Wednesday 22-11-2017 – It’s Go For a Ride Day … Vroom!!!

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    You don’t need a destination to enjoy this day. And the transportation mode can be anything. A car, bus, or motorcycle ride may immediately come to mind. But there are other modes of riding. And don’t the kits know it!



    Yay! It’s Wednesday! Kind of like a Friday for me…short week with the holiday. We will be having our dinner on Saturday here. Like AV, I buy a fresh turkey and have a convection oven (option) too. I couldn’t live without one after having it. It cooks poultry so well and doesn’t dry things out. I don’t stuff my turkey either, but use drippings and the neck broth for flavor, and bake the dressing in a separate pan. I think that also helps the turkey not be dry. In order to get the dressing done and hot enough to not cause food poisoning, the turkey gets over done. That’s just been my experience. Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s meal…I love get togethers!!

    It is so November-like here, gold and gray outside, a hint of snow in the air, but so beautiful and quiet. Lots of deer passing through our fields. Not looking forward to deer gun season that will be coming up. I feel like it’s not even safe to be outside… 😐



    Good morning – I’m going for a ride down the mountain later to get my hair cut. It’s getting long, and though people are saying, “ooh, your hair is getting long!” it tends to look stringy when it gets to a certain length. I have super fine straight hair, think ’70s style, so will just have an inch or two taken off.

    Thank you for the info on yesterday’s thread, AV!

    I guess deer hunting season will be starting here soon too, KZ. I’ll know when I see pick up trucks rammed into the woods off the side of the road heading down the mountain.

    I’m so sad at the news of David Cassidy’s passing. He had the best hair in the business back in the day. Boys wanted to look like him (even if they wouldn’t admit it) and girls wanted to be with him. Like most kids my age, I outgrew him, but have always loved his voice and music.

    My favorite





    They’re threatening nice weather but it’s been overcast for the last 2 days. It’s not cold just blah. Baking cookies begins today.

    If you and/or family traveling, be safe.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Hey PG, I’m going vroom in my jag. It’s almost the same color blue as the pic you posted. It’s not the fancy-schmancy kind like this one, mine’s a 2001 sedan, but I love it – bought it used several years ago for the hood ornament. I bought it from the doc I used to work for…and work for again. His wife says it was her favorite car and she won’t get another jag because they don’t have the cool hood ornaments anymore.
    Sometimes I feel under dressed when I go vroom wearing jeans and a t-shirt.



    Paw up waves – woot woot with VROOOOOOMMMMMM 😉
    mutts lol
    Gotta Luv Mutts…Moochie and Earl are t’e best 🙂

    weds kits

    OK, now time for cuppa fave brew…thanks Tux



    That wee “Cat-Nav”!!!!! Squeeee!!!!!!! OK I just came to, phew!

    JJ, you have a jag? Wow, I’m impressed.

    I have a black jag – OK in my dreams. Not knowing how to drive and all. 😉 I’m good at virtual, ie going “nowhere fast” on a spin bike, although one can calculate mileage. One of our instructors has some gr8 rides up on the big screen, including a rider going up Pikes Peak – always makes me think of you in Colorado, PG. 🙂

    Murky and chilly outside. But even though I’m going out l8r I need some air, fresh or not, so off to return some library books and more importantly pick up a case of nomz for my boss.



    The old models are the best. As far as I’m concerned, you can drive nekked if you’re driving a Jag.



    Srsly PG?

    It’s just a bit chilly in my n’hood for one to drive nekked. Unless one has faux fur seat covers. And heated seats. Not to mention those srsly tacky fur dice! Although here’s a good use for them. 😉



    Riding originally referred to horses, mostly, and other large mammals that can be trained to tolerate human on their backs. The Jefferson Starship (child of the Airplane) once had a hit called “Ride the Tiger”, but large felines are not among those mammals…

    I rode my bicycle today, but not very far; just some local errands as it is faster – and warmer – than walking. I was actually quite warm when I returned home. We had a bit of freezing rain but it has all melted and the streets, pavements and cycle paths are dry. My entire run was on cycle paths, making it much safer. I’m really glum when the snow comes to stay … sort-of, our weather is now a freeze and melt cycle, but that also causes potholes and worse.

    My fantasy has nothing to do with a Jag, but why not go all out for a private railway car as royalty and bigwigs used to have. It would obviously feature VIP boxes for my cat where she could safely view the landscape without falling if there was a sudden stop.

    Today is also National Housing Day in Canada. I’m wearing a button that declares “Adoptez un chat errant” (Adopt a stray cat), so I guess I’ve done my part in housing errant felines. Now, the SPCA helps people who adopt stray cats or dogs, even if they aren’t at their shelter. Unfortunately, that programme started up AFTER I’d paid for deworming, spaying, shots, etc…



    Almost time for end of day around here – get to leave a tad earlier for long Thanksgiving weekend!

    Here’s a li’l bit o’ Holiday Fun!
    Thanksgiving duo
    Yes, Brutie was visiting us today too!

    Wishes for all celebrating – have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Enjoy weekend ahead for all in TDK Land!

    Back on Monday…later!



    Afternoon all! ….. cats and cars – love them both! ….
    KZ, sounds like you and I do our turkeys very similar – I did mine this morning, and I have to say, it turned out purrfect! …. evenly browned all over and oh so moist! ….. already deboned and soaking in au jus, til tomorrow when I will thicken it up for gravy and re-heat the meat ….. house smells wonderful!!

    I have chopped/prepped/bagged all my other stuff, then will put my dressing and the macncheese together in the morning. Squash is done and also waiting to be heated. Green beans snapped and bagged, butter beans ready to go ….. should just be putting things together, heating up and we eat around 2!

    I bought a ‘cornhole’ game to have for the holidays this year, and I just got my new bags from etsy ….. team kitty and team puppy, they are adorable and the family loves to play cornhole! Son is having dinner in LV with his boss and wife; Dau and SIL are in VA with the in-laws …. but I’ll have everybody here for Christmas/Hanukkah – YAY!!!!! can’t wait!

    Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy your day tomorrow! L8R all!



    Just popping in and out again. Busy busy today.

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