run-ins. He’s actually brought staffers to tears! Very innappropriate.
    Nearly lost it (again.) Was adding a tiny pearl-like bead to my DIY tiger hoop earrings when one tiny bead went AWOL. I tend to be somewhat obsessive (just somewhat KJ?) As worried about Dorry and bead and … even though countless ties I have been assured that something so small is not a prob. What I did was take a damp towel and wipe floor in area where I was designing and yup picked up stray bead. That moment of relief is a good thing!
    Weather actually quite pleasant today as in hot but not all that humid. What the week will bring, that’s a mystery.



    Good morning from Monday peeps. I am still here despite the winds we are still getting. HRH got scared in the night with the intensity of the winds and crawled up the bed to snuggle closer with Meowmy. This morning she has been torn between wanting to go outside to sit in the sun and staying inside away from the winds. Yesterday when I thought she was outside in a sheltered best somewhere she was in actual fact upstairs curled up on the bed. Mr MS had the basement door open and she came in and up her series of ramps, through the wee arched door under some stairs and into the house, all this unseen and on up to bed very quietly. ๐Ÿ˜› She still has her stealth capability.
    PG, yes as JJ suggests ginger ale ice cold is also good for calming iffy tummies. Mum always gave it to us when we were feeling under the weather as kids.
    KZ, poor Avery and her hicka Gaaaa Pook ! ! It does sound a bit like heat exhaustion. Bring children up around cats and see what happens. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† Love it.
    How wonderful that all you had to do for this family event was turn up. I do worry about all sorts of things when we have high winds, the huge tree that overhangs the house is my main worry. I hope it hasn’t caught on to the fact that I have been planning it’s demise. I do enjoy looking around the property the morning after winds to see what leaves have blown in that are not from out place or any immediate neighbourhood. Found a few ‘stranger’ leaves yesterday that I have never seen before here. They must have come some distance. The tarpaulin on the semi built house behind us is tattered and torn but still kind of hanging in there in places.
    AV, that was a very busy morning, dinner sounds delicious.
    PG, weeds and f*&$%ng weeds happening here too even in Winter. Some days are far too warm for Winter and then the next few days are pure spite from Antarctica so the weeds keep growing. People are reporting fruit trees with crops of plums etc on them now, crazy.
    OMG ! porn on TDK ! Hang on, that kitty is waiting for snorgling. Just love the father & son pic.
    JJ, LOL at the herb to calm the tummy, spot on.
    Happy Birthday to your baby sis JJ. I do believe my baby sis will hit that milestone next year. ๐Ÿ™„ Hey nice score on the wine for your friends.
    KJ, yes ginger tea for settling the stomach and peppermint for digestion. Fingers crossed that the next gym manager has much better skills when it comes to the members and staff. Oh no, panic stations about the lost bead, glad you found it quickly.
    Must get on and vacuum the floors and freezer dive for tonight’s dinner.



    Thanks for caring and your advice.

    I’m still waiting to win the lottery to buy $200 bottle of wine. That’s a great deal though.

    Don’t you think Dorry will be leading the class? ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t have beads but I do drop the occasional stud earring or backing and AAk! That former gym sup. is a cold prickly.

    Those strong winds scare me. I have a few trees that can cause serious damage if they came down. Of course, HRH has her stealth ability. She just wants you to think she’s an old grrl kit.

    I did try some special candy last night but all I could think of was Cheetos. Strong odors seem to bother me more than anything AND I HAVEN’T HAD ANY FRICKING COFFEE for two days. The ice water has helped a lot. I made some Ginger tea over ice and that’s good. The worse (yes there’s more) I don’t know why this is going on so *bing* panic mode! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Let’s get something clear – I couldn’t get preggo if I wanted to because all the equipment is gone.

    I don’t like my family right now. No one’s called to check on me or nuffin ๐Ÿ˜ฅ .

    thanks and lots warm fuzzies to you.

    My dad used to call people he cared for “warm fuzzies” because they gave him Warm fuzzies. The rest of the people were “cold pricklies.”



    Well PG, we love you–I know I do and if we were closer, I would be personally checking on you! For heaven’s sake, why can’t someone pick up the f*&$%!ing phone!? There’s nothing worse than being sick and feeling like nobody cares! ๐Ÿ˜ก



    Warm fuzzies heading your way PG. Glad that the iced ginger tea is helping, I hope whatever it is that you have disappears very soon.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the ‘old grrrrl’ is trying that.
    Oh no ! ! No coffee or rather no FRICKIN coffee for two days. No wonder you are a little wound up and having withdrawal symptoms.



    Warm fuzzies headed your way, PG!! Your TDK family loves you, and we expect a check in

    Family dinner went well, the little cousins signed 86 yr old grandma into Pokรฉmon go ….
    Lord help us all, she had 3 now and is going to the mall tmrw to capture more! Lol . Have a great night all!

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