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    Even with so many ways to say “I love you” still there’s nothing quite like an armful of warm purring kitteh to bring affection into one’s life.



    Well another hat done and dusted. Even I’m surprised at how quickly they knit up. 2 more to go to complete the “collection!” This one is to esp go with brown coat and olive green parka. And amazingly purrhaps ’cause the yarn is soft these hats don’t result in the dreaded “hat hair.” 😉



    Happy Valentine’s Day TDKrs! The gang has gone through the wormhole to TDK land to make cards and gifts. Comet is leading the way, no surprise there!

    Love the hat, KJ!



    Lovely tuque! I woke up snuggling with Livia, which is just how I wanted it. Milder weather is nice too.





    I’m pawsitive its love – I like that guy.

    It’s purrfect to wake up with your furry next to you. My LilBit Guy was next to me.

    That hat is really cute and I love those colors.

    Have a happy~



    It is indeed true love PG – Miss Moppet is soooo floofy I could stroke her fur furever! Plus looks like you and I have the same kitchen tiles!

    Dorry has asked me as his amanuensis to relay this msg to Miss Moppet.

    Just got home from appt. N is coming by in a few. In the meantime I’m determined to begin my course readings while my nail polish dries. Then out again for 6 pm spin thing.

    Tks all for hat compliments. Purrhaps I should start a cottage industry. But I don’t have a cottage. 🙄 😉 Or the wherewithal.



    pussygato, has your fluffy friend been overindulging in Tuscan reds?

    A story about a cat-loving couple in Vancouver who seem to be overdoing it a bit:

    Also, rents and mortgage payments in that city are EXTREMELY high; I fail to see how that human couple and their three cats can get by with her as a bicycle courier and him as a “stay-at-home cat dad”. Inheritance?

    Cat costumes?



    Lagatta I think that PG’s Miss Moppet is swooning over my Dorry. 😉

    Well, about that couple in BC. While I’ll agree that “must love cats” would be a requirement for any of my relationships, even basic friendship, they have taken things pretty far. If I tried to put a costume on Dorry I’d be risking life and limb. As to how they can afford their lifestyle, who knows what resources anyone has?



    Paw up – AM waves…happy <3 s Day to All with Purrrz!
    maine coon as valentine
    My Lucky (wanna-be) Says will you be mines…Meowrrr 😉
    Along with head TDK Café Baker kit:
    cat valentine crown lol
    Hee hee…

    Now, time for fave cuppa brew with few treats courtesy the TDK Kitteh Crew!
    coffee heart cookies

    Ok, back to part 1 day’s 3 fun…later/hope…



    What a heartful effort made by the TDK Kitteh Crew! Those biscuits look purrfect for dunking in coffee! Tks JK!



    Paw up PM Waves…hope all are enjoying part 2 of day 3 as Valentines Day!
    It’s a beautiful sunny +40 degree day in my n’hood!

    sweet kitteh treats
    Sweet Treats from the Cafe’s Confectionery Kits!
    Valentines Envelope Kits
    Valentine for All from the Pawsome TDK Land Kittehs!
    Need a cuppa brew as I start the afternoon’s fun!
    Tuxedo mug
    Mwah – thanks Tux ~ you are the best!

    Ok…back on the flip!



    A married friend said this is one of the long term benefits! 😆



    Late yet again to the cafe! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

    Trying to clean out closets, drawers, etc. and will donate these things. How I hate doing it–wished you could do it for me KJ–it would make us both happy! 😆 OH, and I love the hats!!

    It was pouring rain today, but in the 40’s, and tomorrow even warmer with more rain! Good days to stay in and snuggle with cats!



    Greetings all, I didn’t make it to t he Cafe yesterday, busy busy.
    Yay we have a fine day, the first in almost a week I think. Woke this morning to find the constant rains had driven hordes of ants inside and they were settling into the pantry. It is one massive clean up job ahead of me. I hate ants but they are just a fact of life here. 😡 👿
    Happy Valentines Day. Mr MS never remembers it but we found out last night a couple of our friends got engaged. Yay happieness all round.
    KJ, another excellent hat completed.
    Love all the pics today. JK, your kitty cakes look far too beautiful to eat.
    PG, LOL at the long term benefits. Not sure if it’s a benefit.
    This is a segue into the fact that HRH Shadz used her litter tray for the first time in a hell of a long time in the wee(pun intended)small hours of this morning. The night was cooler and sleep was deeper so either we wouldn’t wake up to her meowing or she decided to cut out the middle man/woman and just said “what the heck” and used the tray. I really appreciated the undisturbed sleep.
    Having said that it’s a sunny day I know it won’t last as tropical cyclone Gita is headed our way after causing massive damage to Tonga and visiting Fiji and Vanuatu. Not sure what shape she will be in bu the time she gets here though.
    Oh well, back to the ant clean up.
    Oops some got away.



    KZ, I do wish that I could help you organize – I’d for sure be in my element!

    MS, hope Gita has died down if she gets to your n’hood. That poor kit saddled with that sweater! As for the ants – they are srsly creeping me out! 😮 You’re much tougher than me. Not that I’m phobic, but these creepy things have no place indoors! OK, purrhaps a bit phobic.

    A bit warmer here today – tomorrow – who knows?

    Busy day. And I was kicking off boot when I got home tonight when I felt my calf strain a bit. Went into total panic mode! I called physio and by chance she was still in office at relatively late hour. She talked me down and gave advice and says it’s not huge big deal ’cause if it were I’d be in agony. And just when my glute strain is beginning to feel much better. Immensely thankful for the profs that I have on “speed dial.” In any case getting tense is not going to do me any good. Followed instructions, ie the ice/arnica/pain killer trio and getting into bed. Hopefully will be better after rest.

    Off to open tomorrow’s Café before the ants prove to be my undoing.



    MS, much sympathy on the pantry ants. Best of luck dissuading the little beasties. Ants in the garden are great pest control but inside they’re just pests.

    Looking at the synoptic chart for Australia, you may be in store for more than Gita’s leftovers. There’s an intense deep low south of Oz that’s heading north-west. I know it’s more likely to wallop the South Island, but I expect there could be some wild weather where and when the two systems meet.



    PM, deep sigh if that intense low south of Aus pushes Gita or her remnants into us or they join up. More rain and wind. My area has already had well over the year to date average of rainfall.
    I hate ants or rather the smell they leave behind when they have invaded the house. Formic acid yuk ! Pretty much all cleared way and the wee beasties got on the scent of two bags of jam making sugar that had started to melt in our heat. Thankfully I had both bags sealed in plastic bags so the seepage was minimal. Ants in the garden here are a pest too. They head for any plant pot and build nests in amongst the roots which affects the plant and in the main garden they do the same thing. In my area they are simply a fact of life but if they are the worst among critter or creepy crawly we face then I will pout up with them.


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