Wednesday – 29/11/2017 – Swing Your Partner on Square Dance (or any Dance) Day!

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    Here’s a chance to get out and “Do Si Do” with your partner. Or just show off your best moves. The kits will take the lead!





    Cats make me laugh and this morning’s pics did too…who knows how kits and twist and hop around like that and suffer no damage! I am a bit jealous of their ‘carefreeness’ and lack of aches and pains and limping afterwards! 😆

    Well, it’s another gorgeous day and I would like to get outside this afternoon and cut some greenery from my bushes and trees to decorate a couple spots. I’m sure Avery will like helping me, she is a great pine cone picker upper too!



    I had no idea there were so many Square Dancing Cats. 😆 I like picking up pine cones, too.

    This is my 2.5 cents:



    Woot woot…Today’s Reminder: Dance Like No One is Watching 😉
    Adding my 2.5cents share:
    cats dancing duo
    Duo Kits strutting style 🙂
    trio dancing kits
    3 x’s the fun!

    Ok, need cuppa fave brew…coffee please!
    mornin brew
    Ahh…hits the spot ~ thanks kit!



    Hi all – can’t say as I’ve gone square dancing in many years. Long ago dad and I square danced as part of a father-daughter Girl Scout thing. Loving the dancing kitties! The redneck camel is great!

    It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey too. Tomorrow is expected to be much colder but I will be at work all day so I’m not missing out. We don’t even have the wood burner going today, though when I go outside I can smell several neighbors’ stoves.

    Crud symptoms much better. It wasn’t a particularly bad cold, mostly annoying. Resting on my day off and hanging with the kitties!



    Still nice and sunny in my n’hood but chilly – 40 degrees, no complaints could be dismal with that “S” stuff falling 😉
    More Dancing fun continues…
    Hey, afternoon kitteh Zumba Class is going on:
    kitteh dance
    Get up off that chair and shake your tush too!

    Ok, back to part 2 day 3 as end if months day Eve – hee hee, back on the flip!



    JK, those zumba kits look better than some peeps!

    I’ve never taken up square dancing either.

    Got home in time to go out again, this time to gym.

    Glad you’re feeling better JJ. I seem to be having some gut stuff going on, not fun at all and I might be headed towards the tea/toast route.



    I remember having to square dance in Elementary School. Another therapy issue as an adult. 😆

    Maybe you can get enough rest to finally kick the crud.



    Forced square dancing – IMHO would be quite traumatic! Forced any activity – same thing!

    I’m feeling whacked and weakened so I’m off to open tomorrow’s Café and then get into bed.

    BTW – “Vikings” has started again! Yes!

    And there’s a new series “Knightfall” about the Templars starting Dec 6th. Wonder what liberties series will take with history.

    Realized that I have Space Channel so added it to my fave list. Worth it just for old “Twilight Zone” episodes, very moralistic. Plus it’s neat seeing intro with Rod Serling looking suave and always holding a cigarette.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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