Wednesday – 30-08-2017 – Horrors! It's National Frankenstein Day!

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    Celebrating the birth of Mary Shelley creatrix of Frankenstein, one of the best known horror characters of all time!



    I’m playing on the computer and I accidently opened Face time: Yikes! I just put on a mud mask and whoa, talk of monsters! 😆

    I loaned my car to my niece while hers is in the shop and I have no way to escape. I don’t have anywhere to go so I guess, that’s a good reason to do as my doctor said and keep my leg elevated.

    I finished watching a real tear jerker “Blessd.”

    Cya and have a happy~

    Sova mjukt och i fred
    Sleep gently and in peace – Swedish



    Remember Thursday is TDK Black Cat Appreciation Day! That’s tomorrow



    Nice of you to give niece car as loaner, PG.

    I posted some info for you on coffee massage oil etc. in yest Café. It’s on one of the Café tables along with a cup of the Staff kitties’ “special brew.”

    Kitties holding hands – awwww!!!!!

    Can sleep in a bit this am, ‘cept “had” to get up and get my owner’s brekkie ready – yes I know my priorities. And turns out that my foot does have a bruise so did the arnica/ice thing and headed back to bed for a bit with the ice-pack on.



    OH yes-I looked that up KJ! I’m going to order some to see if it’s wonderful. If not, I can mix it with my Cannabis cream and… I’ll get back to you.



    Cannabis cream – you’re kiddin’ me! Right? Hmmm … Not sure that this would be legal here – as yet! OK I won’t get started!

    Off to do an honest day’s work, well a few hrs anyway. 😉 L8R



    Midweek coffee time in café!
    Adding my 2.5 cents:
    frankenstein purry duo
    LOL 😉

    frankie mug
    Woot woot w/cuppa fave brew!

    Mwah – thanks Tux, you’re t’e best!
    tuxie as frankie's bride
    Luv your doo of the day kit! Tuxiestein 😀
    Pretty day today…sunny/may hit 80…



    LOL @ JK’s bride of Frankinstein cat!
    …. wait, Caddy told me everyday was black cat appreciation day …..

    Happy hump day everyone! Mr. AV and I skipped work yesterday and ran off to the beach and ate sea side and saw dolphins! of course, I pay for it today playing catch up, but it was so worth it! ….. hope everyone is having a good day, L8R all!!



    I posted tomorrow’s Black Cat Appreciation Day for any early hoomins!



    KJ, I think I stole that pic of Frankenstein’s monster and the wee kitten for my stash to use it as my fb profile pic around Halloween.

    Been having computer issues – it seems the laptop screen is kaput. Have a monitor on loan from a friend but it means I have to be stationary; usually I take my laptop to where I can sit in a cozy spot, whereas now I have to make a workspace. I’ve started doing that, however now there’s a pile of stuff that’s displaced. It’s an ongoing battle…

    There are about a half dozen turkey vultures in my backyard right now. From my spot next to the cats’ skybox they are about eye level. They are absolutely huge…and really ugly! Turkey vultures go after dead stuff, so ugly as they are, they (as well as opossums) make for a good cleanup crew. They also look magnificent when they fly and glide from tree to tree. Wonder what they’re watching.

    Didn’t get to the shelter to meet the CH kitty yesterday, hope to tomorrow. The ACO is working with other shelters to find room for animals coming in from Texas. Unfortunately I don’t think I can foster “Lefty” due in part because of my work schedule. He can’t walk, so I would need to keep him in a crate all day, and he needs a bit of cleanup after he uses his special, low-sided litterbox. I’m also concerned about Mac, he can be kind of an a$$hole sometimes. He will find Comet during the night and nip at him. Instead of having a pesky kitten who jumps on him, he may go after a ten month old who can’t run away or defend himself.



    Update on the vultures. There’s something in my yard, but it looks more like something straight from the butcher as opposed to a local animal. Earlier I found a bag which I assumed was dropped by a bear from neighbor’s yard. Not in the mood to deal with it, I tossed it over the rock wall for them to deal with, not something I normally do. Hey, I’ve cleaned up more than my share over the years, it’s the newbies’ turn!



    No prob JJ! I stole the pic straight from the I’Net! 😉

    Vultures? At first I thought that this is so in keeping with today’s “horror” theme! And why should you deal with someone else’s garbage? Although at times I toss out n’bour’s trash from the chute area, ’cause if maintenance guy doesn’t clean up ’til next day, well I don’t want to find anything creeping around. 😮

    Makes sense re your fostering “Lefty.” You can only do so much.

    I detest ‘puter probs. Right now more sites upgrade and I can’t gain access. Latest was a yarn e-tailer. Then again, I don’t need any more yarn, I have a whole slew of sweaters to knit. And if I’m that desperate I can use ‘puters at public library. But at some point I might give in and get me a new ‘puter.

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