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    For some cheese epicureans, the word ‘love’ simply doesn’t go far enough. The time is ripe to unite in praise on Cheese Lovers Day. With tastings, cheese rolling and giant fondues, few foods have such a well-loved place in our language. So invite the most important people and kits to the celebration.

    It was 70f/21c today. They mentioned we’re getting some snow this weekend or next week. bahaha Guess I’ll have to water again.

    Not everyone can match the fans of the Green Bay Packers football team in Wisconsin, USA, whose yellow, wedge-shaped hats are the ultimate in cheesy headgear.

    Have a happy~

    Mwah, mwah, mwah!



    Nyotaimori feline style. Go on I dare you to look that one up.

    Links to previous TDK cheese threads with recipes.

    Cheeze Recipe for parties

    For grilled cheese lovers

    Oh, nom-nom-nom-nom!

    I like cheese

    I searched thru 100’s of pages to find this thread. I will now favourite it.
    Wow PG that is a big change in temps from the other day.
    Had to laugh at the cat that has heard the cheese from the fridge. That is Shadz, she appears at our feet from out of nowhere and demands a bit of cheese.
    The temps here are finally cooling now the sun s setting but doors and windows are still open and the fan going. The cool is such a relief from today’s relentless heat.



    Finally a day close to my heart and palate! I love cheese, but the sweet girls who produce mine have to be nanny goats or ewes, as like cats, I’m lactose intolerant and have to avoid cow’s milk, with a few exceptions (very aged cheese such as parmesan, extra-old cheddar or gruyère – all of those not cheap per gramme, alas!)

    Most of the snow on my balconies has melted; I’m going to sweep and scrape the rest off, and do my neighbour’s too (he has a degenerative disease and can scarcely walk anymore). Livia is SO happy to be able to go down into the garden, although there is still some snow there. But I have to be careful as she will attempt to sneak by me in front, where there is traffic, not to mention the chemicals in the ice-melting salts…



    I did look that up, MS. 😮 😀

    That nice of you to sweep the neighbors’ balcony.



    It is only normal, non? We are a housing co-operative, so even more so.

    He is moving, this summer. A brand new housing co-operative is opening in a few months, in the neighbourhood just south of ours, Mile-End (no, not the one in London). It is becoming quite the “cool” neighbourhood and creative hub – I have clients there, in the arts, in what used to be garment factories. That also means higher rates for mortgages and rents, but a committee managed to get support for using the space of a former school to build a brand new co-op. The building had no heritage value, and the walls were stuffed with asbestos, so it was demolished. This also had its benefits, as it is six storeys high, with lifts so there are apartments accessibled to disabled people. There are also several flats with three bedrooms, for families. Lots of shopping nearby, including for cheese.



    Alas, your kindness is not seen very often anymore. I still shovel snow for the older couples so they don’t try to do it themselves. The teenagers always want money for it. *sigh*

    The new co-op sounds nice and it will give your neighbor better access. Livia doing her best escape act-be careful little one.



    Yes, we are on the top storey of a series of triplexes, and it is getting hard for him to climb the stairs. Although I have some arthritis, it is far milder in effect and one HAS to exercise to reduce stiffness. His condition is similar to MS, and a very rare disease that not much is known about. It will be far easier for him to get out shopping and to go to the gym and the rehab centre.

    More on Cheese Lovers’ Day from the CBC kids’ site: the French and English celebrations are the ones that appeal to me most, and the English one is in CHESHIRE. Cheese and cats – bingo!



    Well, on yesterday’s thread in reading it over, I am humbled that I inspired some TDKer’s to clean and do laundry! 😆 I would have never thought!!
    MS, I laughed about Mr. MS and being able to know where he’s been…same here! If it’s not ground feed leaking out of his pockets, it’s whole kernel corn or soy beans. The occasional heavy knife banging around in the dryer, or unfortunately a billfold, and once his phone…may it rest in peace. Seriously, I do NOT check pockets. He’s a grown a$$ man and he can check his own as once it’s in the hamper, it’s ready to be laundered. I’m am NOT his mama. 🙂

    You all have me intrigued by this yeast stuff, so I will check into it and give it a try. Also the fluffy jam…hmmmm. Now MS I am surprised that you didn’t do a crossover pic showing cheesy popcorn! My Leona is the one that has a cheese tooth. She will do absolutely anything for cheese. She drives me crazy at the table if we have cheese out..even shredded cheese…she is always touching me or grabbing my arm or giving me nibbles trying to get my attention to just give her a bit of cheese.

    I took a break from cleaning yet again to play on the computer. I did shovel off a bit of snow from the porch so people will quit dragging it in. I have a couple of windows open letting in the cool 40 degree air. Once it mixes with the stove air, it helps my poor dried out nose. And it smells so good! I’ve noticed the cats sniffing it too..probably smells like birds!



    The “I Like Cheese” thread is epic!

    Hi all – been a bit extra tired the past few days after work, so today I’m doing stuff around the house. KZ, I have the wood burner going and the back door open for the same reason, as it’s not as cold today. A while back I opened the dryer to find lots of money drying along with the clothes. It came from hubby’s pocket of course, but I still say I should have kept it, a la “finders keepers!”

    Yum, cheese, I love all kinds! At any given time, there’s an average of at least 5 different kinds of cheese in the house.



    Good morning all, it is a hot and very muggy day here. I don’t want to move but have been pruning the grapes and convincing my pumpkins not to grow up trees and deadheading flower plants. I’m just waiting for Mr MS to come inside so we can do the accounts etc. Not looking forward to that but it has to be done.
    Lagatta, when it comes to lactose intolerance and cheese, where there’s a will there is a way. Airy is lucky in that she is able to have small amounts of cows cheese. You are good person for helping your neighbour and he must be so grateful for your help. Livia must be so excited to be able to go outside and romp in the garden again.
    PG, LOL. That topic has come up on here before.
    KZ, I told Mr MS what I had written and he had to laugh and now I just read out your comments to him and there was more laughter. I have the same rule as far as the laundry goes and wasn’t happy to discover a scrunched up hanky in a pocket yesterday. I happily claim any money I find in the pockets. There have been all sorts of finds over the years, fence staples, nails and screws and ammunition. Thankfully I haven’t had the shock that his mother received when a .22 bullet got caught under the agitator and went off many years ago. 😮 😐 🙄
    KZ, for us jelly is what you call jello, and jam is what you call jelly. Confused? you ought to be. Just had to say that. All we need is the theme to Soap.

    JJ, reading the I like Cheese thread brings back so many memories, I wish I had favourited it sooner and I wouldn’t have spent so long looking for it but I found those other links too. I knew Instinct had been involved in it so that did help a bit.
    LOL at the money drying and yes finders keepers.
    I have haloumi, parmesan, Danish blue and a 1kg block of local edam in the fridge.
    It’s so darned hot here I have relented and made a shandy to help cool and hydrate. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.



    Evening all,

    Cheese is one of my mainstays as I don’t eat meat or chicken. I’ll take it sliced, shredded or in chunks! I drink goat’s milk, but find goat’s milk cheese too salty and crumbly.

    Going back to a previous thread, as I don’t bake, I also assumed that coffee cake had coffee in it as opposed to being a coffee go-with. And I am now going to have a slice of cinnamon swirl coffee cake along with coffee and some cheese as dinner.

    Miss this mystery book author. Read all her books often finishig them in one sitting.



    In case someone didn’t see it, we have MSs’ niece and nephew kits as our Daily Kittens.

    KJ, I love the expression on the face of that OJ.

    I’ve been opening the doors to get a whiff of fresh air. The house gets stale with everything closed up.

    You know about the new puppy next door? Well, its really thrown Miss Gaea for a loop. She’s reluctant to go out back unless I stand by the door. Poor baby 🙄 It is an adorable husky puppy.



    Katzenjammer, not all goat cheeses are crumbly (which can work well in salads) or oversalted. I’m eating small slices of a Québec goat cheese that has the texture of a Spanish one (La Mancha). But I know that the range of kosher goat and ewe cheeses here is limited. So many kosher cheeses in France! I was staying in the 19th arrondissement with friends who keep kosher and found plenty of goat’s and ewe’s cheeses we could share. I think the Riviera shredded goat’s cheese (as for pizza and croque-monsieur) is kosher, but I’d have to check in my fridge.



    Hello everyone. Haven’t dropped in here in AGES but it’s just like coming home to a favorite place.

    I’m very lactose intolerant yet love drinking milk. So I drink lactose free milk despite the high cost. Don’t like soy or almond milks, am severely allergic to coconut in any form so can’t have coconut milk, and have just never developed a taste for goat’s milk. So lactose free cow’s milk it is.

    I can eat modest amounts of a few cheeses but must avoid others. Cheddar and it’s companion colby,swiss, mozarella, monterey jack are about my limit. And none of them the aged sharp versions because I can’t handle those for some reason.

    Despite that, a favorite meal is homemade mac and cheese made with lactose free milk and cheddar-jack cheese.



    Katzenjammer, I love Lillian Jackson Braun’s “Cat Who” books! Have all of them.



    *waves* to Marnet… welcome back!! I’ll have to read back posts to catch up, but looks like a busy cafe today! Great!

    1st parade was good, very crowded, but no major issues that I saw ….. clean up tmrw …

    Have a great night all!



    Lagatta, there are kosher goat’s milk cheeses here, I just don’t like the saltiness/texture.

    AV, sounds like your n’hood knows how to party. Arrrr!

    *Waves* to Marnet!

    PG, husky pups are adorable! There’s a neat TV car ad about a guy who moves to frozen North and gets a husky team which prefers to staying indoors watching “Littlest Hobo” or go for drive in the featured car. And in n’hood saw not overly happy guy walking his husky on way cold morning. Husky was so enjoying romp in the snow. I joked with the guy that his pup is “made” for the Winter. Guy responded “Yeah, but I’m not!” 😉

    Going to bed to sleep on whether should buy me a kewel red tartan bag with faux fur pom pom at new n’hood store. Hmmm …



    *waves back to AV and Katzenjammer* ????



    Hi Marnet! I don’t believe we met. I’m PG and have a gang of three kits.



    Marnet -waving crazily- great to see you here.
    Daughter Airy also drinks what is called Zero Lacto milk here aand loves it. She’s not keen on soy or almond and doesn’t like the taste of coconut milk. To eat cheese or ice cream she doesn’t eat anything with lactose for a few days which allows her to have a wee indugence and if she gets a reaction she takes some tablets that will deal to the lactose.
    AV, yay on the first crowd was good, may the next one be the same.

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