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    Today marks the death (November 8, 1308) of medieval scholar Duns Scotus of Duns, Scotland. Perceptions of his views ranged from brilliant to less than complimentary. He believed that cone shaped hats increased learning potential, as knowledge would flow from the point of the cap, down and into the head of the wearer, making that person smarter. Critics of his work derived the term “dunce” from his name and place of birth. Ever wonder how our kits purrceive us?





    Hahaha! I love all the pictures. You can’t be that stoopid.

    It’s going to warm up today. We got to 40f/4c but It was grey and foggy most of yesterday. Today 50f/10c with sunshine is a welcome change.

    I hope Willow is feeling better. That was an odd case. It’s really sounded like a UTI.

    Miss Gaea has started her “stick to me like lint” mode.

    Have a happy~



    The pictures today really did make me laugh out loud!! The first one got me started, and they just kept getting better! ๐Ÿ˜†

    It’s beautiful here today, the sun is blazing even if it is cool outside. Avery and I will have to venture out this afternoon and soak up some vitamin D.

    Willow seems to be better, I’ve watched him pee but haven’t seen him do the other. It’s exhausting patrolling the litter boxes and I’m not fond of it. It makes me worry. I’m wondering if I should get a bigger box with no hood because he’s such a big boy and he feels cramped.



    LOL – hee hee….luv Maine Coon goggie comment along w/grey-white tuxie…reminded me of my 2 kits! Who BTW have been so attentive/luving…no dunce hat in my near future…but for you know who on this special anniversary of…gaah!
    donny dunce caps
    Um, steps off cigar box now…lalalalala – changes subject ๐Ÿ˜‰
    cat camel fun
    Hey it’s Hump Day and time for coffee now!
    hump day mug

    OK, time for more part 1 day 3 on a sunny but chilly wootsday…later/hope!



    A larger box might be what he needs. If he doesn’t feel comfortable doing his business then he may not want to do it. It won’t hurt to give it a try.

    Cheers JK! hehehe



    Hi everyone – great pics! When the stupid just won’t go away. *sigh*

    Started out cloudy here but has become a beautiful fall day. Brisk enough for sweatshirt and scarf when out walking. Berta came out and greeted me – she sits in the bushes under a bird feeder in the neighbor’s yard – and walked me home. I can’t look ahead when she’s with me, for she zigzags and often drops right in front of me to roll around. She’s such a sweetheart!



    Paw up waves toward Joan/Joisey ~ aw, sweet Berta ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sunny, blue sky and 40s…pretty day for now!
    It’s supposed cool down – highs in 30s next few days…yup, November chill is here to stay – will help leaves drop…more raking fun ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Kiki – my feral Diva usually waits for me on porch in AM – she is getting more friendly – let me pick her up for approx. 1/2 minute…purry progress!

    OK…soon back to part 2 day 3…back on flip!



    Dark, gloomy and chilly in n’hood. They’re threatening a bit of snow for Fri and a “feels like” factor of -11. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ For KJ this means -20!!!!! I am not well-protected against the cold. Guess it’s time to get out the down-filled coats even if it feels a bit early in the season.

    Went for flu shot. Nice venue as historical hall in posh shopping area. Loads of peeps, but the system was efficient and the whole procedure took like an hr or so, including the 15 min they advise peeps to wait after. Plus I got quite a bit of knitting done while waiting to be called. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m LOL – even at my own pics! If I had $5 for every stupid thing someone’s said to me … on someone’s advice I generally assume that most peeps are stupid (TDKers excluded) and based on this assumption try to glean the few who aren’t.

    Never seen anyone wear a dunce cap. But in grade school I recall teacher taping a feather to classmate’s head as he was playing with said feather. Nowadays teacher would prob be brought up on abuse charges. Well this punishment did humiliate the kid and was uncalled for.

    Trying to relax a bit the will head on out to gym.



    Woollen bรฉret and scarf today, with a short coat, not yet down. Warm gloves while on the bicycle – red leather, pretty smashing as I do my hand signals. But I don’t cycle after dark this time of year, even on cycle paths and with the requisite lights and reflectors; while my day vision is excellent, I find my night vision not so good.

    They are making parkas lined with milkweed now. Seems it is as effective as down, and suitable for vegans – as the milkweed is suitable for lovely Monarch butterflies. Unfortunately the prototypes for men and women aren’t very stylish – sort of like police or military parkas – but I’m sure that more attractive models will come out.

    I made concentrated stock from turkey parts and bones. There was quite a bit of meat, so I’m making a pie with that and vegetables, including mushrooms and potato dice, as well as onion and garlic. I don’t eat a lot of meat and almost never “red” (mammalian) meat, but have been making stock as it was the only thing I could eat when I was so ill. Livia actually doesn’t like the shredded turkey or any “human food”. I think she is happy to have a dependable supply of cat food after she, her mum and her brother were living in the lane.

    My piecrust is a “yeasted olive-oil crust”, a bit like a pizza, I also added a peewee egg to make it more pliable. Scroll down for the crust. I’ve already made the winter squash galette this season, and will again. It is easy and lovely. Vegans can easily find subs for the egg and the cheese.

    I’ve been so worried about Willow and am relieved that he seems to be on the mend!



    Willow’s woes remind me that there is a day we must absolutely keep in mind this month: World Toilet Day, the 19th of November.

    It is a day with a serious purpose, about the access to clean and safe toilets for all, particularly in poor countries but also public ones in developed countries, not always accessible. But the campaigns make copious (sorry) use of toilet humour, including an old-fashioned outhouse set up in the agora of a downtown shopping mall here.

    And this need is not confined to humans!



    Thank you for your concern for Willow, Lagatta, he appreciates it and so do I! He is such a gentle and sweet cat even when he was just a little kitten, he would make the funniest expressions on his face to communicate with me how he was feeling. We still can’t rule out the UTI really, because he was given the Convenia shot, along with anti inflammatories and now he feels better. I hate not knowing just exactly what it was. But I eliminated the dry food for all my cats for now, and they are getting only wet and I add a little warm water to it. They seem to love it and I think in the next day or two when I’m out, I will shop for another larger litter box and a fountain water bowl.



    Good afternoon all. It’s a beautiful sunny warm day and I should be heading into the garden to plant out peppers, courgettes and green beans.
    Great news from Airy, Mr B is home after having expensive surgery to repair his hip dislocation and further popping out after he was hit by a car. I got a pic of him sitting in a cage with the cone of shame on. He will be spending quite some time on restricted movement until his hip is healed and inflammation and swelling gone. She said he was happy to see her but was also not an overly happy cat at the situation he is in. Poor boy.
    Great pics, PG had to chuckle at the ‘then” & ‘now’ pics. Did you say warm up to 4C ! Brrrrr Winter temps for me. We are supposed to get 20C today but the wind we are getting from the south has the feel of the snow that fell yesterday in southern parts.
    KZ, don’t let the worrying about Willow get to you. I have been shadowing Shadz lately as she lost a lot of weight despite eating, I wormed her and she seems to be improving slowly but she is so darned picky in what she will eat. I have taken to taking her plate out on to the balcony once she had had her first nibbles and run off and she seems to like al fresco dining. If it helps her eat better then I will continue doing it. The things we do for our fur kits. Oh I see Willow geets convenia shots too, so does Shadz and Comet.
    LOL JK at the dunce hats through the ages.
    JJ, you have a portable moving roadblock in Berta.
    JK, great progress with Kiki.
    Wow KJ there must have been lots of people waiting for the flu vaccination if it took an hour. Guess I’m used to smaller city lines although I get mine done at my GP’s surgery incl the 20 mins wait which always seems like an eternity. They need better magazines in their waiting room. I used to be able to read Jcats articles there once but they no longer subscribe to that wonderful magazine. ๐Ÿ™
    Lagatta interesting about the milkweed filler for jackets. Which part of the plant is used? The squash galette sounds delicious. I have added it to the tags for easier finding at a later date .



    The “fluffy” part of the milkweed, similar to down. At my housing co-op, we planted some milkweed along with “prittier” plants, to help the poor monarchs..

    The squash galette is delicious but also easy. I use potimarron, also known as red kuri squash, if I can find it.



    I did wonder if it was the seed down PG. A great green way of using the down. I’ve done my bit in the garden planting out seedlings and then I was rescuing monarch caterpillars and moving them to another ‘swan’ plant or milkweed that has more juicy leaves on it. I also noticed several mature caterpillars had climbed up the wall of the house to the second storey and are preparing to hang themselves to the wall. This early in the season I have masses of caterpillars which is great after several years of poor numbers of butterflies.



    I didn’t know there were Monarch butterflies in your part of the world. Pleasant thought. Yes, our winters are much colder than yours, though not nearly as cold as they were a generation or two ago, and shorter; a continuing trend.

    Though it is true though mild though your climate usually is, there is no significant land mass between you and Antarctica!

    A friend from Argentina, retired here now, is planning her yearly migration towards austral summer… I don’t blame her; I hate winter.

    Hope Mr B is on the mend…

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