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    On ”Learn About Butterflies Day” some of the kits want the option of being butterflies, some want to try catching them, some have no idea what it’s all about!

    I’ve never seen blue-winged butterflies! 🙂



    An Irish Blessing

    May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
    And find your shoulder to light on.
    To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
    Today, tomorrow and beyond.

    Have a happy~





    Paw up waves – g’morn, luv butterflies! Sadly, don’t think any will be around today – still in 30s – may hit 40 if lucky!

    It’s also Pi Day!

    Puskin pi day
    Hee hee
    Pi day pie

    Can’t forget for all Nerds out there…
    Pi mind blown

    Ok…day 3 part 1 is here…need cuppa fave brew…
    Pi day mug fun
    Aaaah, black – touch of cinnamon…back to desk…later/hope..
    Oops, meant to post this one…Cat Nerd LOL:
    cat nerd Pi
    LMPButtOff 😀



    Hi all – love those butterflies! It’s adorable when cats chase after those little white ones that usually flutter about in pairs.

    Comet got his booster shot of Convenia today. He is usually pretty good about going to see Dr. Tucker, but today he was a bit upset. Still an angel compared to Leela though, she’s an absolute banshee every time!

    Deciding whether to go food shopping today, but not too keen on going out in the cold.



    Hope this will show up ~ Posted Earlier but got knocked out!
    It’s Time for Pizza Lunch at this place today!
    Pizza cat fun
    Yum – hold the cat fur!
    Purrfect excuse on Pi Day!
    Now, time for li’l walk to finish of lunchtime fun!
    Yay +40 degrees – the sun is now shining too!



    Well I went out in the cold, and it wasn’t so bad. With an unstable and mostly cold weather forcast for the next week or so, I feel better knowing I’m stocked up on cat food! And apples. Lately I’ve been hooked on “honey crisp” apples.

    Trekked across the lake to neighbor’s house, I’m pet sitting. There’s at least 2 feet of snow along the dam, but I was dressed for it so it was a good winter workout. I am, however, more than ready for a spring workout!

    Oooh pizza! I agree, hold the cat hair!



    Hi all! Like many, I could not get on the site yesterday either! …. can’t believe winter is lasting so long for some of ya’ll …. it’s mid-upper 60s here, which is cool for us, but beautiful and sunny, and really great for outdoor activities! …..

    The mobile V-E-T came today for Ve, she is having another episode, poor baby … she does love the vet tech, who cuddles her through all the shots/proding etc. and cries if Michelle puts her down …. I think she knows they are there to make her feel better ….

    My new animal rescue stuff came today, I ordered a yoga pant/pullover combo and a very cute small cell phone purse. The clothes fit purrfectly and have 3 little paw prints on the hip of the pants and the right of the jacket … the purse is nice leather, in different shades of brown/beige reflecting a meezer …. nothing over the top crazy cat lady, but I’m thrilled with them! …..

    Tomorrow I think I’ll order myself the new crockpot/pressure cooker like I have Dau for the holidays …. she loves hers and said she pressure cooked ribs in 30 min! …. what a time saver that would be!! Time for me to wrap up, have a good one all!



    Is that the Canadian Instant pot? There are several promotions on them here.



    Good morning all. Flutter butterfly day, what could be more appropriate for my place. All my milk weed or Swan plants are loaded with Monarch caterpillars(there must be over 100) now that the marauding Asian paper wasp has changed it’s diet with the onset of Autumn. My plants are looking a little ragged from being chewed but I think I will have enough greenery for all. There are butterflies wafting all around the bushes outside and sometimes they land on my head when I am hanging out the washing.
    JJ, it must be time soon for HRH to get her pre-Winter Convenia shot, I might chat with the vet about a follow up booster like Comets gets. How long between his shots? Noooooo ! don’t mention cold weather, I am not looking forward to Winter. Oh that is a good workout trekking through the snow to feed your neighbours cats.
    Pizza ! Checking at the wormhole to see if there is ant left.
    AV, just did the conversion of your temps and they are low but what we will be getting soon, I think we are around 74F today. Poor Ve but at least she has her favourite vet person to hold and cuddles her during the dreaded poking and shots. Hope she is feeling better soon. Your new yoga gear sounds great.



    MS I’m hoping for 70s in the next few days ….
    Lagatta, its made by the brand Crockpot, I don’t know if that is a Canadian company.



    AV, as far as I know Crockpot is a US company, but, like the Canadian instant pot, they are probably made somewhere in Asia now.



    Lol @ Lagatta ….. I don’t know, but I hope it meets my expectations

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