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    Hanging Out Day isn’t just for hanging out. It’s about hanging your laundry outside in the open air, using the natural energy of the sun and wind to dry clothes. The future of the environment is in our hands and the little actions make big differences. Kits don’t have laundry to hand out but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to hand out.

    I was watching Dolph Lungren doing what he does which is chase, fight and shoot the enemy. Now, I’m watching a weird movie not worth describing to you.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Che tu possa trovare un pistone caldo nella vostra vita
    (May you find a warm slipper in your life)



    I do hang washing out, but I just have a short line on the supports of my back balcony. I do want to get a real clothesline with a pulley; hope to get that done this summer.

    Dryers consume MUCH more energy than washing machines do, especially the new models that use less water and detergent.



    Good morning all! Whew, by the looks of the TDK topic section, KITTEN SEASON IS UPON US!! 😆

    I am going to say today for me is just hanging out–it’s too humid and muggy for me to hang clothes on my line. I love the scent of clothes on the line especially on a breezy day. Our days here are very windy to the point of actually the clothes being blown off and you have to go find them. 😮

    I am feeling lazy today and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. It will be nice to get my teefs cleaned again.



    Hi all – I missed the café yesterday; I don’t remember the last time I missed a day. Down at mom’s again yesterday, and the evening got away from me.
    Oh, KZ, it’s such a nice feeling to have clean teefs! Much as I’m not a fan of the dentist, I do like those clean teefs and that fresh breath. I don’t have dental insurance, but it’s worth the expense.
    It’s a beautiful cool spring day here in Jersey. A bit cool, but the forsythia is in full bloom and is so pretty!



    Paw up midweek mid-day waves!
    Well, it’s now Wootsday afternoon at this place – survived AM’s fun – now, time for another cuppa brew as continue w/part 2’s fun:
    coffee chishire cat
    Ahh…hits the spot – fresh cuppa brew – almost like a purring cat! Hoping all are having a better than expected day 😀

    Psst…find the Bee with reminder Help #SavetheBees
    find the bee fun
    Yes, it is there!



    Found it JK!

    I hope your mom is doing OK, JJ.

    How’s your toe, KJ?

    I see we have new litter mates.

    OK, the new kitten fur perfume arrived yesterday. In my expert opinion, drum roll please…



    Toe is like normal, PG, just a bit of a bruise, spoke with physio as per usual and she’s not concerned, it’s healing.

    Not so much hanging out today as hanging on! Only option for hanging out clothes would be the electric power lines, not a good plan. 😉 I do flat dry knit sweaters and some other items get the hand dry treatment.

    Stressed beyond my tether. Working on complicated (paying) project, getting back to post-Passover mode stomach-wise, feeling a bit queasy, etc. next week will be stressful so I’m getting anticipatory anxiety now, which does not help. Plus had to drag home loads of stuff in better wheely cart. It’s pouring out and mega-windy. But enough about me! Going to gym. All should sort itself out, well it has to, right?

    PG, send some of that kitten scent thru the wormhole please! I can’t imagine what the stuff smells like, but if tom cats follow you through the streets of your n’hood, don’t say that KJ didn’t warn you! 😉



    Now you can “indulge” in my Moroccan Sephardic friend’s cure of white rice and some ginger tea. Ideally, a bit of fresh organic ginger. Moroccans, whether of Jewish or Muslim backgrounds, also do chicken soup, with a bit of ginger, that settles the stomach.

    Yes, if you are up to doing exercise, it is good. Despite iffy weather, I definitely did a spin on my bicycle before settling down to work.



    Well right now the very thought of any food is not in the picture. My stomach is really upset. Managed some soup but that’s it which is srsly not good for me. In any case I don’t eat meat or chicken. Was feeling OK at gym, but when I got home. Gym is a given, actually too much of a “good” thing, ie addiction. Hmmm …

    Anyway going to open Thursday Café then try for some sleep as I feel totally drained.



    Sorry. I thought you just didn’t eat chicken at home (due to obvious complications while keeping kosher). I’m sorry your stomach is STILL upset, have you seen a doctor or called info-santé 811? They always have registered nurses waiting to provide advice and help you determine if more help is needed (I know a nurse, retired now, who worked there).

    I wish we had a similar info-santé féline hotline!



    No worries Lagatta. A tad better as of now, I have peeps to speak to will see how it goes. And bought some ginger/lemon tisane, might help.

    Also of course suddenly have loads of work, some of it paying nicely and I’d like to sleep – isn’t that the way it goes? LOL

    When I have questions re Dorry I’m on the phone to my vet or the DMV, so I guess its sorta like an info-santé féline. 😉

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