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    Just what does National Punch Day celebrate?
    A) Punch that comes from a punch bowl?
    B) The kind of punch that gets doled out with one’s fists?
    C) A tool?
    Not surprisingly the kittehs were quick to make their choice as B)!

    Hehehe! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    Shoryuken: One of the most powerful strikes utilized in the martial art discipline of Shotokan Karate depicted in the popular Capcom video game series, “Street Fighter”. (Source: Urban Dictionary)



    Yea Wednesday-We’re have way through the week! Try not to get punched unless it’s spiked. πŸ˜‰ I love the punch the dog!

    te veo maΓ±ana



    crossover pic –



    KJ, at the end of Summer beginning of Autumn here in March April I noticed a lot more Monarchs flying about laying and caterpillars hatching out like a last effort before Winter arrived. In fact I still had caterpillars and butterflies hatching well into Winter. I would say your butterflies are possibly doing the same. I love the pic you posted.
    Another productive day finished here. I have a supply of many bags of soup in the freezer for Mr MS’s lunches and I even got further creating an office and finished vacuuming the house, and the washing dried beautifully in the sun. Sadly tomorrow will not be a repeat of today’s glorious weather, rather it will be wet. As if we need more rain.



    The wee grey juicy juice kitty.

    And “the list”.

    I have learned and am still learning that “sometimes you have to roll with the punches” like pop-up pirate kit! Haven’t figured that one out either. or how to not be “senseless”. *Sigh* and LOL.



    Good morning! Well, I’ve always had to roll with the punches and fly by the seat of my pants…it’s how my life has been and I have been only happy to oblige after many years of trying to control and bulldog my way through life. It made me sick and I’ve also learned how not to ‘worry’ about things that are just out of my control. My mother thought I was crazy, so she worried FOR me, which, in the end, ended up making her sick and unhappy.

    So, instead of National Punch Day for me it’s roll with the punches day! πŸ˜†



    Yes, I’m not very fond of punches in general, except for one a friend gave me that leaves a cat-shaped hole in paper.

    I hate being on the receiving end of violence, and I don’t care for sweet bevvies.

    I do remember punching in for work – suppose that is all electronic nowadays.



    Good morning, there’s also a “punch list” – list of things to be done.

    Man…you punch like a little bitch, lol!

    It’s a breezy day here in Jersey, remnants of Jose. One of my sunflowers did a faceplant on the lawn. Guess summer is really almost over, sigh.

    Jroc is visiting this week. No big plans, probably just quality hang out time.



    Paw up waves with pew pew punch LOL
    pew pew pew
    Thanks Tux….that was pawsome πŸ˜‰
    with oldie but goodie fave:
    pew pew pew
    Purry pfun!
    pew pew glitter
    It’s beautiful today – fog burned off, now sunny high 70’s – gorgeous!
    Spotted on today’s li’l walk:
    Ripe tomato as last of fruit of season…Summer’s swan song!

    Enjoy – it’s Wootsday…hump day!
    purry hump day




    That is lovely. They’d be very cold here; they’d all need sweaters…

    I do wish to point out that some very vulgar pictures pop up on that site. Perhaps there might be another way to view stitch’s story.



    The only thing is the ads are embedded in the link so if i want to share a link they come with it. I’ll try to identify if there are offensive ads before I share, OK.

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