Wednesday 15/11/2017 – What Fun – It's Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

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    This Special Day is set aside for scrubbing down the fridge, top to bottom, each and every compartment. Remember: “When in doubt, throw it out!”



    You never know what you’ll find in your fridge. 😮



    You have to laugh at the kits in the fridge!! My Simba always liked to browse the shelves when he could. My new fridge has the freezer on the bottom and I was always afraid that when Peso was tiny he would get himself caught up in the open space as the freezer drawer was closing. So far, so good, but I still have to keep an eye on him.

    Lagatta, so glad that Livia’s eye is on the mend. I noticed yesterday that Peso’s left eye was goopy. Then I remembered I had some triple antibiotic ointment left over from a few months ago when he had been treated for the same thing. I have used it twice, but will try the teabag remedy to clean and soothe his crusty eye in between treatments.

    I try to keep my fridge from getting too many leftovers by using them, and tossing them before they grow into monsters. My hangup is condiments, salad dressings, and pickles!



    I’ll say that I like cleaning things and at least 1x/yr I srsly doa fridge clean, taking out the baskets, glass shelving (scary!) and really scrubbing it down. Of course there’s not all that much in the fridge noms-wise, I buy as I need.

    That said, I was planning to give N some honey cake for her son and could not find the slices in freezer. About a wk later I was moving stuff around and there they were. So I’m def not purrfect! 🙄

    KZ, after having freezer on top like forever and fruit/veg storage on bottom, wonder if I could get used to freezer on bottom. Prob my fruits would be popsicles and efurrything slated for freezer would go bad!;-)

    I think that they even have fridges that “talk” to you, reminding you when you’re out of noms, etc. Hmmm …



    KZ, how old is Peso now?

    Does anyone know if one can use human triple antibiotic ointment on cats?

    I did check my cupboard and the only cat-intended thing I have of that nature is Surolan, which is for ears. Obviously not for eyes. That is because Livia was a stray, and had ear mites as well as worms…

    Thanks again to Moonshado for the teabag idea.

    I’ve really not succeeded in undoing the glass shelving. My fridge before didn’t have it, or else it just slid out…



    Poor Muffins. 🙁 S’ok, she busy taking a picture! 😆

    I clean out the stuff that could become scary but I don’t wash out the fridge…unless I spill something. Miss Gaea likes to get into the fridge.

    I’m glad Livia is better. PT today and the car into the shop…again.

    Cya and have a happy~,



    Paw up – lunchtime waves!
    orangie Weds Waves
    Hee hee…this kit will help you clean out fridge 😉
    very large maine coon
    Gotta Luv those big gorgeous Maine Coons!

    Back in from short lunchtime walk…still mild as 40s but to start dropping…yes, it has stopped raining for now!

    Wishing all a better than expected Wootsday…back on the flip!



    Lagatta, Peso is now 7 months old. I believe that the triple antibiotic ointment can be bought over the counter for humans and it would be okay to use on cats on wounds of the skin. It needs to be an ophthalmic formula to be used in the eye. You can also use saline or contact solution to rinse eyes in cats.

    Today is Mr. KZ’s birthday. I got him a kindling splitter and a mallet for splitting the small logs. He’s excited and after lunch he is looking for a big round log to mount it on and give it a try. It has started to rain here and a perfect day for doing things that don’t require lots of time outdoors. He can set up his splitter while under roof in the barn. Out for dinner tonight too–Yay! no cooking for me!



    Happy Birfday Mr. K. A kindling splitter and a mallet for splitting the small logs? Mrs. K is awesome, huh



    For Mr. KZ!

    Neat to get gifts that one actually wants. Have a fun dinner out!

    JK, that is for sure one awesomely big kit! Lots to love! 🙂

    PG, sorry that your car is not behaving properly. 🙁

    Chilly and damp here again. And soon darkness will descend. In way early am I like to get out of bed, feed Dorry and turn heat up way high – sorta feels like the maid making up the fire. Then when I srsly get out of bed, place is nice and warm.

    Right now I could easily catnap. But I should feel revived after spin class. The instructor is renowned for her “take no prisoners” style so among the regulars it’s a “we’re all in this together” vibe. She likes me though, and I wouldn’t wait around ’til 6 pm for just anyone.

    My $20 in makeup coupons arrived so on way to gym plan to redeem some of the cash as I need a good navy blue liner. Interestingly (from a sales perspective, that is) pharm does not return what is left after purchase as cash, so ultimately I’ll have to spend a bit more, not a prob.



    Poor Muffin. Hey does that cat have the last beer??

    I’m glad Livia is feeling better, Lagatta. I’ve used triple antibiotic ointment on cats. I need to get some on Dewey as I just spotted a wound on his leg. That was probably his problem a few weeks ago; I feel bad for not seeing it sooner.

    My fridge isn’t too bad. Like KZ, there’s lots of condiments, much of which have a long shelf life. Hubby got a pizza last night as I worked a bit late, so we’ll have the leftover 3 slices tomorrow when I have another late night. Other than that there aren’t any leftovers, though there are a few cherry tomatoes that are probably past their prime…

    Happy Birthday Mr. KZ! I like the idea of the kindling splitter and mallet. You have me thinking about hubby’s upcoming b-day! Enjoy dinner out tonight!

    The day started out bright and sunny here in Jersey, but clouds have moved in just in time for sunset. Either there will be a spectacular sunset, or just grey skies. Got a 5+ mile walk in this morning. Felt good, since I haven’t been out since last week and have not walked as far lately.

    I forgot poor Leela was in the bedroom when I barged in there with the vacuum cleaner. She took off like a shot down the stairs. At least I already vacuumed down there so she has a nice clean spot in front of the fire.



    Hi everyone! ….. busy day here!
    Glad Livia’s eye is getting better … Caddy use to get goopy eyes, but she hasn’t had a problem recently …

    As a matter of fact, I just cleaned out my fridge in preparation for needing the space for thanksgiving stuff … my new frige also has the freezer on the bottom, and it took some getting used to, but I like it! ….
    Happy Birthday Mr. KZ!! hope you have a wonderful day!

    Time for me to get going, have a great rest of your day all!



    Happy Birthday Mr KZ.
    I like the sound of a kindling splitter, could have done with one myself in the past years but now I buy my kindling by the box. So much easier.
    Afternoon all, we have a sunny-ish day here although it began with showers of rain and will probably end with showers. HRH decided she would spend the morning in bed but is now out and about- most likely sleeping.
    I clean my fridge out eery rubbish day of anything that is getting old or looking like it may develop in to a ‘monster’ and then several times a year every shelf/draw etc gets a complete scrub. Oh the condiments ! How did we ever get by without them years ago, now they take up so much room. I have corralled many of the jars in a separate container but still have more taking up the shelving.
    KJ, there are fridges that ‘talk’ to you and some that display the I’net on the front and others that have apps for recipes and even doing your online shopping. Eeeeeek !
    Lagatta you are welcome, I should probably remember to use the teabag method on HRH Shadz when she has her runny or goopy eye through stress.
    PG, LOL. I’m with you on passing Go and collecting $200 to Friday and I’m only half a day off Friday. Hope PT is going well and for the car too.
    JK, that’s one gorgeous Maine Coon although I have a hankering to give it a brushing.
    JJ, poor Leela being scared by the vacuum but it was oopsadental.

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