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    Neckties satisfy modern man’s desire to dress in art. – Harry Anderson

    Ties are the offspring of ascots and cravats. The cravat was so important that one wouldn’t think of going anywhere, not even to battle without one. The cravats, ascots and ties stuck around as an item of distinction and it became integrated into gentlemanly culture. Of course, kits look fabulous in ties.

    Irish Lad Buttons

    Cya and have a happy~



    Speaking of tying one on …

    I wouldn’t know how to tie a tie. But in grade school I sometimes “enhanced” my uniform shirt with clip-on ties as we did not have an “old school tie.” Thought I looked way kewel, in retrospect probably did not.



    Another hot dry day and the forecast rain failed to make an appearance in my area. Our capital city had the first rain in over a month and of course it happened as Airy and her housemates and neighbours were having a bbq. Murphy’s Law.
    Time I headed for bed.



    Good morning! KJ, you probably looked perfectly cool, 80’s style, with that tie on your uniform. I’m steeped in 80’s nostalgia these days because I’m watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

    Nice to see handsome Buttons this morning.

    Off to clean my tough house today. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!



    Good morning everyone! What is cuter than a cat in a bowtie? And that is the name of my black furry girl, but most of the time I call her Bowie.

    Pretty cold here this morning–about 16 degrees with wind chill in the single digits. But when I step outside to get wood, it feels really good. My pond is frozen over and we have been putting the heater in to keep a hole open for gas exchange. Fishies are in suspended animation and stacked up like fish sticks. The pump has been shut off, but I keep a bubbler going for extra air. It is dark in there for the fish since there is a skiff of snow covering the ice.

    Well, off to the shower to try and wake myself up!



    Coming in on Weds ~ woot woot! Li’l dusting of snow but still chilly AM…
    Waiting for Winter Solstice…than can start counting back down to Spring 😉

    My kits added their version for today’s theme:
    cat tye dye pillow LOL
    Scoot decided to use tye dye pillow…
    Luck tye dye peace sign
    Luck having fun and chilling ~ tye dye with peace out bro…LOL

    OK…time for java ~ brewing Amaretto today at this place…
    tye dye peace tall tumbler
    Mmm…now, back to part 1 day 3’s fun…later/hopeful!



    Feels like Spring is a long way off – Solstice or not!

    Looks pretty outside – sun in shining, but it is srsly cold. Still, when I venture out to 6 m spin class I will dress warmly as in warmup tights over reg tights and down filled coat/proper hat and mitts and boots and should be OK. Peeps who know think that I am not smart to go out at all – but they know that arguing with me is probably useless.

    And post-spin class I’m so high the cold does not seem to be as drastic. And I race home pretty quickly.

    I do have to be on guard against falling.

    At present I have opted to wash/freshen up ALL my winter coats – which is like 4 laundry loads.The sound of the tennis balls bouncing around with them on air dry cycle is getting to me, but it’s the best way to keep these coats fluffy. Plus I am in a bit of a “mood” for usual reasons, but have to remember this passes.



    Hi all – when I think of cats and bowties I think of our own Buttons as well as Bowtie!

    KJ, that look sounds like it may have been pretty kewel. An accessory junkie like yourself has to have an outlet somehow!

    Geez MS, the rain falls on the day of a bbq. Of course. Murphy’s Law. Sure hope you get relief soon.

    Nice to see you again, ECB! Sending TDK vibes to get you through tough house cleaning.

    Bet the fishies are counting the days till spring arrives, KZ. If they could count, that is!

    I have a few tye dye tops. Have been looking for tye dye scrubs but so far no luck. Purrhaps the way to go would be to buy white ones and dye them myself!

    Oooh, it’s cold here in Jersey, and windy! Not a day to go walking in the mountains. Encountered snow on the way home from work last night, and more is in the forecast for tomorrow morning.



    Good afternoon TDKers. It’s hot and overcast and dry and rain has become a bad word. It is often mentioned but seldom seen here and desperately needed. HRH is still staying out overnight but greets us happily and vocally in the morning and is in to her plate of turkey and duck meat. She is slowly putting on some weight. She came in a short time ago and had another plate of meat which is wonderful.
    KZ, you take wonderful care of your fishies over Winter. Daughter Meegz has just set up aquaponics growing with a tank of fish and the water cycling through special medium with the plants in it, the water then goes back to the fish. It’s a mutually beneficial system, the plants get the fish water and what they poop into it and then the fish get the water back from the plants with whatever is in it. I don’t totally understand it but it works something like that.
    JK, Scoot and Luck look at home with the tiedye.
    KJ, maybe a cushion strapped to your derriere in case of falling over on icy road/paths.
    Busy time keeping my precious tomato,cucumber, pepper and pumpkin plants watered and alive. I transplanted 3 pumpkin that were self sown a few days ago but only 1 or 3 has survived. When I was watering the survivor I found another 8 self sown plants pushing up through the compost. 😀 now all I need is fruit to set and I will know which type of pumpkin it is. I was cooking with several types over Winter and threw all their seeds in the compost just so this would happen. I like surprises of the vegetable kind.
    Just had fresh cherries for lunch and accidentally ate the entire punnet. Oops. Shhhhhh don’t tell Mr MS. 😉



    LOL, what do you know. We got rain. A brief moderate fall of rain. Of course I had just waterproofed some soft canvas shoes and had then outside drying in the sun. Typical ! Murphy’s Law strikes again.
    HRH took the opportunity to come inside and eat a pile of meat so that was good too.

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