Wednesday 18-04-2018 – Holy (Whatever) It’s Bat Appreciation Day!

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    These night flyers can be our friends as they seek their favourite food source – mosquitos and other night time insects. Gardeners certainly appreciate them as bat guano is among the best manures for home gardens.





    Nope, not going batty yet…just waiting to see if weather person is correct or NOT/Hope on upcoming Winter weather to start li’l after noon today!

    Hmm…bats, had them up north…no worries ~ they mostly stayed in the rafters of the shed 😀
    They do eat mosquitos- good thing!

    Here’s my 2.5 cents worth of batty fun!
    cat turns into bat and back
    Yup, as always expected esp around H’ween!
    Plus – early FYI – Halloween Décor – easy/peasy Batty Decor!
    bat cupcake decor fun

    Ok, now need cuppa fave brew…later/hope
    …Ahh, java – hot & black!
    bat cat mug
    Midweek cheers – woot woot!



    Happy Hump day all! …. cute bat/cat pics! and MS, you had to throw in that last pic (banana day *gags*) LOL!

    This week’s weather has been beautiful! Sunny and low 80s and mid 60s in the evenings …. makes it nice to be outside! Speaking of which, I’m headed to the porch to read and find my black furrball …. L8R everyone!



    Oooh, I know the bat transformation look! Several years ago a virus wiped out 90% of the brown bat population in North Jersey. We are finally starting to see bats around here again. I love watching them dart about in the evening, and knowing they’re eating mosquitoes scores extra points with me!
    It’s sunny and chilly here in Jersey today. The woodburner is going; Miss Leela is pleased.



    Good morning all, where is everyone? So few posting. Maybe they are caught in snow drifts and under piles of bananas.
    What a start to today. Mr MS had just hit the button to open the garage door and I hear thumping on the other side of the house. I race to the door and spot three dogs on the balcony heading towards a corner and I just knew HRH was going to be in that corner. I burst out the door waving my arms and yelling things I can’t repeat here about the dogs and their parentage. They bolted down the stairs and I glanced behind me to see HRH coming out of the corner. I had time to say “Bubs, inside !” before I was yelling at the dogs again. HRH knows what I mean when I say inside or outside and she whipped out from under a table and high tailed it inside while Mr MS alerted by the yelling raced out the garage door on the other side of the house but the culprits had vamoosed. Just saw the dog control van on the street but the dogs were not about.
    HRH wasn’t hurt but she was frightened and still isn’t really eating anything other than treats now.
    AV, I apologise about the banana pic.
    JJ, good to hear that the bat population is recovering and they are dining on mosquitoes again.
    Sunny/cloudy day here and quite windy. At least the washing will flap dry.



    Well here for a sec or so.

    For sure I wasn’t “batting” a thousand today – pun as always intended.

    I have in effect shattered my stress-o-meter. Situation that I am used to but today certain things hit me big-time. And some things have no easy fixes.

    Seems not even my stupid buckling floor as de facto landlord has not responded to my email.Forwarded it to actual landlord who resides in Greece full-time. Along with pic showing how dangerous this is. If nec’y I will take this to our Rental Board. You know I will.

    And did not hear back from salesman re delivering new micro. Left msg and will re-call tomorrow.

    There are many things that I cannot “fix”. Which is why I do my darndest to fix what I can.

    BTW I like bats!

    And once again MS and I found the same pawsome 70% bat pic. 😉



    A colony of 25 million bats will eat up 250 tons of insects every night. They sometimes fly up to two miles high to feed or to catch tailwinds that carry them over long distances and can fly at 60 mph.

    You’re not sorry about the banana pic, MS. 😉

    I was going to stop by earlier but then started a couple projects. My fingers are hurting so I took some Tylenol and laid down and that was it.

    Poor HRH. Damn dogs 😡 I shouldn’t say that because it’s the owners’ fault. Naturally, the dogs were no where to be found when the van came around.

    Sorry your stress-o-meter broke, KJ.



    KJ, sorry your day has been so stressful and that your stress-o-meter needs repairs. I hope your actual landlord has more concerns for your health and safety than the de-facto landlord has. Grrrrr to the salesmaan about the mirco situation. It was sounding so positive. Hang in there.
    Yes, somehow I just didn’t notice I had posted the same pic as you despite the fact I carefully check that I don’t. Guess I wasn’t feeling as with it last night as I thought.
    PG, that is a huge amount bats and an even bigger amount of insects eaten and up to 2 miles high ! Wow. We do have bats here in NZ but I have never seen any as I think the colonies are small.
    What ! Me not sorry for posting that banana pic? Looks around while whistling nonchalantly.
    😉 🙄 😉
    Your poor fingers will be so sore, lots of nerves in the tips and it can’t be easy typing either. Take it easy and rest.
    Yes poor HRH, she has pretty much spent the day inside when she could be outside in the sun and I have spent it checking the street for those danged dogs. I am a nervous wreck. It hasn’t helped that she hadn’t eaten at all today and barely had anything to drink but this evening desperation set in and I gave her some raw meat with human canned salmon stirred through it and she gobbled it down. I will give her a little more later on this evening and hope it still tempts her tastebuds. At this stage I am willing to try anything to get her to eat.



    Was mortified when my cat TC caught and ate a bat. Went out one night and came home to find 1 1/2 wings by the back door, where we were used to finding sparrow feet. I know there are lots of little insect-eating bats around but the ones I see most often are the big noisy fruit bats (flying foxes).

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