Wednesday 25-04-2018 – It’s World Penguin Day!

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    Penguins are awesome! And today is the perfect day to sport black and white. However, wearing a tuxedo in their honour is optional.



    For our friends in NZ and OZ

    Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping.” (Wikipedia)



    Good morning – penguins are interesting creatures. They are birds, but they swim!
    It’s a rainy day here in Jersey, no snow mixed in!






    There are already a surfeit of penguin pics PG! 😉

    But the vid – squeeeeeeee to the nth degree.

    Now if I were in a position to adopt one of those kits I would be in a difficult dilemma. Guess I’d just shut my eyes and see which kit approached me first. 🙂

    So my new micro is being brought over soon. I need better luck with it than my usual history with said appliance. *Sigh*

    Rainy, sorta muggy out and I have windows open. It is noisy and peeps who visited last night seemed not impressed with this. But agent noted that one can’t do much about living on a busy intersection.

    I wish I could arrange a place to move to. Like now! In my less astute moments almost tempted to take a place from July – which would be a total waste of $$$. Uncertainty is a big issue for me and one that I must nonetheless deal with.

    I’m also feeling like c**p – literally. Guts are being noncompliant. This is an ongoing situation and I know why this is happening which helps some but let’s just say it takes it out of me. LOL but not so much. And I can ill afford this. *Mega sigh*

    With spin class at 6 pm, plan to do some course work – started “Morality in Everyday Life”. Quite interesting. Would be neat to have peeps to discuss my views with, but better to be getting a mental workout on my own as opposed to being in a lecture room with stupid peeps and the prof having to take half the classtime explaining “Who’s Who” in the realm of psychology/philosophy . Yes I am a bit of an elitist – more than a bit. 😉 It’s also the only opp for this grrl to “virtually” study at Yale!



    Paw up – almost lunch time around here!
    Timez for Nomz!
    cat small fish penguin large fish

    Hee hee…plus!
    otis & friend
    Remembering special cartoon friends today! 😉

    penguin mug
    Ok -time for cuppa fave brew…later/hope



    Took 3 cats to the vet today, yikes! Leela provided “nuggets of joy” for the group’s stool sample and growled through her exam, and was not the wildcat she has a reputation of. Comet and Mac did great. Bonus, vaccinations are 50% off on Wednesday and I get a “multiple pet” discount.
    All this in the rain. Better than snow!



    Peso looks sort of like Bill the cat who thinks he’s a Penguin…Peso has more white on his ears though.

    JJ, you deserve an award for three cats at once to the vet and in the rain. Oh yes, the nuggets of joy–when you wonder what you are smelling and realize that you have a cat in a carrier that will probably also need a bath on returning home. 😆

    Well, it’s been cloudy all day here and sort of a mist in the air. It cleared up a few hours ago, and the sun is blazing so should make for a beautiful sunset! Next week is supposed to be downright spring like!!



    Sorry to hear your guts not cooperating, KJ. You want some Lorazapam? I would contact the renters board/assoc. and find out if you can leave early. You know you’re leaving so ask if you can leave in, say, August? That will give you enough time to find a place and good weather to move. I don’t see why this would be a problem and if this were solved, purrhaps, you won’t as much stress?

    Wow, that’s a deal on vaccines. When you have multi-cat households, you gotta find the deals.

    Peso looks like Bill the Cat who thinks he’s a penguin-poor Peso. ACK!!

    When is Peso going to be our DK?



    Think I’ll take a pass on the drugs, PG! 😉

    Yeah re my apt thing, not sure but if I leave early I would still have to pay the rent for entire year. Unless they want me out early, and then I’m in a negotiating position. Spoke with my agent, who lives down the hall and from her many yrs of experience tells me that after July (our major moving time here, ‘cept on my case), places are anxious to rent any non-reted dwellings. In any case she agreed that landlord will have great difficulty renting this place as he has not maintained it. And I would be willing to spend a bit more and have a month or 2 to move in slowly. Officially landlord has to give me non-renewal notice June 30. I don’t think that I want to start up at present. Will have to think on all this.

    Pouring out and I’m almost off to bed. Have a good night all!



    You might be in a good position to negotiate. Any lawyer friends?



    I agree with Lagatta. You really should be in great position to leave early without paying through the end of the year.



    Appreciate advice. But don’t want to get involved with legal issues unless I have to. And I have no case. Just because the landlord is a total jerk, well from what I hear most of them are. Ultimately he’s paying to fix the floor and will clearly have to do other stuff if he intends to sell the place. But this is between landlord and his agent, who was very much not impressed, although she was very impressed with how I’ve kept the place and my decor style. 🙂

    Plus as mentioned later in Summer agent maintains that she can get me a better rental deal.And if they want me out so that they can do repairs, well aside from paying me back for rest of year they’ll have to pay for my move, and perhaps other stuff.

    Fact is that had they not decided to sell I prob would have not considered moving. Purrhaps would have just insisted on some things being fixed and a paint job.

    Of course, if landlord starts giving me grief I’ll pronto call Rental Board, who are generally on side of tenant.

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