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    Presenting an opportunity to finally throw away the rock hard old fruitcake. After the holidays are over, it’s time to bring in the new, and toss out the old. Today is the day that the fruit cake goes … hooray!

    Kewel scratching post idea!



    Who ate all the fruitcake?
    Oh I do like a fruit cake,I only made them for Christmas but gave up making them a few years ago when the changing weather caused them to go mouldy way too quickly. I used to soak the fruit in ginger ale for a day before making the cake. Mmmmm great flavour.

    I’m back after a couple of busy days with our girls mini putting, having lunch out and shopping(yes I bought plants – don’t judge me}
    KZ I see you have the inconsiderate chilly weather there still and the water heater is off. Hope it comes on soon.
    KJ, sorry about your tummy problems. What ! It’s been 2 weeks that you haven’t been able to eat properly, girl you don’t have enough body mass for that. Time for a Dr maybe or have you already seen one. Keep up your fluids any way possible and get an electrolyte drink if at all possible to help replace vital nutrients, minerals and salts.
    JK, your temps are almost balmy compared to KZ area.
    JJ, hope you can fend off the pipes freezing with the drip method. You are so good with the houses and blankets you put out for the outdoor kits.

    I was just out with Airy and it has been a wet day and a wet footpath and flip flops don’t mix well. This was me –
    And then I was no longer vertical but horizontal. I did a KJ. I landed on my right hip/buttock area and right forearm. Nothing broken and a lovely couple helped Airy get me upright again. I am feeling quite sore now but have arnica on the affected areas and taken painkillers but everything is feeling twisted,warped and well and truly thumped. I still have my sense of humour though and wonder if the ‘action’ was caught on the CCTV at the mall. I hope they are enjoying it. We have a tropical storm rolling in tomorrow/today by the time you all read this. Heavy rain and high winds and huge tides. Airy is leaving in the morning and is hoping to stay ahead of the weather. I will be a worried Mum until she is safely home.
    HRH is going to miss her, she has been eating well for Airy and snuggling up with her at night instead of staying outside all night.



    MS, you like fruitcake, I like fruitcake. Maybe fruitcake in the Antipodes is a different beast from fruitcake in the US? Sounds as if you might be in for the tail end of the tropical storms that hit southern Queensland a few days ago. Pleasantly warm in Melbourne, with one horror hot day forecast for Saturday. There was a category 1-2 cyclone (hurricane) off Western Australia a week or so ago and it’s dislodged a splodge of superheated air from Central Australia and sent it our way. Comes of living on the edge of a very flat country.



    With fruitcake, it’s not the cake per se, it’s those fake-looking green and red maraschino cherries that would have me as “heaving in toilet kit” – though that pink bthrm could do it to me too! LOL

    Sorry that you fell MS. Ice and whatever pain meds work for you might help as well. At least peeps helped you get up, here it’s a hit and miss sort of thing, although I generally get offered help. So stressful being out of commission in any way.

    BTW Associate Fitness Director at gym just got back from vaca in NZ. Says peeps are awesomely friendly – and he hadn’t met the MS’s who would have def proved the point. ! πŸ™‚

    That pic makes me feel sorry for the horsie, though!

    Physio told me last night that sore rib can take long time until it feels right. *Sigh*

    Thank G-d felt better since yest at gym so have plan in place with med prof. as there is prob a logical reason why this happened. Reg. scheduled stress-inducing appt as per on Tues anyway so a complete discussion will take place then unless I G-d forbid feel bad again in next few days. It has to do with situation no one would appreciate my going into – not that I would do so anyway.

    I really must resolve to get a better handle on things, although I have done better over time, so I’ve been told.

    Yeah, eating way less than the way I usually don’t eat enough has not done me any favours whatsoever.

    Anyway snowing out and if I dress for it I should be OK as I plan to go out and pick up a few things before officially going out way later to gym. l8r.



    Fruitcake Catnip toy? πŸ˜†

    My aunt made Stollen and it was good. Fruitcake is so dense while her Stollen was lighter.

    Wearing flip-flops in the rain sounds like something I’d do. I hope you didn’t bruise too badly. That gif of the colt slipping/sliding is adorable. You’re suppose to be worried, paws crossed that HRH keeps eating well.

    It’s good the cyclone wasn’t any worse. The cold freeze has dropped down into Florida. AV and ECB will be feeling cold temps. The entire Gulf coast is now in the freeze. We’ve had a few below freezing temps. but nothing like the rest of you.

    I bought a heated throw a few years back because my arthritis. It’s the best investment; the kits love it and it cheaper than running the furnace. The heated throw blanket has 3 heat settings and a 2-hour auto shut-off for safety.

    Gosh KJ-I’m you bunches of white light hoping you’re better soon.

    I’m doing something today but not sure what it will be. πŸ˜‰

    Have a happy~



    MS, sorry to hear that you fell. The actual act of falling and then hitting the ground is like being suspended in shock…well for me anyway, as I can’t bear to think about screwing up my new hip. I did fall a few months ago and made myself fall on the opposite side and Mr. KZ said it was a miracle I didn’t hit my head on the porch on the way down. Oops, I never thought about that. It is what it is and my ankle was messed up for months but it feels better now.

    Fruitcake, um, I’ll try yours MS, but the ones around here, like KJ said, make you want to hurl. πŸ˜›

    I just don’t see them around much at all, unless I get a catalog of treats and there’s always one or two versions in there!



    Tks PG – much apurr-eciated! Thanks to all of you for putting up with my woes.

    Another use for fruitcake might be as doorstop. Or paperweight.Yeah the catnip fruitcake toy – should I source it out, purrhaps might not be best plan.



    Paw up – midweek waves ~ First Weds in 2018 – woot woot!
    weds half way there w 2 kits
    No fruitcake here…did finally try Pannetone this year! Actually took one over to my Aunt’s on Xmas – she loved it! Reminded her of tradn’l “Babka” from other Great Aunt from years ago-she’d make them for Easter!
    pannetone chocotone
    Did pick up a chocotone on sale for moi…haven’t tried it yet! πŸ™‚

    Ok, time for another cuppa Java…
    coffee right meow mug
    Mwah -thanks Tux…later/hopeful!




    Pannetone is delish. It’s another “fruitcake” that’s light and tasty. I don’t know why fruitcakes are so heavy because it’s basically the same recipe.



    I’ll take your word PG and JK on the pannetone. I’d still have to pick out all those green/red things, which is def not a kewel look in company, or even in front of Dorry LOL.

    Does that weather report mean that AV and ECB are going to experience the delights of snow?

    I’d have to know what report means by brutal temps before I decide whether to express sympathy. Here we’re used to brutal temps and tuff it out hehehe!

    As for the vid of peeps “testing out” storm conditions, I don’t quite get it!

    I could’ve used a handyman like AV’s Scottie today. Was attempting to re-install foyer lighting fixture and weirdly it wouldn’t go on properly. Glass thing is heavier than this one LOL. And with rib achy was not fun. Asked n’bour guy for help and he couldn’t get it on either. Advised landlord and maintenance guy will be working in one of the other condos tomorrow so I asked him to stop by. Plan B is I’ll just get a new fixture, which I suppose is possible. Might try again after, but good that I just applied nail polish to keep from messing with the thing now. *Sigh*



    Afternoon everyone! ….. sorry for the spill MS, and KJ I hope your tummy issues get better soon!

    Yes, I am lucky to have Scottie, he spends almost every weekend with us doing maintenance/upkeep on this 109 year old home – it’s never ending …. plus he enjoys doing projects with Mr. AV, they are BFFs.

    Dau and SIL got home safely with the two boys, left yesterday, which was the really first cold (50s) day here …. lucky for me, since the room was already kitty proof, I moved Miss Caddy right in, as the night temps were in the 30s and will be until Sunday, so she’ll spend the week ‘Anne Franked’ in the attic …. she’s actually very glad to be in the warmth, she has her own cat bed, food station and litterbox set up, plus I go up several times a day to give her some attention/love and check on her …. she’s doing great! …. I also brought A’tuin inside, he’s in a box with some warm pinestraw ….

    I cannot take fruitcake, the dried fruit along with the sweetness & dense texture are not my liking ….

    Well, it’s finally stopped raining here and the air is cold and brisk …. I’m too far south to get snow, but EC is closer to the pan-handle, so she might! Tomorrow my Hazel comes to get the house back in order after all the guests, and I’m making a large pot of chicken and dumplings …. have a great evening all and stay WARM! …. if I’m cold, ya’ll must be freezing!!



    “My humans are eating fruitcake.” Heh. Comet wants a fruitcake toy.
    Oh no, MS, you did a KJ, feel better soon! Stay safe through the storm. And KJ, I do hope you start feeling better soon.
    I like Pannetone. Not very often, it’s in the same category as egg nog. Is chocotone the chocolate cake version of it?
    Stay warm, AV, and no I’m not snickering. It’s all relative. Glad A’tuin is cozy inside.
    Just finished making a new shelter to put right outside the back door. It’s got Styrofoam insulation, double layered in thick plastic, and the bottom has a layer of plastic, newspaper and straw. I’m hoping Huey will use it starting tonight. There are blizzard warnings up around here, due mostly to the high winds and arctic temps predicted.



    Ugh! to your winter storms. NZ is one of the few places in the world with a decent climate (if you exclude Invercargill) – it’s a pity it has a disconcerting tendency to move around.

    Pannetone and stollen are delish, and yes, much lighter than fruitcake. They’re both essentially sweet yeast breads with fruit and spices. REAL fruitcake, as I understand the term, i.e. the stuff you make yourself, does not have fake cherries (dyed candied melon) but can have real glacΓ© cherries. The cake itself is not particularly sweet – most of the sweetness comes from the dried fruits. The fruits can be marinated in booze (rum, brandy, whiskey etc.), orange juice, or ginger ale. The cake part is a true cake, made with butter, sugar, flour, eggs, spices, not a yeast bread; there should be only a bit more cake than is needed to hold the fruit together. If the fruit has been marinated in booze the flavour will improve with storage and the cake will stay moist and yummy for ages. If it gets the chance.



    Good afternoon all.
    PM, I am thinking along the same lines as you that maybe fruitcake in the Antipodes is different to the US version. We use dried fruit of the raisin, sultana currant type with fruit peel from lemons and oranges in it and also dried cherries. Depending on the brand of dried fruit you buy there may be ‘fake red and green cherries’ in it but not many. I don’t eat fruitcake now, far too rich but I wouldn’t offend anyone who offers me some. πŸ˜‰ Mmmmmmmm. Even nicer if it has been iced with almond icing and then Royalty icing. We definitely are in for quite a storm according to the meteorology service, we are getting the front edge of it now. It was unbelievably muggy this morning with the tropical heat from the storm being pushed ahead of it. Airy left this morning on her long drive home and has just messaged me that she has arrived at her overnight stop halfway home. The storm will pass over her during the night/early morning and hopefully the worst will be gone by the time she sets off on the second leg of her journey. I see you are forecast to get to 40 in the coming days with that splodge of superheated outback air coming in. Keep cool.
    KJ, thankfully my fall has not resulted in any injuries that I can see, so far not eve a bruise. Sleep was fitful as I couldn’t sleep on the side that took the brunt of the landing but it’s fine when I am walking round. Oh which part of NZ did the Fitness director visit? We do have a reputation of being friendly, it takes too much effort to be unfriendly I say. Good to hear that you are feeling better and make that continue each day.
    PG, LOL at the fruitcake that returns. Daughter Meegz bought Stollen this year and Panettone is also easy to purchase now. I see that the nasty weather gripping the NE of the US is spreading down the seaboard towards Florida and things will be quite nippy there.
    KZ, as you fall it’s all in slow motion. Airy almost managed to grab me but if she had I am sure there would have been two of us on the ground and we would have laughed so hard the footpath would have been even wetter. I was making a huge effort NOT to fall on my knees as I knew the pain would have been unbearable and I succeeded.
    😯 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† She said my legs were going crazy and I was leaning backwards and then forwards then backwards. we had a great laugh later at Mum’s. We decided to buy ourselves a Lotto ticket on the way home as I had had such good luck not breaking anything and her ticket won her over $800. The look on her face was hilarious when she saw the draw.
    AV, big sigh of relief from you I bet when the kids messaged they were back home safely. LOL at Caddy being Anne franked in the attic, good description. She will be safe and warm there.
    JJ, I bet the shelter will be well used over the coming days.
    Mr MS is home as it’s too wet to work outside and we will check around the yard and do any stormproofing as we are also going to get gales. Wind has already picked up some. HRH hasn’t come to the door yet to come in so maybe she is already upstairs asleep on Airy’s bed. I must check.
    PM, typical humans we even complain about our rather lovely climate here. I’ve never been as far south as Invercargill but had a niece at uni there and she said the climate was better there than in Dunedin to there north.



    Sending good vibes to Airy for the rest of her trek home.



    MS, don’t where fitness guy visited in NZ, only that he had terrif time.

    Falls can be quite traumatic, when I tripped last wk and hit my rib for a sec I lay there with the wind knocked out of me.

    Seems that I spoke too soon re my stomach issue. Very bad again tonight so after spin class tomorrow I’m going to check out whether it’s a bacterial thing as opposed to what the thinking is, and a blood test to see how electrolytes are. You can all thank me later from sparing you details. πŸ˜‰ I so don’t need this! πŸ™

    Opening tomorrow’s CafΓ© then bed. Hope Dorry forgives me for not playing with him enough these past days.

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