Wednesday – 4/1/2017 – It's Trivia Day – How Much Do We Know About our Kits?

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    This Special Day presents an opportunity to share those many little trinkets of knowledge. Especially when it comes to our purries!



    Trivia, Trivia – I love playing Trivia Pursuit!

    This Trivia is brought to you by Whiskers!

    Not much here-the kits are sleeping on my lap. I’m planning on a pedicure before it gets so cold I can’t move my toes! 😮

    I’m binge watching Colony. America has been invaded and is surrounded by a giant wall. There is one couple, the husband works for the occupation and the wife works for the resistance.

    Cya l8r and have a happy~

    Nighty Night



    Crossover pic – sleep trivia.

    We had a TDK member called Ailuromaniac for many years.
    Yeah um Noooooo. Don’t believe that.



    Awww, well all of us know a lot about our kits–unless these kits chose to not let us know how they are feeling which can also be the case!
    I know when mine are irritated with each other, or hungry 😆 these are the easiest traits!! It seems they know exactly what time it is or if I’ve let their dinner or lunch go 5 minutes past the regular time. How DARE I?

    I think cats are so much easier to care for than dogs…but ask a dog person and they would surely disagree. 😮



    Good morning – so much cat trivia! There’s so much we know, yet probably lots of things we don’t know. It’s scary how cats can be so expressive, but are experts at hiding illness.
    It’s a cloudy day here in Jersey, with somewhat mild temps, relatively speaking. Think I’ll enjoy it before the cold weather comes in tomorrow!
    AV, I see you are headed to Delaware next month, exciting!
    Thanks for remembering Jiggs with me yesterday. He is very much alive in my heart, and Mac should take it as a compliment when I so often accidentally call him Jiggs!



    Livia must be a very happy little cat because she almost always has her tail up in the air, like a little flag.



    Paw up waves to all on #NationalSpaghettiDay!
    What’s for lunch:
    lady & tramp spaghetti

    Recipe for you:

    Took a quick lunchtime walk today – brr, sunny but only +14!

    Hope all are having a better than expected wootsday!
    BTW like the cat trivia MS.
    OK, back to part 2 day 3’s fun…mwah, smooch for Tux…back on the flip!



    Dorry also likes to purrade around the place with his tail proudly waving! 🙂

    You all do know that the purring sound comes from “ancient” times when one kit accidentally swallowed a coffee percolator. 😉

    Just came in a short while ago from first sortie of the day. Actually quite nice out, although I was thankful that I opted to wear cleated boots as sidewalks have some icy patches. Temps are due to plummet as we are in for a cold snap. 🙁 That’s Winter for you!

    Second sortie will take me to tough 6 pm spin class. Instructor also subbed last Thurs. am’s class and tomorrow’s as well. When last week’s class ended she said something like “I’m back next week, this is a warning.” Gotta luv that ‘tude. Well, I do!



    Yay Livia – love to hear of happy cats! That goes for you too, Dorry!
    Thanks for the spaghetti reminder JK, I haven’t made it in a while. It serves as a meatless meal as I don’t put meatballs in the sauce. I make a yummy cheese sauce to drizzle over it alone or in addition to the marinara sauce.
    Got out for my walk today too, just before temps plunged and the wind picked up. I imagine any water around will be slick by morning.
    Gotta love the instructor ‘tude, KJ!



    Paws up ! !
    It’s a quiet day here today. Airy headed off this morning to drive back home. She has txtd me a couple of times on her way, once relaxing by a lake and another of her lunch. BTW, I am a nervous Mum until she arrives at her home safely.
    HRH Shadz will be upset to discover her bedmate isn’t here tonight.
    Today is superbly hot and sunny with a light breeze, great for drying washing which I have a line full of. HRH is asleep in her main nest under the ladder ferns.
    What do I know about Shadz – every second Summer she loses a lot of weight but as soon as the temps drop she eats heartily. She knows on the security door to be let in. Her biggest weakness is her brush, one glimpse of it in my hands and she comes running.
    KZ I agree that cats are easier to care for than dogs, especially working dogs.
    Some areas of NZ haven’t had a great start to Summer both hail and even light snow occurring. This is what they think has happened.

    Can’t say I have any complaints.



    Merlin’s tail has a life of its own – it never sleeps! When I still had the two boys, they would lie close together, both fast asleep, and the two tails would be waving, curling and uncurling, having a little chat and a cuddle together – all while their unknowing owners were in the Land of Nod.

    There’s just the one tail now, but it’s still a busy soul. I’ll swear that Merlin often walks past me and the tail pauses for a little stroke before it moves on!



    MS, the more summer you get the more accidental ice cream sundaes you may have! Kind of a catch 22…
    That’s adorable, CWS! I think Merlin’s tail-tap may be the equivalent of a head-pat by you! A “hey, I see you, and I really really like you!”

    So today this happened:
    I feed Special Kitty 13 oz. cans to the JJ crew. It’s inexpensive and one can feeds six. I checked a few loose cans and the numbers match. I’ve got three unopened cases of 12, as I stocked up before the holidays. *sigh*



    LilBit usually has his tail in the air. I wonder if this is a guy thing so they can show off their junk. They’re boys after all. 😆

    Rarely do my kits swish their tails; not even when they have kitty dreams.

    Bummer about the food JJ. I’m glad you found out now. I know you have to drive into town but the PetSmart brand Authority is pretty inexpensive. It’s comparable to Special kitty.

    We have snow – snow – snow

    We were suppose to get 2-4″ overnight but now it’s 4-8″ of snow. Yea, I’m a happy camper.



    Thanks for the Recall info JJ – I feed the 9Lives to my outdoor crew.

    CWS – I had a cat with a tail like that, I swear the tail surprised him at times! He would get mad when it knocked into things which caused him to lash it about – and knock into things. (He wasn’t the brightest thing – but very loving)



    Love all the kitty tail stories! Here’s a picture of my ‘cat tude’ picture that hangs in my foyer. Son purchased it in France, by the banks of the Seine River, from a local artist – I had it framed. One of my treasures. It’s in French, but easy to translate …..

    Abby and Caddy both swagger around with tails in the air, especially when they see us! Abby will sit at the French door and switch her tail when she sees something (now Caddy a lot) interesting



    Mmm . . . I didn’t like to mention those times when the tail gets into mischief, and poor innocent Merlin gets into trouble!

    Oh, not from me – I always pick them both up for a cuddle. But yes, the recalcitrant tail can be a bit naughty at times when Merlin is being good as gold.


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