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    Originating in 1937, the cooperation between farmers and other community members is what June Dairy Month is all about โ€“ celebrating and using a wonderful product.



    Milk, love it. I drink calcium enriched lite milk or skim milk.
    NZ is 8th highest producer of cows milk in the world in 2017 but we produce a huge amount of milk powder from that as well as cheeses and other dairy products for export.



    That is rather extraordinary, given that your country has a fairly modest population (of humans). There must be a lot of cows and sheep! Are the sheep only for wool or for meat, or is there any ewe’s milk cheese? I’m allergic to cow’s milk, but fortunately have access to goat’s and ewe’s milk, as well as yogourt and cheeses.



    Lagatta, Humans 2018 in NZ is 4,747,447. We are small, but we are fierce. (apologies to Shakespeare)
    New Zealand farmed 27.37 million sheep, 10.08 million cattle (3.61 million beef cattle and 6.47 million dairy cattle), and 0.85 million deer in 2017.
    Between 2012 and 2017:
    total sheep numbers were down 12.45 percent (3.89 million)
    deer numbers were down 19.91 percent (211,180)
    beef numbers were down 3.40 percent (126,841)
    dairy cattle numbers were up 0.45 percent (28,826). ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dairying has increased hugely over the last 20 years or so while sheep farming has decreased. The sheep are farmed for wool and meat although the wool prices at the moment are quite depressed. There is a thriving and increasing boutique or artisan cheese industry in NZ with all sorts of cheeses being made from sheep, goat,cow, water buffalo and even red deer milk. There may well be more but I can’t think of them.



    MS, LOL as I have me a gym shirt with that quote on it!
    “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” _ Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Suits me – very much!

    Took me a few to realize that there was a kid in the mix of kits lapping up spilled milk!

    The tabby getting his milk straight from the source! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Purrsonally I drink goat’s milk, not allergic to the cow’s variety, but figure if it’s easier on kit’s tummies and me being part kit and all … ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cheese is also a mainstay both for calcium and protein.

    Still trying to sort out stomach issues and when I’m under severe stress can’t think straight. Think I’ll feed Dorry and see if I can get another bit of rest before officially rising.



    Good morning – kittens and milk, cutest combo ever! Love the cat who is annoyed because the human threw out the milk ring!
    Chocolate milk is one of my favorite bevvies, and, to quote the first line in a famous TDK thread, cheese is great.



    Hi Efurryone,

    All the pics are adorable. “Mom sez uz has to share..” is my (late) sister! Mom and Dad almost always told her take me when she went out; it’s a surprise I’m alive. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ LilBit is the same way with the milk ring!

    I volunteered to delivery the neighborhood newsletters yesterday. They gave me 6 blocks. I started early then went to my appointment. It was about noon when I got back and decided to finish. Yea, right! It took about that long before the heat got to me. I felt terrible and went home. The heat isn’t letting up until Sunday so I guess I’ll stay in. Even Miss Gaea is staying in. Well, it is summer and I do this every summer. You’d think I’d learn…

    It’s good you’re up even if it’s only for laundry and the kitchen. You know MR. MS might wear the same shirts until you were better.:lol: Oh your stomach issues, KJ. ๐Ÿ™ I hope you got a bit of sleep and feel better.

    How is Livia doing without her buddy?

    We’re going to hang out and watch movies.

    Have a happy~

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    Paw Up – Lunchtime waves!
    Yay, sun is finally out with +70s today – Perfect Day in June!
    Hmm…Dairy Month in Once Dairy State as WI: Think our stats are waning due to so many peeps opting dairy for health/animal-welfare reasons.
    I for one feel much better by cutting out much dairy except feta cheese and greek yogurt. (Have li’l bit other if need as meal guest etc.)
    But will add my 2.5 cents as:
    Lil kit in dairy area of grocery store
    Non dairy Reddi whip
    Yay – something I will try soon!

    Reddi Wip Has Two New Non-Dairy Flavors!

    Ok…time for part 2 day 3s fun…later/??



    PG, very nice of you to vol and in the heat too! Purrsonally I thrive in intense heat, but do realize that for others it is an issue.

    JK, have to check supurrmarket for kittehs in dairy section!

    Yeah, I know my stomach stuff is getting way boring. Many related issues and looks like intense discussion is imminent after I get all req’d options sorted out. And hard for med prof to “get” me and realize that there are some things in mh life that are not going to change. Admittedly I am complicated purrson (and d**n proud of it hehehe!)

    Just did a quick editing job. Love this sort of stuff, wish that I had more, but cannot scoff and any $$$ that come my way. And work distracts/empowers me.

    N and BF are bringing my new bed over this p.m. So if any “potential condo buyers” visit they will be greeted by huge bed in huge box in middle of living room as we have to find a time to set it up. Not a DIY job for KJ!

    Dorry might not be all that happy with new set-up. He likes chillin’ in underbed drawers where I store extra cushions. With new bed, even though drawers can stay it has much higher rise so he won’t be so cozy. But it’s my bed and will mean my not having to crawl like a snake to get things out fro drawers. If it works for me he’ll have to just live with it! Right?



    Finally made it to the cafe’ today…had a hair appointment and then went to the grocery before coming home. All that put away and then quick noms and now I’m in TDK land while it is POURING outside yet again! A little rain’s ok, but come ON!

    PG, I understand about the heat. I prefer not to be outside when it’s so hot it’s like ‘air you can wear’…but I went through fire practical training in heat like that with bunker gear that weighted about 45 pounds. Thought I was going to die, seriously. I didn’t. Which made me learn that I really can do things outside (maybe not quite that strenuous) and survive. It’s just that I prefer for it to not be so humid.

    I love dairy–cheese, yogurt, etc. and we used to be dairy farmers. I love cows and calves and appreciate their funny, cute ways. They are much smarter than horses IMHO.



    I don’t at all dislike either cattle or cow’s milk, but when I was wee, it was practically lethal. Postwar, teachers forced us to drink the little milk cartons at schools, and while in general this was a good thing in terms of calcium, magnesium and protein, there was little understanding of allergies. I wound up at the nurse’s office and even in emergency with my ruby-red face and hives.

    I’m very relived that there is more recognition of allergies, but alas nowadays some of us get the impression that certain people are making intolerances up. No real allergic wants to be unable to drink milk or eat bread.



    Good afternoon. I am feeling so much better today but still tire quickly.
    KJ, LOL, it took me a while to spot the child lapping up the milk too.
    I just can’t drink goats milk, I’ve been around wild as well as domestic goats and the wild billies absolutely reek(gag), they spray themselves with their own urine to smell attractive to the females. I can taste that aroma ever so slightly in goats milk no matter how hard I try not to. It’s definitely off putting.
    JJ, do any of your crew play with the milk ring, it’s something I hadn’t come across until TDK. Oh yeah the “I love Cheese” thread with amazing recipes and memories, also the “I Love Chocolate” thread.
    PG, LOL at cleaning our ice cream. I hadn’t thought about it that way. You have to watch that heat, says MS from the chilly Southern Hemisphere.
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh JK, the non dairy whips look good. Not having a need for anything like that means I haven’t noticed if those types are even available here.
    KJ, you’re getting a new bed, I missed something here. Does this mean another ‘construction party’? Fun times ahead.
    KZ, more rain. Maybe tie a row boat up out on the patio. We actually have a sunny day -for now. Just hope the rest of the week stays sunny and dry for the Farming Field Days. So looking forward to it.
    Yuk, ‘air you can wear’ is the perfect description of humid weather. It makes me nostalgic almost just thinking about it. Mr MS was dairy farm raised but had had enough of the undercarriage of cows so diversified to shepherding when we met. I love lambs but sheep are dumb, a sort of endearing dumb though with flashes of intelligence especially when pitted against a farm dog trying to herd them where they don’t want to go.
    Lagatta, you had me chuckling with your memories of ‘school milk’. New Zealand schoolchildren received free milk between 1937 and 1967. The first Labour government introduced the scheme โ€“ a world first โ€“ to improve the health of young New Zealanders (and make use of surplus milk).

    Each day, milk monitors supplied a half-pint (284 ml) of milk to each pupil. By 1940 the milk was available to over 80 per cent of schoolchildren. For a few years during the Second World War, pupils also received an apple a day.

    The scheme lasted until 1967, when the government dropped it because of the cost โ€“ and because some were starting to question the health benefits of milk.”
    I remember it came in half pint bottles and sometimes it was warm from sitting in the sun before we got it which usually resulted in the school caretaker having to use sawdust or sand to cover :-?vomit piles ๐Ÿ™ on the playground. I’m not sure lactose intolerance was even known about back then and everyone HAD to drink their allotted bottle. as for intolerances I remember when Airy went to her first Guide camps she would become ill and I would have to bring her home. It was because of the homogenised milk. I overheard some Mother’s saying she was just homesick or attention seeking. We tried her on skim milk and hey presto we had a changed child who lasted every camp thereafter and no longer had digestive problems.



    Glad youโ€™re feeling better, MS.
    My crew will play with a milk ring for about 4.8 seconds. I donโ€™t leave them on the floor for long, since the cats have plenty of real toys to play with instead of something that belongs in a recycling bin.
    Itโ€™s a great 4.8 seconds though!



    4.8 seconds of fun ! I can just imagine it JJ. Sounds about right for a cat, especially one being watched.
    I was just chatting with KK about lemons and wished I could buy just the lemon from lemon pepper. She said “can’t you make it” Well DUH ! Did a bit of searching and voila ! I can make my own lemon powder. All I need is lemons, an oven or dehydrator and a grinder. I suspect my house will be smelling lemony this coming week. ๐Ÿ˜€



    Here it is!
    Looks like it might take some time for N to assemble, my help being minimal as always.



    KJ, I love it and now I remember talk about platform beds etc. Gosh my mind must be fuzzy from this weeks illness. It may not be as much work as you imagine. Our girls had slat beds with either metal or wood frames when they were at university and they moved many times. It’s just a matter of having Allen keys or a screwdriver and time and patience. In fact Airy will be dismantling and moving in the coming weeks so she and KK are going to reconstruct the bed together. I believe a bottle of cream limoncello has been used as incentive for KK. She’s a good Aunty and would help anyway.



    Great pics all!

    MS – ah, yes, school milk. Same here in Oz, and discontinued about the same time. You used to be able to buy flavoured straws, and they almost made the sun-warmed milk palatable. My primary school kept on banning them – I have no idea why unless it was some warped and sadistic hyperpuritanism that thought that the milk could only do us good if we hated drinking it.

    KJ, that bed looks wonderful. Having assembled a similar-sized bed myself a few years ago I think you will need someone to help, if only to hold bits in position while you screw them together.

    MS, glad you are recovering from the flu. Hope everyone else is on the mend from their assorted health probs.



    PM, i love that theory about something only being good for us if we hated it. There have been so many things over the years I was told were “good for me” but were totally disgusting. The only thing I liked that was ‘good for me’ was the spoonful of malt extract we were given when I was recovering at a Health Camp from having my tonsils removed as a youngster.
    No flavoured straws here for our school milk. ๐Ÿ™



    That is true, Moonshadow, provided one eats a reasonably healthy diet. Liking only crisps and either beer or sugary fizzy drinks would NOT be a good idea, even if one loves them!

    But it is fine not to eat kale, for example, if you hate it. There are lots of other leafy greens.

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