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    No Beard Day exists so that guys have a good reason to shave your beard. Anyhoo today’s the day for guys – if they so choose – to bare it all and show off their chin. They can always grow it back. Now kits don’t have this problem! 😉



    Cafe key, hidden in usual spot.



    Crossover pic –



    Good morning – that sure is an impressive freshly brushed beard on that Maine Coon!

    Wow MS, a photo of the Café key exists!

    Hubby had a beard when I met him. Now he sports a goatee. It looks good, not that “oh I haven’t shaved in 3 days” look. I’m not a fan of the scruffy look.

    It’s chilly but nice here in Jersey. I’m super late getting outside to feed the kitties, but Dewey’s not complaining, as he lounges inside in a sun puddle. His mantra is “look at me, I’m an indoor kitty!” until he’s ready to go out!



    Wow, the pics are amazing today! I like the look nowadays of the longer beard with the short clipped hair. I agree JJ, I don’t like the 3 day scruffy look, it just looks unkempt and lazy.

    It’s chilly here too, but the sun is shining. It was down in the 30’s here again last night–I actually had to bump the furnace to come on yesterday afternoon because I just couldn’t get warm and was afraid that Avery was cold too. Right before the furnace shut off she said she was hot, and took her shirt off for the rest of the afternoon! 🙄 😆



    Paw up waves…getting close to lunchtime – yay!
    Adding my 2.5cents share for today’s theme:
    bearded cat lady
    Hee hee
    cat lady with beard etc

    Ok…time for fast cuppa java…thanks Tux 😀
    tuxie cats mug



    Hi kits!

    So I’m connected and all that I can say is wow!!!!

    Bit of a learning curve, and new bells and whistles to try out, and I’m a bit nervous/excited, but it’s awesome.

    Plus tech-expert was enamoured w/Dorry, who was ever so friendly – interesting.




    KJ! A new ‘puter! WOW! I’m jealous, cuz any day is a great day for new electronics! And a techie who loves cats and is friendly? Single? 😉



    Sadly, not single KZ. 🙁

    But still was fun and more relaxing time. And he took pics and vids of Dorry! Why is Dorry not that friendly with me? Familiarity? Hmmm …



    Because cats can be assholes KJ…. 😮 😆 honestly, and I’m not trying to be mean…but a cat can pick out the person in the room that doesn’t like cats and try and sit on their lap, while everyone else is vying for it’s attention! It’s just their nature to be mysterious!



    I have to say, the half cat, half human pics are a bit freaky to me! In the event of a party invite I would go as a crazy cat lady. I figure some of my many cat stuffies pinned to a robe would work out well. Instead of carrying a purse, I’d sport a kitty treat bag. I’m working on Halloween, and already have my festive scrubs.

    ConCATS on the new ‘puter, KJ!

    Had a coupon for Petco so I went and bought new collars as well as a few toys for the cats. The outdoor crew destroyed the nip chili pepper and banana, and Aslan destroyed the nip carrot. I didn’t even get it out of the packaging before Comet totally drooled on the new nip chili pepper! Oh and huge surprise: the $9 collars were on sale for $2! Wish they had more of a variety, but the trio will continue to wear blue collars with glow in the dark stars – I like glow in the dark stuff! Then I treated myself to a sandwich at Subway, and by using a gift card, didn’t have to open my wallet. I have trouble leaving the house sometimes but this was a really successful outing!



    You’re not being mean at all KZ, just honest. And Dorry will be Dorry.

    Tks JJ! If I don’t control myself I can easily see myself pulling an all-nighter with my new gizmo.

    Tech-expert did tell me that I pounce on the keyboard a bit too strongly, guess that’s my energy being disseminated. I did check out all the imp features as in can I receive/send projects, and thankfully yes.

    Plus now I have access to all our TDK emoticons – also very imp!

    There seem to be loads of new/updated things but if I am smart I will take it slow.



    I don’t have a beard.

    Woohoo-KJ is in the 21th century. Yea and Concats. Big shame your text guy is hitched. I wonder if Dorry would have been so nice if the guy wasn’t hitched? Maybe a side dish? 😉

    I had a set back on PT. I was improving, walking a bit and feeling better. I felt so better, I over did and yesterday and this morning I couldn’t move my knee without the cane. So PT said to ice do gentle stretches and I’ll see him by Friday.




    PG, I don’t have a beard either! 😉

    I’m sorry about your set back, but understand where you’re coming from re overdoing things.It’s very hard holding oneself back, but I feel confident that following your PT’s “ruling” you’ll get back on track and continue making good progress.



    Evening all.
    Love the pics.
    Mr MS has been bearded and non bearded over the years. I remember when he shaved his beard off and the girls were a little afraid of the strange man as they had only known him with a beard.
    KJ, woohoo on the WOW ! What a wonderful techspert you have to be enamoured with Dorry. 🙂
    Oh wonderful you have emoticons too now.
    Oh PG, so sorry you have had a wee set back with your knee. Healing Energy for a quick recovery.

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