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    Card Reading Day is a day to read cards … no more, no less. Purrhaps of the purrdictive variety!



    What a beautiful dawn here, with pink and purple fingers in the sky, and the sun rising. We should have some fog but not much more rain. Livia has been out in the “green lane” (ruelle verte) which is of mostly white and melty grey now. She is back upstairs for the second half of her breakfast, and is sound asleep on her fleece blanket, on her armchair, in my office. This week, her purple blanket – fleece blankets folded into a cushion shape are much easier to wash than a cushion. She also has a red blanket and a multicolour one.

    I get up early every day as I have quite a bit of work and am much more efficient in the morning than the evening. I fell asleep at 8pm yesterday evening…



    Good morning – I know nothing of reading cards, but I suspect Leela does. She loves her spellbook! Most of her spells are for making sun puddles, full food bowls and a front row seat at the wood burner. Responsible kitties only use their spells for good.

    Record high temps here today, with rain later. It’s so much easier to take care of the outdoor gang when the weather is cooperative!

    Has anyone been watching the olympics? I’ve enjoyed armchair skiing, snowboarding and skating.

    Oooh, anyone remember Wacky Packs? Goofy cards that came with chewing gum that cut your cheek every time. Comet would love them (not the gum though)!



    I’ve been watching the Olympics a bit, but it is funny – here it is mostly about sports where Canadians excel; I’ve also watched parts of the Winter Olympics in the Netherlands, where it is all about long-distance skating, and in Italy, where it is more Alpine, as their only serious snow is in mountainous Alpine and Apennine areas.

    While cheating by anyone must have consequences, it is odd to have Winter Olympics without Russia.



    Yes, I have been watching the olympics, with my focus mainly on skating. Too bad, IMO, that they focus on the technicalities–especially the jumping–and not on the graceful movements in days gone by. I think some jumping is required, but 5 quadruples (whether you are successful) in a program is just strange, and if you fall, it’s okay as long as you have made the attempt. Um, no. Ice spray on one’s outfit is not becoming.

    I don’t read cards, but I do cast spells… 😉 and mostly for good and that’s the same thing as praying…..right? 😆



    Card reading Kits? hmmm Swami Paws in so cute! I hope you’re morning has been productive, Lagatta.

    We are so lucky. Last night we set a new temperature low: -7f/-21c. The sun is shining now and we warmed up to 3f/16c. After I cleared the walkways and the sun sorta came out yesterday, I put Miss Gaea outside. I stood by the window watching her then let her back in a few minutes later. We did this a couple of more times. I’ve been watching the Olympics but I get tired of the talking heads.

    Have a happy~

    This is for all our feral moms:



    I find the talking heads annoying too, especially during skating programs. One should be able to watch the show and hear the music without the drone of the commentary.



    Tarot kit hehehe! 🙂

    Well I’m not sure what the cards have in store for me (not that I hold by this at all) but yet again my micro is weird. As in paint flaking off, which per se should not be huge issue. Contacted/sent pics to Panasonic where due to prev probs have direct line of CS guy who will review get back to me. *Sigh*

    I do have back-up micro but I don’t feel like carrying it up from locker storage. And this all stresses me.

    But here is pic of last 2 of 5 hats. One to go with navy coat the other to complement wine coat. And they wil go with other coats as well. Wine hat features the super-floofy legendary pink rabbit tail. Right! But can switch pompoms out as have white/black/grey in faux fur stash.

    Before I get back to sweaters I’m doing something for charity project that LYS (local yarn store) is involved with for local hospital. It’s super-easy knit caps for women chemo patients. Strangely I had ordered too much fine yarn for previous sweater and it’s perfect for this, soft cotton/acrylic, machine washable and a lovely shade of mid pink “Flamingo.”



    That is lovely. The cotton Parkhurst bérets and snoods are also excellent for people undergoing chemo, but it is especially nice to have someone knit one for you when you are going through such a rough period.




    Paw Up ~ Midweek Mid-day Waves!

    Yes, it’s time for some Cool Cat Fun!
    cool cat with glasses

    Click on links below for more furry fun!

    Hunting mode: ON. ????

    Posted by Happy Cats on Friday, February 16, 2018

    Not warm enough around my n’hood for treat but bet in Kiwi Country or Fl
    it would be welcomed!
    cool cat snowcone

    Ok, time for part 2 day 3’s sun…
    Kliban mug
    another version of cool cat/s…Kliban’s – one of my faves…cheers!
    Back on flip!



    PG, that story somewhat renews my hope that there is decency and caring in our world. Both kits look to be in the pink of health (and may it remain this way) and Theo has a white floofy tummy that all but begs for snorgling!

    Feel just a bit under the weather, gut issues and whatever. Gym should prove distraction and not surprisingly “posh” Health Club opening is put off ’til next Tues. There could be a mass rebellion! 😉 I just want to be able to move into my new locker already but can certainly wait a bit longer.

    One thing about online courses is that I can knit while watching the videos. Which might not go over all that well in a “live” class. Proof of whether I still grasped the material will come when I do the quiz.



    I didn’t make it back into the yesterday’s Cafe after my initial post the night before as I had a dentist appointment that didn’t quite go to plan. Nothing terrible, just a tooth required a crown after removal of ancient amalgam filling from my school days and not mush tooth existing underneath. No great biggie(except maybe the bill) but while they were making the crown another patient had things go wrong and they had to bump me until later in the day. I had just enough time to swallow cold baked beans before physio for my foot which was a restful appointment until the tape wouldn’t stick to me despite added adhesive spray. I think it was just one of those days where things were not going to go smoothly. Oh and I almost ran out of petrol because my mind was clouded by pain from my mouth. All good now though.
    Glad you like the wee item about Thomas and Henry, it just goes to show that ‘love is where you find it’.
    BTW, it’s a great card game.

    Lagatta your dawn sounds beautiful.
    JJ, I have been watching the Olymppics when I can, the time difference is slightly in our favour this time. I thoroughly enjoyed the Skeleton and the Super G and slalom so far. Also seen a bit of figure skating too.
    Lagatta there are Russians competing under the OAR designation or Olympic Athletes from Russia and under the Olympic flag.
    KZ, right, it is the same thing.
    PG, good grief -21C dang that is low. Airy txtd me this morning to complain about 11C in her city but added that with the wind chill it would definitely be in single digits and where the he** has Summer gone. We also had a cool night, no fan and the sheet was definitely on. Yay Miss Gaea got some outside time. Oh yes the talking heads have been irritating me too. Somehow they sound far too knowledgeable which spoils my enjoyment. Love your first card pic.
    KJ, hope the microwave problem can be sorted quickly. Wow more hats, you will have the warmest head around and sometimes fate steps in without us knowing, hence the too much yarn for your sweater and being able to make the knit hats for the hospital. My Mum was doing knit hats for sailors a couple of years ago through the Seaman’s Mission. There should be a lot of warm heads out on the high seas now.
    Wonderful story about Theo and Champ, they look so happy.



    Very remiss of me, ex tropical storm Gita has been and gone leaving some terrible damage behind her, floods and landslides, evacuations and homes full of mud or rocks, roads with the seal lifted by pounding of high seas and bridges demolished by flooding rivers and streams. Thankfully no deaths or serious injuries and some areas cut off from the rest of the country. Gita was fast and furious beyond anything experienced here before.
    Also today is the 7th anniversary of the second Christchurch earthquake which claimed 185 lives. We remember them and all those who were there including my wonderful neighbour.



    MS, poor you! I can so relate to those days that seem to circle around the drain! Hopefully tomorrow which it already is in Southern Hem goes way better.

    PG, sounds like you’re getting standard Canadian winter weather. Brrr!!! I can’t stand it, much prefurr intense heat.

    Will find out more re micro tomorrow. Should be OK unless rusting commences, and as mentioned I have a brand new micro on hand, just don’t want to have to lift the thing which is stored in locker unless I have to.

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