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    Trees provide many benefits. Shade, comfort and warmth. They give off oxygen, too. So, we have good reason to love a tree or two. Go out and give a tree a great big hug!



    I love all things that trees do for us. Now, if we hoomins would quit screwing up the Rainforest… Did you know that part of the desertification in Africa is due to deforestation? That’s a fact!

    Have a happy~



    He he he JJ, is this the pic or just a similar situation.



    Good morning – I’m a tree hugger! The trees in my yard are pretty happy.
    MS, that might be Jack! Jack was Shaddo’s next door neighbor buddy who made local news when he chased a bear up a tree.
    I just went through a bunch of vhs tapes full of MST movies the other day. Of course now we have some on dvd. Wish tv programming around here offered MST3K.
    Add Jersey to the list of bad weather locales. A vicious line of storms came through around rush hour yesterday afternoon. Took one of our trees down at the entrance to our community.
    AV, did son land at JFK on time?
    I’m so excited, received a mood ring that I ordered in the mail. It turns colors other than black! As you can sense from my sarcasm, I never had much luck with them. It was greenish-blue when I headed up to the office yesterday afternoon, but as I was heading into the storm, marveling at the storm clouds and nervously looking for cloud-rotation, it turned a smoky purple-gray. I guess it senses bad weather too!
    Today looks to be rainy but not stormy.



    Paw up – waves ~ woot, woot – almost lunchtime in my n’hood!
    cats in tree
    C’mon down kits – soon/Timez for Nomz 😉
    with more fun for today’s theme:
    cat tree tree - like
    Well…bringing the outdoors in for furry/purry!

    Time for warmer on my java…
    birch tree mug
    Luv me a birch tree or two or forest of them!
    Woot – Woot…midweek cheers…later/hope??



    Just in time. The large mature maple tree outside my home office (and balcony) was late to leaf this spring, but now it is beautiful!

    Yes, in South America as well, particularly the Amazon, deliberate deforestation is causing very serious environmental damage.

    The general area where I live in Montréal (my current neighbourhood and those just north and just south of it) has actually become far greener than it was back in the 1970s.



    I guess it’ll do????? That’s one srsly pampurred purry! 😉
    I guess that I like trees although I haven’t given it much thought.
    JK, that mug is awesome! When I was younger and today still I (privately) refer to birch bark trees as “eyemakeup trees” – well just look at them! I think that at one of my awful summer camp ecperiences we made paper from birch bark.
    Still exhausted *Sigh* – re-organized shoe/handbag closets last night and this am did major changeover of soft furnishings, curtains, cushions, bedding etc. for Spring into Summer.
    N’s friend came to call for previously loved dresser. Yest at $$Store found neat hemp-like closed storage boxes that fit purrfectly in new unit.
    Anyway here are pics of old and new:

    Old blue dresser – gone to a good home!

    New IKEA style unit, holds way more stuff, easily accessible yet takes up less space!
    After yest ‘puter incident (plus tech guy installed some anti-malware app!) I’m thinking that Dante should have created a 10th level of his “Inferno” reserved for scammers, phishers, hackers and the like!



    Oh waaaaay cute new dresser KJ! Like both, but it’s always nice to find a good home for something that was once loved.

    Cooler here today, but very muggy. Took Sis out for her birthday — lunch and shopping and had a great time. Avery’s mom joined us as the court where she works closed at noon today. A coworker was killed by her husband, who then shot her daughter and then himself while the other daughters were still in the home. This is beyond tragic and horrible and everyone was a mess. No one saw this coming. People are just devastated.

    I got some new stuff too as I needed warm weather things. Looks like Mr. KZ mowed the grass while I was gone too, yippee!! And the trees in our yard are magnificent. I love the little leaf Linden in the front which is huge–I absolutely LOVE that tree. It’s like a giant umbrella when you step underneath it it’s like a different world and has a climate all it’s own. And the maples by my patio are leafing out and have now created my canopy for the summer!



    I just wish those creeps would change the order. Like, shoot themselves before the wife, children, and often random human beings as the guy with a rented cube van did in Toronto.

    This is beyond horrid and Livia and I send you a full-blown volley of hugs and purr. I was writing a graduate history exam at Université de Montréal the evening of the Polytechnique (Engineering Faculty) massacre in 1989. I didn’t know any of the 14 murdered young women, but there were several “second degree” connections. Everyone at UdM was in a daze, and this was in exam period – that is precisely how the creep got away with his evil design. It isn’t odd to carry bulky objects to an engineering faculty.

    I hope the townspeople and the co-workers and family can find a way of remembering the people killed and injured. Sadly, all too often we remember the name(s) of the murderer(s) more than the victims.

    Here, and also in Toronto and other Canadian cities, trees were planted – often 14 – to honour the memory of the murdered women and the people (young women but also young men) who were seriously wounded.



    How incredibly tragic, KZ. Sending condolences.

    KJ, I love the new dresser!



    Hey all, yes Son arrived home safe and sound, so glad to see him! Thx for asking. He hired a new gal from Israel, born stateside, but raised in Jerusalem and married an Israeli man. They are thinking of moving to Tampa, and are here to look around. I’ll be having them for dinner tmrw night to get acquainted and Son will show them around town. Should be fun!

    Rained alot more today things are lush! Have a great evening all!



    Good afternoon all, no rain YET today and I have washing on the line so there is sure to be a shower come over and catch me unawares.
    Cool morning but the sun has come out and it’s been unusually hot again.
    JJ, I know I did find the actual pic of Jack last year but I don’t think I tagged it. Woohoo a mood ring that works. Lots of my friends had them at school but I was never allowed one as it was considered silly by my parents. 😥 Some things are a right of passage as a child.
    Yikes on the storm fronts and the fallen tree. I guess it was cleared back from the road quite quickly.
    JK, I love that cat tree.
    Lagatta I applause the greening of neighbourhoods as long as it is done responsibility with consideration to falling leaves and root systems. My suburban shopping centre has Japanese flowering cherries and when the blossoms are falling they blow into all the shops and in Autumn the leaves from many huge Liquid Amber trees do the same. However it has actually become a part of the ambiance of the shopping centre and the shop keepers take it in their stride because people marvel at the ‘carpet’ of blossoms or beautiful coloured leaves in shops.
    KJ, love your name for birch trees, yes it is obvious now that you have pointed it out. Gasp ! Somehow I just can’t picture you making paper from birch bark. Wow, the new unit looks fantastic KJ. Excellent find.
    I am definitely with you on the 10th level of the inferno. I was out this morning and my cell phone rings and when I answer I get “Ni Hao” and a lot more rapid Chinese so I just hung up. Can have only been a scam.
    Oh KZ, that is so sad about the senseless and violent deaths. I feel so sad for the remaining daughters. I can understand everyone being shocked. Hugs for all.
    Ohhh I has a jealous at your freshly leaved trees as ours are either nude or half bare now.
    AV, glad son is home safe and sound and I bet Ve and LU were pleased too.



    Belated share as #BirchLove
    Birch tree looking up
    Spotted this week on li’l lunchtime walk!
    Birch Tree looking up toward the Sun! 😀
    Hmm…KJ’s version as Eye Makeup Trees 😉
    BTW – yes, used to use the bark for creating very rustic Xmas tree ornaments when growing up!

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