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    If there’s a day to celebrate and to make resolutions for the upcoming year, then there should be a day to ditch ’em. This is it!



    The gray kit with the box on his head is too funny.

    I didn’t wait until this day 😳 I think I’ll get my pedicure today and then change litter boxes. I hope you enjoyed your massage, AV.

    Have a happy~



    I am managing to stick to my New Year resolution at 17 days in to the new year. 😀



    Good morning! No resolutions…not a habit of mine. But I did use the new year as a good starting point for using a budgeting app I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve been tracking our spending…can’t really know if you’re sticking to a budget without tracking. Let’s see…I went over our grocery budget by the 15th of the month…oops! Either my habits or the budget need adjusting. We’ll see how next month goes. Even with that little problem, I’m seeing great benefit for us by tracking…especially reigning in restaurant spending.

    MS…how special that batch of plum jam must be. I love that the tree has such “roots” in your family. I love homemade jams. A family friend of ours makes pear preserves from a tree in his yard and it’s so good on biscuits….yum.

    PG…50 degrees is downright frigid for inside a house…so glad the furnace got fixed in a timely manner!

    I have the very same crock pot that is in the cabinet with basement cat. Wait…was that photo taken at my house?



    Good morning – I didn’t make resolutions, just renewed ones that I want to keep up on. Good for you for keeping up on yours, PG!

    AV, hope you enjoyed that massage! Hubby gave me a gift very for one too, as well as a facial. I’ll probably wait till spring for that.

    MS, I remember we talked about the fruit trees in our childhood homesteads. I miss the peach, pear, apple and plum trees. The homestead is still there, along with Mom, but the trees are all gone.

    That sounds like a great app, ECB. What a good way to keep your finances on track, or at least know where your dollars are going.

    Snowy morning here in Jersey. It was rain a few hours ago so there’s a nice layer of ice under the few inches on the ground. Snow day for lots of kids around here!

    Dewey and Berta are inside with the indoor trio; it’s nice to watch the snow when you’re warm and dry!



    Morning all! JJ, sounds like you are getting what we got a couple of days ago. Ugh. Temperatures rising and I’m glad, starting to see holes in the snow, but slowly. Will rise up to almost 50 in a few days, so that should help.

    I don’t make resolutions. I read an article yesterday written by a woman that I agree with wholeheartedly…she mentioned why make resolutions in January when it’s so cold and dark and our bodies are craving comfort. When we are craving meat loaf and mashed potatoes, why are we eating quinoa and light greens people!? Wait until April–and make your healthy diet changes when spring is coming and things are renewing themselves. 😛 jI’m going with it!

    Well, my sis called me this morning and their dog (old lab about 14) took off when they let him out to pee before they got a leash on him. It was 6 degrees this morning. She was panicked and they were out looking for him and so was the dog warden, etc. I called Mr. KZ because I knew he could find him. You don’t go looking for a dog in a car, you put your boots on and track him. So that’s just what he did, and in about 10 minutes, he had him in the truck and on his way back home. He followed him along a wooded area where the deer hang out, and found him behind the local hospital where all he had to do was call him and he jumped up in the pickup. So lucky really, because it’s close to a state route that’s very busy and he knows nothing about traffic.

    Off to search for lunch!



    Woot woot – midweek g’morning!

    Hee hee – NY’s Resolution fun, thanks!

    Adding my 2.5cents
    NY Resolution collate
    These are on-going reminders for moi…

    NY Resolution for 1 week
    Yup, pretty much says it all! 😉
    On more…
    be awesome
    Yup, be true to yourself



    I never make them. However, I am unhappy that right now I’m not getting enough exercise. Usually in the winter when I can’t go cycling, I go for long walks, even up our so-called “mountain”, but there is really too much ice, snow and deep cold this year. I do walk to run errands, but that’s not nearly enough exercise. Neither is doing stretches and dance routines with small barbells. I haven’t put on weight – I’m not eating a lot either – but I feel out of shape.

    Hope this cr*p abates soon.



    Supposed to get warmer here by wknd! But compared to the intense cold that we’ve been having any time that the temps warm up slightly is cause for celebration.

    KZ, glad that doggie was found and returned to his home! Phew!

    Yest I was wearing my pull-on cleats as they are marvellous on somewhat ice-packed snow. On way home something felt weird Turns out that one of the cleats had fallen off! I had to walk back a few blocks to rescue it. And almost slipped inside library as was too lazy to take them off my bad! 🙄

    I don’t make resolutions either. There are some things that I want to change and at times I succeed, at other times not. But getting too srs about them is a set-up for stress.

    I will say that this time of the year the gym is packed – for a month or so! Same deal before summer and “bikini” weather. Paying no heed to advice peeps workout strenuously every day then give up. Actually takes 3 months or so before person sees any changes with consistent safe workouts, but peeps are impatient.

    Finished project, but want to give it a srs proofreading before sending it off early, want it to be purrfect or as near as! 😉



    Good afternoon from Thursday. Summer has sort of abandoned us as it’s pouring with rain BUT the temps are still up there. We have a tropical front that is being called a ‘river in the sky’ dumping down on the country. Thankfully it is mainly raining on that part of the country that was recently declared as officially in a drought. We are getting some of the edges of the front at the moment but will cop much more rain this evening. HRH isn’t all that pleased about not being outside but seems to find sitting at the open door but closed security door where she can see out as acceptable if it has to be.
    I remember making New Year resolutions as a teen and probably after drinking a bit too many toasts to the New Year and then never following on with them so I haven’t bothered to for years now. However I am onto something good with the healthy eating/gym and intend to keep them up so they may as well be my resolution.
    ECB, it is rather wonderful to look at the plum jam and remember back to when I was just a child playing games under the yellow plum tree with my cousins when I stayed at my grandparents house. There was always a possum cage under the tree and it was always a race to pick the plums before the birds got into them. I’m not sure what number tree is growing there now but my Aunt always keeps one or two trees growing just in case. That is how my brother got a tree and had one on his property. Ohhhh pear preserves on biscuits sound great. 50F/10C is about what our house runs at during Winter unless the fire is going.
    JJ, I remember that chat too about childhood homesteads and the trees, fruiting and climbing. so many good memories. Yuk rain then snow and a layer of ice. Be safe going outside. Glad that Berta and Dewey are inside for some warmth.
    KZ, I can understand the thinking in that article about making resolutions during Winter, everything feels so much more positive during the Summer though. Thank goodness Mr KZ found your sisters dog so quickly, you need to think like a dog too but following its tracks is good too.
    JK, love that resolution chart. Top left is definitely one for me, but the entire thing is something we could/should all try to make this a better world and ourselves a better person. I am thinking of printing that chart out.
    Lagatta would a Swiss ball workout help or even if you had room where you store your bicycle you can buy a stationary bike stand so you can ride your bike without going anywhere during Winter and still benefit physically. They are not large and are easy to use.
    KJ, I have noticed that the gym is not as busy here this time of year, guess people are away on holiday or at the beach showing of those ‘bikini bodies’. I lie it when the gym is quieter, I don’t have to wait for the treadmill by the AC outlet and I can spend a bit more time on the leg push machine which I have found to be wonderful for my stiff painful knees.
    Time I made a cup of tea and checked the news.



    Yes, a friend suggested both those things as I complained about not getting enough exercise and really feeling it. Think I was still cycling in the early part of December, but then we got hit with this horror that we haven’t seen in decades. It is even worse in Russia. Cold, and almost no sunlight in Moscow. Often when it is cold here it is mild in the northern countries across the pond, but not this time.

    Livia is fascinated by the huge machines used to clean snow from our streets. She gazed at the process for its duration, but is now curled up on her new polar fleece blankie (red, of course, as she is black) on an oak armchair in my home office. I had a red one, but it became a shroud for Renzo on his way to the final vet visit (he had died at my place; it was a matter of arranging for respectful disposal of his remains). I’m glad she likes it; I’ll buy her another when they next go on sale. She had two already, but neither was red. They are very easy to wash.



    KK is visiting Jcat today and I just got a pic of her and Millie snuggling together. I sent one back of HRH and myself.
    Lagatta I read in the paper this morning that the temp was -67 somewhere in Russia but I don’t know if that was C or F but when it’s that low there isn’t much difference and it’s just really really unbelievably cold.
    Shadz is scared of the street sweeper or vacuum truck when it comes down the street so Livia is a brave wee cat as I am sure it is a noisy process removing snow.
    HRH Shadz has her polar fleece blanket with a lion on it but she now prefers a fake fur type blanket I use to cover my legs during Winter. At the moment she is spark out in an upside down question mark shape on my bed.



    I’m not organised enough to do resolutions!

    MS, glad the drought areas are getting some rain; hope there’s not so much that it does damage. Although, to quote an Oz farmer from some years ago when floods followed drought and fires – ‘You can plant in mud. You can’t plant in dust.’

    Everyone in northern parts – stay safe and warm. I’ve seen snow on the ground only once, so your cold is way outside anything I can imagine.

    Here, 39C (102F) forecast for today and the same again tomorrow. I took the opportunity to wash the blankets that Sampson had barfed on and they were dry again in 2 hours. There’s a limit to what spot-cleaning can do, so it’s nice to have them crispy-clean and sun-dried. Both cats are stretched out asleep, Sampson on the bed and Harry in his favourite cardboard box. I think they have the right idea.



    The two scales meet at minus 40. By that point I’m numb (I have experienced that in northern Québec) better to as Dr Google for further details.

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