Wednesday 20-06-2018 – Celebrate Summer Solstice (Northern Hem)

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    Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. Enjoy the season, because for many of us it is all too short.



    This is my favorite day of the year. As the longest day, it means we’re now on the downward slide to (hopefully) cool/cold weather and American football. Yea!!

    Glad you got your bed together and that Dorry has given it his stamp of approval.

    Have a happy~





    Interesting way kitty spells Sandal.
    LOL at all the things cat can order online and they come in BOXES. Even funnier is playful girl catz. 😉 😉
    Woohoo, from the depths of Winter it’s roll on Summer and warm weather.
    KJ, you made your bed ! ! Literally. Thank goodness Dorry has given his paws-up approval or things could have got bad. What ! ! More beautiful ‘street finds’? After all that energy expended making your bed I hope it gives you a fantastic nights sleep.
    I am toasting my nuts on top of the fire. I freeze my nuts(mixed kind folks)so I don’t eat them all at once although I must say they are rather nice frozen but the almonds don’t have as much flavour frozen. I now put them on a metal plate on top of the fire to heat through and become crisp. Delicious. I have a persimmon to devour while I wait. My daily piece of fruit.



    Kit and box pic snuck in from Monday Café. Whatever!

    Druid kitty!

    Don’t let Dorry know but I am glad that lots of online orders now come flat packed in envelope. This means that they usually fit into mailbox and if I’m not at home I won’t have to walk over to post office to pick up item. But today shoes are due to arrive – boxed for sure!

    Arms ache from carrying home heavy table. Feel like I’ve been thrown against a wall. I’m going to have a bit of a lie down before day officially starts.



    So here are pics:

    Dorry is lying on bed now. 1 of 3 prs of shoes arrived and he is not at all interested in playing with box. 😐

    One never knows what can be found on the street, buffed up and given a new home! These tables can be costly and it was free! Solid cherry too, my arms can vouch for this!



    Wow! Nice bed and table KJ!! I know I love my ‘new’ bed…it’s still new to me, hee hee!

    Hard to believe that it’s the solstice…a sadness down deep that makes me melancholy thinking of the coming darkness. I’m not a hot weather lover, but am of the daylight. Oh well, these things you cannot control being an inhabitant of this planet, so I’ll just enjoy whatever season I’m in!



    Soon…still feels like Mid May today – 60+ partly sunny!
    To warm up tad next couple day!
    Yay – Summertime is upon us- woot woot!
    cat in hammock
    Summertime…lalala… 😀

    picnic basket tea cups
    Enjoy pretty time year in Northern Hemisphere!
    (Hang in there MS…think Spring in Kiwi country!)

    Ok, time to get back to part 2 day 3’s fun…solo around here this week – officemate is on vaca!



    Good afternoon – it’s toe hunting season! Once upon a time there was a wee black kitten who went after my toes while I chatted with cat lady neighbor. Lo and behold, that kitten is Dewey!
    Beautiful bed KJ, and that table is gorgeous!
    I must remember to toast nuts on the fire. Enjoy yours, MS!
    I’ll be working all day tomorrow so making the most of this long day. Had an appointment and since I was out I went to Walmart, or WallyWorld, as it’s also known. Got a lot of things that were on the “stuff I gotta get at some point” list.
    Happy Solstice!



    Good mor…afternoon all.
    The nation is on baby watch, our Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party is in labour (chuckle)with her first child. Not only do we have our third female leader but she is under 40 and pregnant. Wow. Best of births Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke.
    The shortest day dawned not too bad, lightly sunny but with a nasty chilly wind that bites through to the bone. I’ll keep out of it as much as possible.
    KJ, the package you are expecting is much more exciting than the two i am waiting for. Farm equipment versus shoes? I’ll go for shoes.
    Oh Dorry ! You make that bed look perfect and it must be comfortable if you are ignoring boxes ! KJ< it looks great. Wow that is a top notch street find, looks fantastic.
    KZ, I’m with you on loving daylight, I must admit I am not enjoying the cold as much as I used to but it’s the lack of daylight that really gets to me. I swear I have noticed it being just a little lighter a little longer in the evenings lately. We just have to make the most of the season we have at any given time.
    JK, I’ll think a little further forward as our Springs can be cold and wet through into mid October although just the thought of Spring arriving does mean that Summer is not far behind.
    JJ, LOL at toe hunting Dewey. nibble nibble.
    Stuff I gotta get at some point list. I have one but don’t always know something is on it until I see that something. You know what I mean.



    I agree, it’s the lack of daylight that’s tough to take. Add being cold all the time and it’s no wonder folks get the blues. Stay warm and watch the evening sky get brighter each day, MS!

    Best wishes to your PM!



    I just heard Australia PM had a baby girl. Yea!

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