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    Mother’s Day was invented to publicly honour mothers and motherhood. The official celebrations are in March and May but many peeps celebrate the women in their lives everyday. Kits love their furry and hoomin meowmies and show us in so many adorable ways.

    Gelukkige Moederdag (Dutch), Bonne fête des mères (French), Lá na schönen Muttertag (German), Máithreacha sona duit (Irish), Buona festa della mamma (Italian), feliz día de la madre (Spanish), Ngày h?nh phúc c?a ng??i m? (Vietnamese)…What ever your language Happy Mother’s Day!

    Have a happy with snuggles and hugs to all,



    Aww, I looove the kitty mommy pics, PG.

    I hate to be a whiner, but I’m so disappointed and I know you guys will understand… After weeks of totally normal happy cat relationships, Leo attacked Eko last night. Eko had walked in front of younger son and son stepped on his paw. Everything happened in a flash after that, but ended with the boys under the table fighting. Eko now smells like fear…he does this musky thing when he’s scared and Emily HATES HIS GUTS with a passion now…that sets Leo off when he hears her yowl at Eko.

    I might try the old vanilla trick to help with the smell. I tried it once years ago after a vet visit and don’t remember being impresssed…but might be worth trying again. Keeping the kits mostly separate for now…which is quite stressful for everyone. My eyes still burn during the day from sleep deprivation from the last time. I have a sad, for sure. At least I know it can eventually get better.



    Oh NO, ECB! I hate to hear about your cats and them giving you a sad…it’s so weird what can set them off and how they love to carry a grudge. I can’t remember if you have tried the drops from Jackson Galaxy–there are all kinds for all kinds of problems; people say they work. https://store.jacksongalaxy.com/product-p/ultimate-peacemaker.htm

    I have used the peacemaker drops and they did work, back when Willow the girls upset everytime at meal time. They are pricey, but I didn’t have to use the whole bottle. Now I have them when and if I need them.

    Happy Mother’s Day to evfurryone!!! 😀



    Oh ECB, how upsetting. I hope the vanilla helps. Ive heard JG’s stuff works too, and others swear by Feliway, though I seem to recall that didn’t work for your trio.
    I’ve designated May 13 as the JJ crew’s birthday, including Mama Cat. It was their first mama’s birthday so I figured it would be appropriate. If they are the kittens I remember they are about 6, and I think Mama Cst is about 8. They may be older though, as mama has been sporting a white whisker for a while and the black cats have flecks of white in their coats. Leela recently grew a white wisker and she’s 9.
    We are in the midst of a nor’easter here, so Star, Berta and Huey came in to eat – Dewey was already in. I’ve had baby gates out for the kitten so I set one up to keep a jealous Mac from pestering them. Oh and since she was somewhat trapped, I got a collar on Star. All but Mama Cat now sport breakaway flea/tick collars.



    I’m sorry your kits are fighting again. It’s so frustrating because you don’t know what to do. On that note, here’s a link with lots of info that may be of use.

    I have a sad too…

    Keep Your Cat Calm and Carry On



    oh dear! ….. kitty relationships are as tough as hooman ones! …. hope things calm down for you, EC! ….. Abby and Caddy do not have physical contact, so my life is easy at present …. Cuddles (RIP) and Abby had to be kept separate, as the Queen never accepted her new sister 🙁

    So, a busy Caturday around here …. the handy guys are about, working furiously to get things back to some degree of order before next weekend, when Day and SIL come to visit! …. can’t wait!!



    Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating it today.

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