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    Celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day, this “Special Day” is for those who are unattached. Traditions include:

    Singles get together. It’s a chance to meet.
    Singles give each other gifts – Why not?
    Spend a little time in online dating sites – I don’t think so. LOL

    Or, just enjoy the fact that you are unattached. Yes!!!!!



    Well, I’ve “been there, done that” and did not get a T-shirt LOL. No regrets at the closure of that 2-yr start to finish episode in my life either. I am so better off on my own. Or rather in the company of my Dorry! πŸ™‚

    And I learned a new term:
    Bachelor sip: To put your head under the faucet for a drink to avoid using a glass. (Source:



    I wuv Wolfie. He’s my kinda bachelor! Mwah!

    The stuff I like to do * Being able to walk around half (or fully) naked. TMI-I often clean while nekked. *I can do whatever I want, for as long as I want, in the bathroom. *I decorate to my heart’s desire…even if it’s a 70s lava lamp or Steelers bed sheets. πŸ˜†

    Have a happy~

    nocte et bonum odorem somnia



    Crossover pic –



    Can I ask for White Light for the people of Christchurch who are facing destructive wildfire that has already claimed the live of a helicopter pilot helping fight the fire and now 5 houses have been destroyed. Several suburbs of the city have been evacuated because of a wind change as the fire spreads along hills into scrub, dry grass and pine plantations.
    Christchurch suffered from two terrible and devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.



    Goodness MS, hoping that the Christchurch fire is dealt with and that no further lives are lost. And that the city recovers from this horror.

    We are in midst of the 2nd “promised” snowstorm of the week. Prob causing probs for drivers, but I do walk/subway thing. So going to final class but more to see if I can retrieve bracelet. As the lady who got back to me mentioned that item she noticed has been there for some time I have my doubts. Anyway this is such a “first-world” prob, I’ve already replaced bracelet with a prettier one.

    PG, you’d have to arm wrestle me for Wolfie – and you’d win! He has that sorta tough ‘tude that I could go for. πŸ˜‰



    For the peeps of Christchurch MS-



    Sending heaps of white light to the people and area of Christchurch…we will hold you up when you cannot find the words to pray.

    I don’t see what the big deal is about being single…and why people seems to think it’s weird to be single, female, and have cats. It’s not a death sentence, it’s a life choice and a good one IMHO!! I absolutely love the pic where the lady is an actual cat, wants affection when she wants it on her terms, etc….that couldn’t be more ME!! πŸ˜†

    It’s cold and windy here today, but it’s to be up to 60 by this weekend. Seriously weird weather, I hope we don’t get winter in March!!



    Happy Singles Awareness Day! Most singles I know are single by choice and are perfectly happy. If they are lucky, they are owned by a cat or two or five. My hubby is a keeper for me and if I were to find myself single I doubt I would be out there actively dating.
    Sending good vibes your way, MS. Keep on smiling and weather the storm as best you can. Tons of white light for Christchurch. That area of the world has had more than their share of disasters. So sad. I can only imagine how strong the people there are.
    Sorry about yet another snow storm, KJ. At least you don’t have to do the driving in it thing. As long as KJ keeps her feet in sensible footgear while out and about, all is well. Oh a glimmer of hope, may you be reunited with your bracelet today!
    Happy your p/t is coming along well, KZ. With spring around the corner, you’ll need to be up and about to keep up with Avery!
    PG, you have a lava lamp? Cool! As for the Steelers bedsheets, that’s a given for you!
    Hubby got takeout from the Italian place not too far from home. I still have half of my spinach calzone waiting for me.
    I’m jazzed about my purchase that arrived on the doorstep this morning. Six colors of mascara. I used to wear the whole gammet of makeup, then went with none for a few years, and now I just wear a bit of mascara, top lashes only. I do, however, like to be a bit different, and wear different colors – blue on one and purple on the other. The purple has been drying up, so while perusing for a replacement, I found a set of six: black, brown, gold, teal, blue and purple. I’m happy!



    My faith in purrson-kind is restored! The kind lady who got back to me was right – bracelet was there! It will be a very nice look wearing it with my new one! πŸ™‚

    JJ, what a terrific mascara score! Sounds kewel! I’m very big on eye make-up. And lipstick. The rest of my face just gets a light powder dusting over slightly tinted sunscreen as I am very pale. Whole deal takes like 10 mins tops.

    PG, you’re not the only one who cleans in the “altogether.” A bit chilly for me, though. And in my place, well blinds down might be the smarter plan. But doing what I want to when I want to – bliss! I should really focus on this on “those” days. (Makes note to self.)

    KZ, that lady could also be me! Dorry and I even have matching green eyes! You’d be surprised at how many peeps tacitly dis single women, and moreover those who for whatever reason/circumstances do not have kids. There are a few women that I tangentially know in my situation/way of thinking and it’s a choice. I respect other’s choices and don’t quite get why they cannot do likewise. Sometimes I think that they are not entirely happy with the choices that they made and are projecting this dissatisfaction on others. *Gets off soapbox which today is covered with snow over ice*

    Well glad to be home at least for a few hrs as some work to do before spin class. And yes JJ, then the cleats go on my boots.

    Glad that ultra-boring dis-organized course is over. It’s a bit early for most Spring course listings to be out, but I’ll have to do some rsch and see if I can find something at another venue.

    Right now my immediate goal is coffee – a goal that for sure can be attained. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and Dorry is actually chillin’ in bed that I made him. A rarity. Glad that I did not toss it! πŸ˜‰



    LOL – luv Spinster Comment – yup that’s me!
    cats in heart shaped candy box
    Alert for all Bargain Hunters:
    candy sale

    vegan truffles
    Sharing Yummy easy-peasy treat:
    These Vegan, Paleo-Friendly Chocolate Truffles Are So Good, It Might Be Hard to Share

    OK – back to day 3 part 2’s fun…enjoy rest of day!



    Oooh, so glad you got the bracelet back – fur shur will look kewel with new bracelet. Sounds like Mr. Dorry is happy with his bed.
    Hi JK – I love buying Valentine’s Day candy when it’s 80% off! Who cares whether I get a piece of candy on the 14th. Besides, we still have candy from the holidays so when I need a little sweet treat, it’s not hard to find.
    Hope you are having a good b-day week. I believe it’s a rule that when it falls on a Monday you are supposed to celebrate all week!
    It’s snowing like crazy here. Can’t say I mind it this time as only a few inches are projected, plus the ground isn’t frozen solid.
    Been enjoying hearing the birds’ coming-of-spring songs. The cardinals seem to be the most noticeable, as well as the woodpeckers, which I love watching. As long as they stay up in the trees where the cats can’t get to them!



    Woohoo we have rain. Began sometime in the night and hasn’t let up yet and it’s early afternoon. Just light rain but we will take it. I just wish it was raining in Christchurch where 11 houses have now been destroyed and 450 homes have been evacuated and the two fires that were being fought have joined into one large fire. Many thanks for all your wishes and prayers.
    Love the pics – yeah it’s been a while had me LOLing, our friends dog has a serious problem with blue balls. Wolfie has a certain vulnerability about him don’t you think. Bachelors sip is a new one on me.
    PG I love how you live you life on your terms and do things how and when you want, even nekkid. I try to do that last one too but Mr MS runs away screaming – then I remind him of his potty tummy and bald head. πŸ™‚
    Ohhhhh KJ, more snow for you, keep upright. Yay the bracelet is back home. Great news.
    KZ you are so correct about the being female and single and having cats things. It seems to have negative connotations. When I was looking for pics about single female cats they were all so negative. πŸ™
    Hell, nothing wrong with living how you want to, with or without males or cats.
    Ohhhhh J, 6 colours of mascara ! Fun purchase. I have been having trouble even getting plain brown/black mascara. For some reason only black seems to be stocked now and it looks terrible against my pale skin. I am waiting for some from Avon to arrive.
    JK, love the cat with the gift pic.
    Still wet here but definitely warm. HRH went out for her morning bathroom visit this morning then came in for breakfast and then straight to bed. She is still there.



    Oh, how exciting someone turned in your bracelet KJ, and it goes so well with the new one!! Nothing quite like putting together bangles for your wrists…I just love jewelry!! AND JJ, the mascara score sounds like so much fun! I will have to look into colored mascara, as I remember when I was just a young girl and the LOVE makeup was such a hit and wore a light brown mascara called ‘fawn’. I don’t remember if it looked good, but I thought it must have made me look quite mysterious. πŸ˜›



    Well, I’m done with today. Looks like sooner rather than later a new ‘puter is joining my household. The cord on my charger is looking sad and I’m using battery for now. Tech peeps are going to call me back tomorrow and let me know if one of the stores has charger or where I can get one. I would have to do the whole migration deal (as in new printer, getting all archival stuff transferred, and more tech stuff that I know next-to-nothing about.) Plus I can’t exactly switch over right in the middle of one of my all-too-rare paying jobs. I don’t really need more stress right now either. I guess that everything that I’m fretting about is doable. Modern day probs. *Sigh*

    Plus I’m just plain tired out. Worked out hard as per. And trudging through the snow drifts is a workout in itself.

    Anyway, thanks for hearing me out. Think I’ll take myself off to bed and start fresh tomorrow.



    I’m glad you have rain, MS. Smart HRH staying out of the rain. Sooo sad about the fires and the destruction they have caused.
    I’d been looking at mascara in the stores and though there are a zillion different kinds, they all seem to be in a shade of black, which I too avoid, preferring brown. “Fawn” sounds interesting, I don’t remember it.
    Sorry about your ‘puter problems, KJ. Hoping you get the tech assistance you need tomorrow. I had an issue with my phone not charging last night. Different outlets didn’t work, plugging into my computer didn’t work, a different adapter didn’t work. Tried the adapter in my truck, no luck. Dug my car out of the snow to get the car cover off enough to get in and get the spare charger and cable (at 11pm) and tried that, no luck. Finally I did a “cold boot” and it charged. Weird.
    Well you singles out there, I hope you had a good day. See you on the flip.

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